Determine the character by date of birth

A significant part of humanity relies only on its own strengths, believes only in common sense and logic, but there are those who prefer to believe in supernatural powers. Belief in miracles is present in each of us, just some of us admit it, while others refuse to believe in it. Ancient people believed that the signs on the human body (moles, scars, lines on the hands) tell about what fate is destined for a particular person. On the other hand, ancient people believed that lightning was the wrath of Zeus.

Recognizing the limitations in certain issues of ancient civilizations, we still cannot explain the construction of many monuments, for example, Egyptian pyramids. Therefore, there is reason to believe that the beliefs of our ancestors, their research, which laid the foundation for many modern sciences, are not rubbish and pseudoscience, as we are used to think.

Identification of character by date of birth

Numerology reveals the magical influence of numbers on human life. The numbers are of great importance in the fate of each of us, these are peculiar hints, codes, decoding which we can make our life easier.

Date of birth and nature of a person are closely interrelated. And if for most of us the study of a digital horoscope is entertainment, then in ancient times such things were taken very seriously. Who knows, maybe our ancestors were more intelligent ...

If you are interested in how the date of birth and character are related, then we suggest conducting your own mini-study. You will need a piece of paper, a pen and computing abilities (or a calculator). So, we determine the nature of the date of birth. We need to write down the numbers reflecting the day, month and year in which you were born, and add up all the numbers until you get one digit (from 1 to 9).

Suppose your date of birth is 28. 05. 1989. We carry out the computational operations:

  • 2 + 8 = 10;
  • 0 + 5 = 5;
  • 1 + 9 + 8 + 9 = 27;
  • 10 + 5 + 27 = 42 → 4 + 2 = 6.

Having received the birth number, we read its description.

Character by date of birth: brief description

  • “Units” - natures are hot, temperamental, proud, rational, independent;
  • "Deuces" - courageous nature, while they are characterized by increased sensitivity;
  • "Triples" are distinguished by sociability and good naturedness;
  • The Quartet are analysts and staunch conservatives;
  • “Fives” are capricious and extravagant natures, such people are naturally adventurers;
  • “Sixes” - emotional creative natures;
  • "Sevens" prefer solitude, they are restrained and patient people;
  • G8 leaders;
  • "Nines" are deep, penetrating natures, these are true thinkers.

Character by date of birth: detailed description

People - “units” have leadership inclinations. These are strong personalities who love to be in the spotlight. These are impulsive, enthusiastic, business natures. They are characterized by pride, generosity, craving for creation, spirituality, willpower, desire for power, initiative, justice. For “units”, usually everything goes well, but it is important not to limit oneself to one’s own perception, not to separate oneself from society. They get along well with all people, but most of all they have contact with their type (with “units”).

"Deuces" are emotional natures. Such people easily adapt to circumstances; when solving conflicts, they go around sharp corners, following the voice of intuition. Diplomacy is their hobby, but they decide to solve issues themselves, not allowing others to solve them. “Deuces” are subject to frequent changes in mood, so they are looking for a stronger partner. These are home people for whom family values ​​come first. Good compatibility with "units".

"Three" - these are warrior people from birth. Any disagreement causes them anger and resistance. At the same time, the “triples” are courageous, have strong willpower, and therefore they often succeed. Their impulsiveness and pride often become an obstacle in a relationship. These are merciless and unceremonious leaders. They are in good contact with the “triples”, “fives” and “sixes”.

The "fours" are distinguished by a lively mind and initiative. They often strive to try their hand at different areas of life, encountering setbacks, get obsessed with them for some time. Not very economic people, but those around them value the Quartet society. The best relationships are tied to their own kind ("fours"), but get along well with other types.

The Fives are true optimists, they have high intelligence, give people love and care, but in return they expect respect for their kindness and responsiveness. These are responsible natures who constantly improve themselves, their positiveness attracts happiness and harmony. An excellent relationship connects the Fives with the Three, Five and Six.

“Sixes” are sensitive, emotional natures, almost all of them are dearly loved. Often these are outwardly very beautiful people, their charm helps to get out of difficult situations. Everything is easy for them, they often find a wealthy partner, but they must behave very carefully with money. Good relations connect them with the “triples”, “fives” and “sixes”.

"Sevens" rarely find understanding among others, their joy is alone. Behind external alienation lies a warm open soul. The Sevens are pragmatic, punctual, prudent, and persistent. Good partnerships develop with the deuces and the nines.

Eights are wayward, stubborn natures that do not recognize norms and restrictions. These are independent people who always have many friends. Even after the break, they maintain a warm relationship with the former. Converge with “units”, “deuces” and “nines”.

Nines are true philosophers. They are compliant, rarely finish what they have begun to the end. Often they have financial difficulties. These people are humane, merciful, but indecisive - they make decisions with great difficulty. Ideal partners of the “nines” are people whose birth figure is two.

This is how you can determine the character by date of birth. I don’t know how it is with you, but it seems to me ...


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