A walk along the Moscow River and dinner on the boat Radisson. Schedule, reviews

Dinner in a cafe today has become so familiar and ordinary that it is not able to surprise anyone. Therefore, for a special evening, you have to look for something more romantic. What do you think about dinner on the boat? A lot of liners run along the Moscow River, so it will not be difficult to put such an idea into practice. Today we consider what is included in the program when you need to order tickets, as well as get acquainted with the reviews of those who have already spent an unforgettable evening on board.

dinner on the ship on the Moscow river

general description

At first glance, nothing special. Well, dinner on the boat. Only the laziest did not ride the Moscow River. But it all depends on which sauce is served. After the heavy everyday life of the same type, which go one after the other in their own way, one wants variety. To be in silence, to enjoy the splash of water and solitude, to admire the views of Moscow at night - this is already enough to rest and relax. Therefore, such an offer was enthusiastically received by the townspeople. And since the number of people wishing to make a trip was only growing, most shipping companies began to actively adopt this idea.

dinner on a ship on the moscow river radisson

Affordable luxury

Indeed, today anyone can take a walk along the Moscow River. Dinner on the boat will cost a little more than in a restaurant. Of course, this entertainment is not for every day, but it is worth it. Everything you could dream of becomes a reality. A cozy boat and quiet music, beautiful songs, the easy swaying of the wave and thousands of lights on dark water ... I want these moments to never end.

And you will find the most beautiful embankments in the evening glow, temples and monuments. It’s not completely dark yet, but the backlight flashes around. Evening Moscow is amazingly good! This is not just a city - it is the best on Earth!

Capital eyes romance

Reviews of residents and guests of the capital emphasize that this trip was the best trip on the Moscow River. Dinner on the boat is perfect for a warm meeting of friends or an unusual family meal. Ahead come familiar, but so mysterious from a new angle, the towers and golden domes, Kremlin stars and the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. Lights pass by, majestic bulks of bridges, trees. The darkness gradually thickens, and at the table it is cozy, good ... The music pours quiet, inspiring.

dinner on the ship on the Moscow river 2016

Best Yacht Restaurant

So, it was decided to take a walk along the Moscow River. Dinner cruise on the ship "Radisson" will be a real adventure of those that can be planned in just a few days and carried out in the evening after work. Motor ships of this company are unique pleasure liners of the highest class. The weather is bad for them: thanks to the technical equipment, passengers can feel comfortable 365 days a year. Full deck glazing is a novelty that only Radisson has so far been able to afford. Thanks to this, the sunset will turn out in the snow and in the rain.

Modern interior

If you took a walk along the river on old-style motor ships, and the memory of the discomfort experienced during the trip is preserved, then the situation here is fundamentally different. A boat trip along the Moscow River - with dinner and other surroundings - will be filled with the warmest moments. You are waiting for modern design interiors that have nothing to do with the modest arrangement of ordinary river steamboats.

Service is also performed at the highest level. During the walk you can order seafood lunch or dinner. Regular customers emphasize the masterful work of the chef. All dishes are prepared according to the original recipes of Alexander Rappoport. At the same time, prices are maintained at an average level for the capital.

I would like to focus on one more thing. Dinner cruise on the ship on the Moscow River is very popular. Therefore, before buying a ticket, do not forget to check the availability of seats on board. You can book their required number in advance by phone. This is a guarantee that the evening will definitely not be spoiled.

boat trip on the Moscow river with dinner

Flotilla Radisson Royal

You are served by 10 ice class yachts with a restaurant on board. All year round they make entertaining flights along the main waterway of the capital, allowing you to see all the main attractions in three hours. Judging by the reviews of tourists and townspeople, this is the best trip on the Moscow River that you can make any day.

The yachts demonstrate the reference combination of high technology and the best shipping traditions, as well as European service. Getting on board, you immediately feel that they were waiting for you here. The attentive staff creates a warm and friendly atmosphere that allows you to spend an unforgettable evening. The elegant design and panoramic glazing, open decks and good driving performance complete the impression. And, of course, impeccable service.

During the walk, guests have the opportunity to enjoy not only beautiful views, but also great Italian cuisine. All dishes are prepared in the latest equipped kitchen, which is in no way inferior to the stationary one.

