Luxio - high quality gel polish

Luxio is a line represented by high-quality products designed to create manicure. The manufacturer of the goods is Akzentz. Currently, Luxio is a gel polish, which is one of the best products designed for nails. This is evidenced by a number of its characteristics. One of them is that there are no solvents in the composition of the product, therefore it is safe for nails. And now everyone is paying attention to their health.

Features of the Luxio Series

The company presents to its customers a palette consisting of hundreds of different shades. Using Luxio (gel polish), it is easy to create a strong and durable coating. Thanks to the tool, the nails look bright and well-groomed. In this case, the coating is not scratched, chips are also excluded.

Varnishes are made in Canada. The workers of this country are characterized by a responsible attitude to their work. This fact is another criterion confirming the high quality of the goods. Products can be purchased on many online trading floors. And the demand for Luxio (gel polish) among nail art specialists does not subside. Moreover, it attracts the manufacturer's statement. He says that this varnish is an analogue of shellac, but with an improved formula.

luxio gel polish

Special application system

The company's specialists have developed a special scheme for nail care. To this end, customers are offered additional tools designed to create a beautiful manicure. First you need to prepare your nails. This step consists in giving them the desired shape and polishing the surface. After which a layer of base agent is applied.

Then Luxio (gel polish) is used. It is superimposed in 2 layers, and each time it is dried under a UV or LED lamp. After this, you need to fix the coating with a special tool. The cuticle also should not be ignored, it needs to be softened with caring oils.

It should be noted the ease of withdrawing funds. The product is removed within 8 minutes. To do this, use nail polish remover and sponge wrapped in food foil. What is noteworthy, after removal, the nails look alive and healthy. As if they were made up for 3 days, not 2 weeks.

gel polish luxio

Reviews of the owners of manicure

Girls are attracted by the fact that there is no smell in the product. In addition, within almost 14 days of wearing, the varnish does not lose its original shape. There are no cracks or chips. After all, their appearance literally in the first days after applying the usual means significantly spoils the mood. Luxio - gel polish, photo of manicure with which it looks just great. Nail art, made with its help, really looks expensive and spectacular.

The tool should appeal to girls involved in the creation of manicure at home. This is very convenient if there is a small child who is harmful to smell such smells. In addition, the varnish lays evenly. This happens immediately, so working with the tool is very simple.

Gel Polish Luxio is safe for health. The line products lack toxicity and odor. In this regard, irritation of the mucous membranes of the nose, mouth, and headache are completely excluded. In addition, the tool looks freshly applied regardless of the large amount of homework that should be done. Luxio - gel polish, reviews of which confirm that the nails with it look just fine.

luxio gel polish reviews

Benefits of using the product

At first glance, varnish is difficult to use. After all, a step approach is required when creating a manicure. In fact, there are a number of advantages, based on which, you need to give preference to these products:

  • Time saving.
  • Type of freshly applied varnish.
  • Coating strength.
  • Resistant to chips and scratches.
  • Safety for health.

Already because the layer after application lasts 14 days, we can say that the time for nail care will be significantly saved. It is enough to complete all the actions once, after which you can simply forget about manicure and pedicure. This is confirmed by the owners of the product. In any case, Luxio is a gel polish, reviews of which sound extremely positive.

luxio gel polish photo

That is, the acquisition of this tool is the best solution for girls who like to take care of their own hands and attach importance to the beauty of their fingers. Gel Polish Luxio allows you to make a good manicure with your constant companion. It can be used at home, and also chosen for application in the cabin. In any case, you can enjoy beautifully designed nails for 2 weeks.


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