The largest tour operator in Russia. Rating of major tour operators in Russia

The state of the tourism market in Russia is currently the subject of close attention of the public. In conditions of economic instability of state and global scale, business is in a rather difficult situation. The indicative situation in such an area of ​​high-risk entrepreneurship as travel. The collapse of a number of companies included in the rating of major tour operators in Russia, created a panic among lovers of exotic. Any travel emergency becomes resonant, as it affects various areas of business social responsibility.

To form a holiday program, it is necessary to combine the efforts of several service providers: an air carrier, a foreign partner, a hotelier, an insurer, a transfer company.

Rating of major tour operators in Russia

Moreover, each of the counterparties carries its share of risk. One link does not work - the client’s trip will not take place. The list of major tour operators in Russia is thinning, and companies from the top ten strongest players in this market are disappearing. How to guarantee a trip without problems in this situation? We will try to find the answer to this question.

Reliability criteria

Travel operators and agents are the main participants in the travel organization market. What is their fundamental difference? Tour operators form a product and pay a financial guarantee in case of risk situations. Agents sell a product brought to the market and receive a certain bonus for cooperation. The primary responsibility (both moral and material) for the result of quality lies with the developer. Consider the criteria by which you can evaluate it and conclude who is the most reliable tour operator in Russia.

The official state system that provides reliable information about the market and its main players is the branch ministry. Rostourism experts recommend evaluating companies according to the following criteria:

  • Volumes of services.
  • Amount of financial guarantee.
  • Duration of stay in the market.
  • Sales policy.
  • The business reputation of the company.

We try, adhering to this scale, to evaluate the market, determining who is the largest tour operator in Russia.

Quality and quantity - which is more important?

The volume of services is an indicative value for evaluating the largest market participant.

Register of Russian tour operators

According to the Federal Agency, which is publicly available on the official website, the largest Russian tour operators in 2014 (21 representatives on the list) in the field of travel provide a financial guarantee of more than 100 thousand rubles.

In the first five positions, we see the following companies: Solveks-Turne (4 550 927 thousand rubles), Neva (3 684 068 thousand rubles), TT-Travel (1 117 115 thousand rubles. ), Southern Cross (833,335 thousand rubles), Europort (933,484 thousand rubles). The paradox is that three of the five tour operators listed did not cope with the situation and were forced to cease operations, failing to fulfill obligations to customers. All of them functioned on the market for more than 10 years, had a good reputation and were among the 10 largest tour operators in Russia.

Financial guarantee - can it be a guarantee of reliability?

When focusing on this indicator, you should find out the rating of the insurance company that provides guarantees.

The largest tour operator in Russia

There are cases when the image of a socially responsible tour operator suffered due to the reputation of the insurer. Can the size of financial guarantees confirm quality and reliability?

If we turn to official statistics, the largest amount of insurance coverage was the bankrupt company Solveks-Turne, which is included in the rating of large tour operators in Russia. He was 450 thousand rubles. A significant percentage was paid by the Ascension company. She, in turn, was not able to cope with the obligations that arose ... The answer to the question is obvious.

Service Period

Unfortunately, this criterion is not always the basis of reliability. All the “bursting” tour operators in the current season were age ... In a geometric progression, problems were added to the experience. There are indicators of dynamic development: changes in data on sales, directions and other indicators of the tourism market. The problem is one - there is no single paradigm for evaluating statistical data.

The largest tour operators in Russia in 2014, which declared insolvency, had experience in the market from 10 to 20 years! Therefore, the fact of a long stay in business does not mean anything if it does not have confirmation in positive dynamics. Moreover, it is important that there is a personal responsibility for its provision.

Sales policy

It is noticed that dumping is a companion to the collapse of the company. But how to distinguish it from the moderate price policy achieved as a result of long-term relationships with the host? There are a number of tour operators who have nothing to burn. With reasonable prices and significant weight in the business environment, they are steadily increasing the circle of regular customers.

Pegasus LLC, which is included in the list of major tour operators in Russia, began its activity with steep dumping.

List of major tour operators in Russia

In 2008, this operator “crushed” regions for itself on a low-price policy. Everything was cheap - both hotels, and service, and service ... Without really changing the approach, the operator inflated prices as soon as it captured a significant segment of the market. But the reputation of cheap tours from Pegasus allows him to earn super-profits.