What is included in the ticket price

As stated, a walk along the Moscow River, dinner on a boat with champagne and onboard service. The cost may vary slightly depending on the season, but today is 4100 rubles for two. Let's look at an example menu:

  • salad to choose from;
  • a hot dish (for example, Dorado fillet with pesto sauce, Confit duck with mashed potatoes);
  • buns in assortment;
  • drinks to choose from, fruit drink or water.

dinner on the ship on the Moscow river schedule


You can spend a wonderful evening with a 50% discount. To do this, you need to go to the official website in advance and find information about the coupons that are available today. They act for one walk. Coupon exchange begins one hour before the departure of the ship. The yachts and the berth are equipped with everything necessary for people with disabilities. A river walk is made taking into account the wishes of the guests in the historical center of the capital, where the largest number of attractions is concentrated.

In addition to the opportunity to purchase a coupon, you can take advantage of the group discount on the menu. If the company does not exceed 10 people, then it is 10% of the cost of the menu. Birthdays are additionally given a 15% discount. It is valid seven days before and seven days after the birthday. So, a boat trip along the Moscow River is not quite that expensive. In 2016, many customers ordered dinner and, judging by the reviews, they were not disappointed. Such a mini-cruise will be a memorable event for all participants.

Special program on board

As the reviews say, it is especially interesting on weekends. Every Sunday during a river cruise with departure at 15:30, an entertainment program is organized for children with games and competitions, photographs for memory and circus numbers, master classes. Professional animators work with the guys, and the program is designed for the entire cruise. Parents note that this is a pleasant innovation, because the children are very fond of boat trips, but do not tolerate gatherings at the table. Therefore, the excellent work of the leading animators is regularly noted with warm reviews.

dinner cruise on the ship on the Moscow river


Dinner on the ship on the Moscow River can be arranged every day. The ship leaves from the pier "Hotel" Ukraine "". From Monday to Friday, scheduled flights leave at 15:30 and 20:00. On weekends and holidays there is an additional boat at 12:00. Do not forget that the landing starts 40 minutes before departure, so do not try to catch it directly, you will have the opportunity to spend several pleasant minutes on board. The rest of the time, the yacht operates as a regular restaurant, so you can enjoy pleasant breakfasts on board as well.

By the way, do not forget to pre-purchase a ticket for the ship. To do this, go to the site and contact the administrator, check the availability of tickets for the desired date and click the "buy ticket" button. In the field, you need to note the number of people in each category and pay for the trip with a credit card. After that - print out the form and take it with you.

If the trip had to be canceled

The situations are different, and sometimes it is impossible to make a planned excursion. In this case, you should inform the seller of the services as soon as possible. If this happened no later than five days before the date of the event, then penalties do not apply. The company undertakes to return all funds spent. If at least three days remain before dispatch, 50% of the paid amount is returned. Unfortunately, reservations cannot be canceled later. The penalty will be 100% of the cost of tickets, that is, 0 rubles to return.

dinner on the ship on the Moscow river with champagne


Dinner on the boat (there are a lot of them on the Moscow River, but walks on those that belong to the Radisson yacht club are especially popular) leaves an indelible impression. Especially if such an event is before you for the first time. Those who have already made such walks recommend arriving early, at least 50 minutes before departure. Calmly cash out your coupons (if any), and then you can wait in the office if the weather is bad outside. There are many attendants , so guests will not be left without attention. The waiters are very attentive, just look in their direction - and they are already running up.

Departure is carried out exactly on schedule, without delay. This is important for those who value their time. Immediately guests receive a menu, and drinks and salads appear in front of you almost instantly. After about 30 minutes, it will be hot on your table. The portions are very nice, beautifully decorated. But that is not all. All dishes are fantastically delicious. Judging by the reviews, you can order meat medallions on the common table, because they bring a huge portion. Fantastic strawberry ice cream, non-alcoholic mojito and unfiltered beer are praised. Everything is wonderful and very tasty. By the way, if you can’t handle it hotter, the waiters will calmly pack it with you.

The walk lasts 2.5 hours, the course is quiet, therefore it does not cradle even the most sensitive. The views outside are fantastic, warm and cozy inside, soft music plays, water splashing and ice crunch are heard. An animator is working on board, so the kids will not be bored. But small ones are best left with a nanny or grandmother. By the way, you cannot smoke in the room itself, which, in principle, is correct. But you can go to the open deck, there is no one forbids. By the way, often in the form of a bonus at the end of the trip a ticket is issued for another trip. It involves only an excursion, without restaurant service, but it is also very nice. In general, the reviews are warm: the trip is wonderful, the staff is attentive, and there are enough impressions for many years. What is noteworthy, you do not need to wait for a free weekend, you can go for a walk any day. This is convenient for young parents who can cut a couple of hours and be alone. This was made possible thanks to the Radisson company. Dinner on the ship on the Moscow River will give an unforgettable experience.

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