Bluesky shellac palette and gel polish technology

This tool is considered a derivative of gel and varnish, which is very popular among manicurists and visitors to beauty salons. The Bluesky shellac palette impresses with an abundance of colors.

The main advantages of gel polish

The application of Bluesky shellac gel-varnish is considered a fashionable procedure at the present time. Its main advantages are:

- convenience and simplicity of the process of applying to the nail plate;

- increased speed of polymerization in an ultraviolet lamp;

- color fastness;

- the saturated gloss of the covered nail remains until the next coating procedure;

- the product is safe for the nail plate;

- hypoallergenic and antifungal materials are used.

shellac palette

The name Shellac Blue Sky has long been heard by many fashionistas. Many fashionistas like the rich bluesky shellac palette. A huge number of manicure masters are interested in the characteristics and quality of this type of cosmetics. Everyone calls this brand differently. However, only a few know that Shellac is just the product name of the organization concerned. The manufacturing company Blue Sky simply presents advanced shellac. It has the property of not spreading and excellent polymerization in special lamps. The Bluesky shellac palette is represented by a wide variety of shades. The tool has a composition that is convenient for application to the nail plate.

Application technology

The shellac palette "Bluesky" has all the shades that are needed for applying French manicure, which fashionistas love very much. Gel Polish lays effortlessly in 2 layers. First applied the base and topcoat, and all this in 1 thin layer.

shellac blue color palette

In order not to spoil the natural plate of the nail, it is recommended to use "Bluesky" shellac. The color palette of this company is the first step towards a perfect manicure and well-groomed nails. Gel polish has the property of not spreading, despite the rather liquid consistency. But because of its density, there is the possibility of its uniform distribution over the nail plate without thickening. The Bluesky shellac palette is diverse. The company offers base and topcoat. They allow for reliable adhesion of the material to the nail plate.

For several weeks, the Bluesky shellac coating has been hanging on the nails. The palette of shades is quite diverse.

blueshellac shades palette

Stability of gel polish on nails

If you follow the correct technology for applying gel polish to the nail, then it can hold on for about twenty days. At the same time, the Shellac palette โ€œBlueskyโ€ will not lose its luster, the coating will not crack or crack. Also, gel polish does not need additional correction. Marigolds have a natural look, and the natural plate in this case remains not damaged.

The Bluesky shellac palette is suitable for any fashionista, because the manufacturer offers a lot of colors.

How to remove gelcoat shellac "Bluesky"

Shellac "Bluesky" is very practical. Are you tired of the color palette on your nails ? Itโ€™s not so difficult to get rid of her. The tool can be removed in 15-25 minutes. This can be done by soaking the nails in a specially designed product. If the gel polish was applied long ago, then it will also be soaked for a long time. If a primer was also applied to the nails, then the process of removing the product will be even longer. When the gel polish is completely softened, it can be completely removed from the nail plate with a special orange stick. If you follow all the rules of working with the tool, there is the opportunity to get away from many problems, however, you only need to use high-quality and proven Blue Sky materials.


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