The operator's roots are in Turkey, he is less dependent on the domestic financial market. A strong marketing strategy has been set here: an ingeniously convenient booking system, a networked approach to sales, a flexible system of working with agencies and a high percentage of remuneration. The Russian mentality is also taken into account - “cheaper” and “longer”. The operator remains valid at the moment.

Business reputation

A very interesting criterion. With various tricks, how to understand that, for example, the largest tour operator in Russia in 2014 of the year LLC Solveks-Turne, which has 4.5 million rubles. turnover turned out to be incompetent with all the experience, income and other business regalia? The company of the same name with the prefix "Travel" is working, and successfully ... Where to find the ends? And the company "Sanmar" (aka "Operator of profitable tours")? How to determine who is more reliable? Or is it a maneuver called "leave to stay?"

It’s hard for an expert to understand trademarked games, but what about ordinary customers? How can the reliability of a tour operator be assessed by people who have no idea about the specifics of the market, who care about one thing - will their trip take place or not? It is unlikely that business reputation is an affordable evaluation criterion.

10 largest tour operators in Russia

Rating in numbers

In order to navigate here and now in the situation and decide on the reliability of tour operators, we will use what is freely available. Let's look at the largest players from the position of official statistics. Below are those that are included in the register of tour operators in Russia.

We list who in terms of sales in the first positions. We consider only those market participants whose data are officially published to identify the 10 largest tour operators in Russia, acting at the moment.

Tour operatorVolume of salesInsurance, thousand rublesYear of commencement of work


(ceased operations)

4,550,927450on the


(ceased operations)


Southern Cross Travel

(ceased operations)

Coral Travel479,7071101992
Natalie Tours444,3781001997
"Pegas Touristik"220,0001001994


(ceased operations)

SANMAR TOUR135,2911002005
TEZ TOUR126,9001001994

Top Ten Officially Strongest - Let's Meet

The largest tour operator in Russia, according to the registry, is the founder of a professional association of Russian scale. He is also an official agent of the administration of St. Petersburg - SOLVEX-TOURNE LLC. He stopped working on September 8, 2014. Next in the rating is the company NEVA, an experienced operator also announced the termination of work with the standard wording “impossibility to fulfill obligations”. Quantity does not translate into quality (under certain conditions, especially in the Russian economic environment).

The rating of large tour operators in Russia, with a financial guarantee of 100 thousand rubles, includes trademarks "Natalie-Tours" and "TEZ TOUR".

The largest tour operator in Russia 2014

There are different criteria behind their popularity. These are brands in their industry. The TEZ TOUR trademark is distinguished by the quality of local customer service, island VIP-vacation programs, and a high-quality selection of specialist consultants.

As for Natalie Tours, this brand is characterized by a unique recognizable and elegant style. The high-quality service of this operator is highly appreciated: the level of hotels, a variety of programs, stable pricing policy. I want to believe (you can’t say otherwise) that this operator will continue to delight consumers with its high-quality service and a range of offers from Natalie.

About the systemic crisis in tourism

Why is there such a situation of instability in the demanded services sector? Can the largest tour operator in Russia become a reliable guarantor of the planned vacation? To summarize briefly.

The tourism crisis is systemic. Moreover, it is resonant, because it is tied to the integrated nature of international services. Upon termination of activity, a wide range of problems are identified: questions arise for banks, insurers, carriers. International norms for resolving problems also do not always adequately withstand the test of civilization.

Government bodies themselves are not ready to recognize the systemic nature of the problem. Easier to find the extreme. The largest tour operator in Russia turned out to be a scammer. Thus, a modern theater of the absurdity arises: for decades, a reputation has been gained, and overnight someone deceives thousands of travelers.

Useful tips for careful tourists

In conditions when operators cannot and the state does not want to give guarantees, it is worth minimizing the risks when buying a trip and keep in mind:

  • Quantitative performance indicators cannot serve as an assessment of quality in a modern system of economic indicators.
  • Buying a tour is safer for a short time before it starts (not to be confused with the "burning").
  • It will not be superfluous to check the availability and condition of the reservation on the website of the operator or carrier.
  • Carefully consider the composition of the package of documents, which you can familiarize yourself with before concluding the contract.
  • Check the availability of information about the tour operator in the contract.
  • Consult an independent travel agency that is interested in maintaining the client and his trust.

The largest tour operators in Russia 2014

  • Assess operator reliability in dynamic rather than statistical indicators (whether there has been an increase or decrease in volumes, programs, or investments in recent years).

And an easy path to a dream!


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