Beautiful manicure to school: ideas

Each young girl seeks to comprehend the secrets of beauty and female charm as early as possible. Experiments on their appearance allow adolescents to find a unique style and harmony of image. Unfortunately, adults cannot always appreciate the creative approach to solving these problems and forbid young people to stand out from the gray mass too much. In this article we will talk about how to properly make a manicure to school. You will learn how you can emphasize your personality, and at the same time not go beyond the rules of the institution.

What a girl should know about hand care

  • Learn to monitor the condition of the skin and nails and do not forget about hygiene procedures.
  • Get a personal set for manicure.
  • Do not use hand care products containing acids or potent drugs.
  • A beautiful manicure to school can be done at home. But if you are still inexperienced in this matter, then seek advice from your elders or visit a beauty salon.
  • Remember that you should not do a trim manicure yet .
  • When choosing a manicure for school, try to abandon too bright and defiant options.
    Manicure to school

Transparent coating

Having done a simple manicure to school, you will not draw everyone's attention to yourself. But those around you will notice that you have beautiful hands, the correct shape of the nails and a well-groomed appearance. Teachers will appreciate the modesty of such a student and will not be able to reproach her with vulgarity or a violation of the school dress code.

How is clear nail polish applied? The procedure is simple: treat the nails with a file, apply the base under the varnish and wait until it dries. After a few minutes, you can apply the main color and, if you want, a drying fixer. After that, try to sit quietly and not touch anything for a while - if you touch the cover, you will have to start all over again.

Pastel Manicure

What manicure to do in school if the rules of the institution are strict enough? You will always be helped by a manicure in pastel colors. A calm shade of nails is an indicator of good taste, elegance and knowledge of fashion trends. This year, pastel colors are the trend of the season, so feel free to choose beige, peach and gray varnishes. Pay attention to the soft shades of pink and fuchsia. Having made such an easy manicure to school, you will not be left without attention. But do not forget that such colors look spectacular only on well-groomed nails with an even shape and without burrs.

French manicure

The classic nail design will always be in fashion, it is perfect for women of any age. Make this universal manicure for school and make sure that it is appropriate for any occasion.

Remember that this coating option is quite complicated. And you have to try to learn how to do it well. First of all, go to a beauty salon and use the services of a specialist. You will be able to see how the wizard works, ask him questions you are interested in. Then purchase a set for French manicure and, if possible, do not save on it. High-quality materials will help emphasize the beauty of your nails and create a flawless look.

Beautiful manicure to school

To create a French manicure usually requires three varnishes: pink, white and transparent. However, you can come up with your own version and choose other colors that are more suitable for your everyday clothes or school uniform.

"Newspaper" manicure

You can try to make a rather interesting children's manicure to school. There are several newspaper design techniques, but we will dwell on only two.

  • Cut ten squares from the newspaper with the text. Please note that in this case, each nail will look different. If you want the drawing to be repeated, then you will need ten identical pieces, and therefore ten identical newspapers. Each square should be slightly larger than the surface of the nail, so that later it will be easier for you to remove it. So, we apply a transparent varnish and do not wait until it dries. Immediately smear a piece of newspaper with nail polish remover and press it to the nail. After a minute, remove the paper and cover the resulting pattern with a layer of fixative.
  • Choose the primary color of the coating - gray, beige or white. Make a manicure and wait until the varnish is completely dry. Prepare a newspaper and cut ten square pieces out of it. Dip the nail for five seconds in alcohol, and attach paper with text to it. After a minute, you can remove the newspaper, apply a fixative to the finished drawing.
    What manicure to do in school

When doing manicure for the school, choose any topic: notes, numbers, Russian or Latin letters. Teachers will like that you do not depart from school subjects, they will appreciate your originality.

Manicure with a picture

What kind of manicure should a teenage girl do in school if she wants to keep abreast of the latest fashion trends? Of course, a manicure with a picture! Arm yourself with a toothpick, brush and a set of multi-colored varnishes. With the help of these simple devices you can decorate your nails with a scattering of flowers, petals or a geometric pattern. But do not get carried away, as the abundance of jewelry will not provide you with the favor of teachers.


A great option if you want to make a beautiful manicure to school. You are not confident in your artistic abilities, but want to stand out among your peers? Master the simple way to create fancy drawings. To do this, you will need a set of tools with which you can translate any pattern you like on your nails:

  • Discs with pictures.
  • Rubber stamp.
  • Scraper to remove excess varnish.

Make a manicure, apply the main color on the nails and wait until the varnish is completely dry. Then take a disk, select the drawing you like and cover it with your favorite shade. Remember that it is better to choose contrasting colors, as they will look more impressive. Use a scraper to remove excess varnish and apply a stamp to the drawing for a few seconds. Then carefully transfer the picture to the nail plate and wait for the varnish to dry. Cover your nail with colorless varnish and enjoy the attention of others.

Easy manicure to school

Funny manicure

Who said that when doing a manicure for teens at school, you should not show your personality and sense of humor? Everything has its place and time, but the institution often holds holidays and recreational activities. As a rule, these days, teachers do not require their students to adhere to a strictly dress code, and the atmosphere on such days becomes more free and relaxed. We will offer you some ideas for creating funny drawings that you can easily do on your own.


Tidy your nails with a file and apply a base on them. Since we will use bright colors, this item should be followed. Otherwise, you risk getting a yellow shade of the nail plate after removing the picture. After that, coat the surface with red varnish and wait until it dries. Take a thin brush and paint the green petals of the berry. If you want the drawing to be even, then make a template out of paper in advance and use it. It remains only to draw small grains using black or white varnish. And your drawing is ready.

Children's manicure to school

Halloween manicure

On All Saints Day, you can allow yourself a little fun and make an original manicure to school. The theme of the picture should be funny and a little scary. For example, you can decorate your nails with bright orange pumpkins, black spiders or smiling skeletons. This fall holiday will be relevant pirate theme, candy and fruit motifs, faces of the characters of your favorite cartoons or funny emoticons. How to make such a picture:

  • Coat the ring finger nail with white varnish, and apply orange to the rest.
  • When the base is dry, take a thin brush and draw a black web on a bright background.
  • Place the spider on a white background.
  • Cover the pattern with clear varnish.
    Manicure for teens to school.

After reading this article, you were able to make sure that there are many ideas for manicure. With the help of drawings you can show others your sense of style, cheerful disposition and love of life. Creating a new image, you give joy and positive emotions not only to yourself, but also to people around you.

Try to understand all the rules for creating a manicure and do not hesitate to change your image. When else can you allow yourself to embody bold ideas, if not now? Learn to monitor your appearance at a young age and in the future you can easily understand the art of charm, femininity and beauty. Use our ideas, please those around you with a well-groomed look of hands and originality every day.


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