How to Be Happy - Mysteries of the Inner World Through the Prism of Modern Science

Why do the "rich cry", and someone can be happy "in the hut"? What is more important: a bank account or harmony with the outside world? Perhaps a definite answer to these questions cannot be found. However, it is probably worth trying to figure out what makes people happy and how to become happier in this life. Moreover, great minds of all eras, including modern psychologists and scientists, thought about this issue, and something thanks to them clarified something in this matter. Thinkers have developed theories and recommendations on how to become a happy person. Let's try to highlight the most significant points.

Happiness is an individual and subjective concept. And in such a vague description of it lies the main mystery and great mystery, which everyone can solve. Adjusted for their own circumstances of life, nature and attitude towards reality.

There is no recipe for happiness . This, alas, is true. However, there are thousands of recipes for becoming happier. These recipes will help someone to make easy adjustments to their relationship with the outside world, someone will be able to completely change their life in a radical way. Absolutely positive.

As a rule, men are less prone to "digging themselves" and more often feel happy. Therefore, the following information needs to be paid particular attention to women. So…

How to become happy?

Help other people

An altruist lives in each of us; we have a desire to help our loved ones. Unfortunately, we do not always have such an opportunity due to material instability or an elementary lack of time. However, you can help another by simply paying attention to him, supporting him with words. Psychologists have proven that helping others relieve stress and increase self-esteem. This is one of the steps to gaining self-confidence - the first step to happiness.

Try to be nice to people

You can not try to love all the people around you, but at least try to see good in them. Get rid of the destructive habit of criticizing others - this introduces an imbalance in our inner state. We do not seem to feel this, but a certain negative is postponed at a subconscious level and can subsequently do much harm.

Enjoy what you do

Any work should bring joy. You can’t approach any tasks with a negative attitude. This makes the work several times more difficult than it actually is. Thoughts are material. If you tune in to what is hard and unpleasant for me, it will be so. You will become tired both physically and psychologically, which will lead to a feeling of fatigue and dissatisfaction not only with the actions performed, but also with the whole environment.

Psychologically tune in that you are doing well

You need to understand how to become happy - it is in your hands. We are talking about the most elementary level of auto-suggestion. We can drive away negative thoughts from ourselves. You can not "cycle" on unpleasant moments and constantly think about the complexities of life. This does not allow us to feel the joy of what we have and what surrounds us. Diving into our own experiences, we begin to forget how valuable it is that our parents are healthy, that there is a loved one nearby, or that the buds begin to bloom in spring. This is a miracle and this happiness in itself. Believe me. We must be able to appreciate this while we have it all.

Find time for sports, physical education or at least a little physical activity

Movement is life. Any physical activity is accompanied by a sensation of so-called “muscle joy”. Physical fatigue causes the production of natural drugs in the brain. The next step after muscular happiness is mental happiness. This helps in solving the problem of how to become happy.

Do not be afraid of novelty

A measured and stable life is wonderful. But stagnation is already a negative. Such stagnation in relationships, work, and life cannot be allowed. It is necessary to do "interruptions" - sometimes to abandon the usual in favor of the new. Let for a short time and returning to the old, but it is really necessary. Psychologists generally advise every seven years to change the type of activity and place of residence.

In difficult moments of life, do not allow complete despair

This line is difficult to notice and often we roll over for it because of serious problems, but sometimes we create problems ourselves, so to speak, “in the head”. Everything is not as bad as it seems. But it seems to us that everything is terrible. These are games of our psyche that need to be controlled so as not to allow it to play a cruel joke on us. There is no life without trouble, but they pass. And we must try to perceive them as objectivity, capable of pushing us to find a way out and further development, and not as a dead end.

Let yourself rest - there is no “perpetual motion machine”

Do not try to be perfect, do not try to manage everything - this is impossible. Of course, this does not mean that you need to abandon business and lie down for a week on the sofa. But if you say to yourself “I have to” every day and try to do more than you can, it will lead to nervous exhaustion. This will not make your environment happier. Those close to you will be more happy with your good mood than with the stressful state with all the useful and necessary work you have done. Take care and respect yourself.

Try to communicate less with those who complain all the time. They simply attract negative and tune in to pessimistic thoughts. And think positively - this is the main secret of happiness. This will help you quickly figure out how to become happy. Indeed, happiness is not reality, but our attitude towards it.


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