Spanish tennis player by the name of Verdasco Fernando - the main smoothie of the ATP tour

The burning Spaniard with Latin American roots, the main heartthrob of the ATP tour, Fernando Verdasco, whose rating has so far fallen to 52 positions, continues to show excellent tennis, making a worthy competition to the top tournament players. At the end of May, he lost in France Kei Nishikori (6th racket of the world) in the hardest five-set match of the third round of the BS tournament, almost wresting a victory, leaving behind a third and fourth set.

verdasco fernando

The path of the Spaniard to the court

The thirty-two-year-old athlete was born in Madrid in a family of restaurateurs, where, besides him, two more sisters were brought up: Anna and Sarah. As a child, he was diagnosed with ADHD, which affected his hyperactivity and impulsivity. In the courtyard of the house appeared two hard-surface courts, which were specially built by father Jose Verdasco. Fernando from four years old adapted to the game, which became his favorite leisure time.

From the age of 11, his parents sent the guy to a specialized tennis academy near Madrid, and at 15 he was transferred to Barcelona, ​​giving a scholarship as a promising athlete. Here began his training. The young man began to participate in official tournaments since 2001, starting the next year in the Masters series tournaments from 464 positions. Being left-handed, he practices a two-handed hit on the right, which makes him a formidable opponent, capable of throwing balls at a speed of 230 m / s.

Best achievements

The athlete has 14 ATP tournament titles, where he glorified the name Verdasco. Fernando won his first victory in his homeland in Valencia (2004), seven titles were won in doubles (often played with Feliciano Lopez). The rest are presented in the table below.

CoatingTournament VenueYear
HardNew haven2009
HardSan jose2010

The best achievements are associated with 2009 - 2010 years. As of April 20, 2009, the Spaniard became the seventh in the world ranking. Both seasons he finished in the TOP 10, occupying the ninth line of the ranking table. This is due to the period of his cooperation with Andre Agassi and gaining confidence in the participation in the Davis Cup finals. In the absence of Rafael Nadal in 2008, the Spaniards won the Cup largely thanks to Verdasco, who scored two points. The team will be able to repeat their success in 2009.

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Having become the eighth in the doubles at the end of 2013, the Spaniards won the right to participate in the final tournament. In a confrontation with the American brothers Brian, the duet Marrero - Verdasco won. Fernando in the same year as part of the Spanish team won the Holman Cup.

One step away from victory

The Spaniard never became the winner of the BS tournaments, but his semifinal match with Rafael Nadal in Australia in 2009 went down in the history of the tournament as the longest and most dramatic. The battle of representatives of one country lasted more than five hours. The match was the best in Verdasco's career. Fernando, whose tennis by this time had grown significantly thanks to work with Gilles Reyes (Agassi team), made Rafa cry. Such was the tension of the fight. The intense heat and fierce confrontation did their job. Nadal managed to literally tear his victory from the third matchball with his teeth.

Personal life

Answering a question about the main smoothie of ATP tournaments, anyone without hesitation will call the name Verdasco. Fernando met with models, actresses and dancers, novels with which were not long, but whose names were heard by others. On his Don Juan list, star of the series Daphne Fernandez, model Priscilla de Gastin and exotic Hawaiian beauty Jara Mariano. His name is associated with three top tennis players, including Gizela Dulko (Argentina) and Ana Ivanovich (Serbia). Relations with Ana went so far that Fernando introduced her to his parents.

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In the period from September 2008 to March 2009, the Spaniard gained confidence and the necessary power in the game. This was the period when Ana cheered for him in the stands. But love itself took away from Ivanovich herself, and she surrendered her leadership position in women's tennis.

After the separation, there were rumors about an affair with Caroline Wozniacki, but the girl herself commented on her relationship with Fernando only as a friend. Today, Fernando meets with the half-sister of the Iglesias brothers - the beautiful Ana Boyer Preisler, the daughter of the famous TV presenter and former Minister of Finance of Spain.


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