Top Coat for nails: what is it and why? Product Description

Girls who regularly do manicures have probably heard of such a tool as Top Coat for nails. What it is, how to apply it, and how much it is needed, you will learn from our article.

Top Coat for nails - what is it?

top coat for nails what is it

Today, there are many different methods of applying nail polish. However, now everything is not as simple as before. A decade ago, women had fifteen minutes to paint their nails and dry them. However, ordinary varnish does not last long on the nails: cracks appear in a couple of days. Unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to update the manicure daily. In this regard, special tools have been developed that allow the varnish to last much longer. These include Top Coat for nails. What is this, every manicurist knows, because without this means you can not achieve the proper durability.

The so-called top is a polish fixer. It not only allows the coating to last much longer, but also gives a dazzling shine.

As a rule, Top Coat nail polish is used when applying gel or acrylic. It has a fairly dense consistency, so that the varnish is under its protection. Top levels the finish, making it flawless and shiny.

Application technology

To use this tool can not only a manicurist, but also the most ordinary housewife. However, you should know how to properly apply it.

nail coat top coat

To begin with, the nail is treated, after which Base Coat is used as the first layer. In common people, it is usually called a base. After drying it in a special ultraviolet lamp, then color gel is applied. It also undergoes heat treatment in a UV lamp. Even after such difficult procedures, your manicure will not be reliable. To fix apply top. It is applied in a thin layer and dried thoroughly. They recommend doing this longer than when working with the database - at least three minutes.

Be careful: the fixer must never be shaken! Its dense consistency has the ability to form bubbles, which are not so easy to get rid of. It is better not to twist such a bottle in your hands and try not to drop it. Otherwise, after drying, you may find small irregularities on the nails - the consequences of bursting bubbles.

It is necessary to apply this tool in an accurately metered amount. If the drop on the brush is too large, this is fraught with uneven application of the top on the surface of the nail. Then the coating can harden poorly and quickly peel off.

Also, remember that you should never brush with the Top Coat for nails at an angle. What is this rule for? Everything is simple: with this arrangement of the brush, color irregularities appear, for example, white spots on dark varnishes.

As soon as you touch such a nail polish, do not smear it randomly. It will be correct to apply it from the cuticle (but not touching it), moving up to the tip of the nail, as if "sealing" it. This will help the manicure last much longer.

The most important rule is to prevent this fluid from spreading over the edges of the nail plate. At first you will not notice anything unusual. But when after 3-4 days the nail grows out, the coating will begin to exfoliate in places where the product has laid down poorly.

Manicure without Top Coat: is it possible?

top coat for nails for what you need

"Previously, they did without this means!" - perhaps one of you will say. However, a good and long-term manicure is almost impossible without a special fixative. One of the most durable is considered Top Coat for rubber nails. It polymerizes under a UV lamp, giving the varnish shine and durability. Many well-known companies use rubber as the main material for the manufacture of gels and varnishes.

What will happen if you do not apply a fixative?

  • The coating will stop shining after a few hours.
  • Chips and cracks will appear soon, since the varnish is not protected by anything.
  • The color will begin to fade over time.
  • There is a risk of touching the painted nail and ruining the entire manicure.
  • The unevenness of the coating is not masked.


top coat for rubber nails

Now you know why Top Coat for nails is needed, what this product is, and how to apply it correctly. Of course, making a perfect manicure with it will not be easy for a beginner. Over time, you will "by sight" learn to understand how much top should be applied, how long to dry it. This tool will help your nails look dazzling!


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