Portable GPS-navigators Prestigio, Garmin: reviews, reviews

The Pretigio and Garmin companies offer many portable navigators on the market. They can be used by both motorists and tourists. However, the manufacturer subdivides them into categories, and this should be taken into account. Before purchasing a device, it is important to familiarize yourself with the product’s resolution settings. Additionally, you need to find out the frequency of the processor that is installed in the device. As a rule, this parameter fluctuates around 400 MHz.

If we consider automobile devices, then the bracket for mounting should be provided in the kit of the model. Today there are high-quality portable GPS-navigators in the region of 6 thousand rubles. However, on the market you can find cheaper models.

portable gps navigators review

"Prestigio VT 55". Portable GPS Navigation: Review, Reviews

The specified navigator is designed specifically for motorists. There are quite a lot of functions in it. First of all, it should be noted that many routes can be loaded into it at once. At the same time, data processing does not take much time. In addition, it should be noted that this navigator is not only compact, but also weighs extremely little. Thus, it is mounted on the windshield without any problems.

In this case, a bracket for fixing the device is included in the standard package. The menu is completely in Russian, and understanding it is quite simple. A quick set of addresses is provided by the manufacturer. If you believe the feedback from consumers, then the route is calculated by the system very quickly. Today, the indicated navigator is in the region of 5600 rubles.

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Reviews about the navigator "Prestigio VT 60"

Reviews indicated Prestigio portable GPS navigators, as a rule, get good. First of all, they are praised for their sturdy housing. In addition, it should be noted that this model is controlled with great comfort. The menu in this case is simple, the letters in it are large. The brightness of the presented model can be adjusted. If you believe the feedback from consumers, the route using this device is planned in a matter of minutes.

Unfortunately, this navigator cannot be used as an audio player. It should also be noted that the manufacturer only has a battery of 400 mAh. Without recharging, this device can work no more than two hours. On the market, this model can be purchased for 5 thousand rubles.

Description of the device "Prestigio VT 70"

For tourists, this navigator fits well, and it is in high demand. First of all, it should be noted that this device has an audio player. In this case, the main formats for music are recognized by the system. Also, this model supports some video formats. The specified navigator weighs exactly 190 g in assembled form. It has a plastic case, and it should be handled carefully, according to consumers. They also note that configuring the specified device can be quite simple. However, all parameters are reset when the battery in the model is discharged. These portable GPS navigators are currently worth about 6100 rubles.

What is being said about the Garmin 20 model?

Many buyers prefer this navigator for a wide display. Resolution in this case is at the level of 320 x 420 pixels. The functional part of this model does not differ from other devices. In this case, the audio player is standard. In this case, the microphone is installed quite high quality.

If you believe the feedback from consumers, then the system plans the route very quickly. In total, the trajectory in this model can be designed for 10 thousand points. If we talk about the internal memory, then it allows you to record no more than 100 tracks. The batteries in this case are of medium capacity, and their owner lasts for about three hours. This model is not afraid of high humidity, however, low temperatures should be avoided with this navigator. Additionally, it should be noted that it does not tolerate even the slightest damage. The processor in this case is sensitive. On the market, the specified Garmin portable GPS navigator can be bought for 5300 rubles.

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Features of the device "Garmin Etreks 72N"

Reviews this portable GPS navigator Garmin has both positive and negative. If we talk about the benefits, it is first of all important to mention the multifunctionality of the device. This model allows you to use geocaching. Also in the menu you can find a hunting calendar. At the same time, the audio player is provided by the manufacturer with an interesting interface, which many will like. MP3 format this navigator reproduces.

He is also able to read many video file formats. The case in this case is durable, but it is afraid of high humidity. You can use the specified model at a temperature not lower than –10 degrees. At the same time, this modification is not afraid of heat. Today, the portable GPS-navigators presented are around 4,500 rubles.

portable gps navigator review

Customer Reviews for Garmin Etrex 10

This portable GPS navigator usually receives feedback from the buyer for a rather powerful processor. It is capable of operating with a limit frequency of 400 MHz. Also note that the player in this model is available. At the same time, the menu is quite extensive, and the settings can be made detailed. In this case, data processing does not take much time. MPEG4 format specified device supports.

In addition, it should be borne in mind that this navigator weighs only 120 g. For travelers, it fits perfectly. However, it can also be installed in a car. The battery in this model is built-in polymer type. Its capacity is at 600 mAh. There is a USB connector in this model, it can be connected to a personal computer. These portable GPS navigators are worth about 4800 rubles.

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Features of the modification "Garmin 30T"

The indicated navigator receives, as a rule, good reviews, but it still has disadvantages. First of all, they are associated with a weak processor. In this case, it withstands the limiting frequency at the level of 300 MHz. Thus, long routes are calculated by the system for a rather long time. However, they are not always correct. If we talk about the advantages, then the navigator’s battery has a large capacity. Without recharging, the device is able to work for about three hours.

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