Advertising banner as a method of attracting an audience

Advertising stretching is performed in the form of a canvas with information displayed on both sides, and with the help of a design based on cables is placed above the roadway.

This type of advertising allows you to inform about the appearance of new products, various promotions and events that have a limited duration, such as sales, opening of outlets, concerts. It can be used to indicate the location of an object, for congratulations on memorable events and holidays.

advertising banner

The secret of efficiency

Advertising banners, photos of which are presented in the article, are designed for the attention of pedestrians, drivers of vehicles, passengers and ordinary car owners. The location above the road provides a greater perception, and accordingly, efficiency. Given a significant flow of machines, it is possible to reach a large audience and receive multiple views of an advertising message that is printed on both sides of the structure. Laconic format provides more attention and memorization of the information provided. Due to the frequent replacement of constrictions there is no addictive effect and there is no irritation in the audience from annoying advertising. It is possible to use for one-time and multiple announcement of the event.

advertising banner


Silk and cotton are most often used as the material for the manufacture. For the latter, a screen printing method is used. With it, the borders of the image from the layout are printed in full size, cut out and act as stencils for a fabric, pre-sewn design. After that, the contained information is outlined. Among the shortcomings, it is worth noting the lack of photographs and color transitions, since the layout contains only distinct contours. The period of operation of the cotton version is not more than 10 days.

Silk advertising banner designed for longer use. It has great resistance to various precipitation and exposure to sunlight, with a guaranteed lifetime of 30 days. Production is carried out by means of thermal printing: the necessary image with a full color gamut is transferred to the translating special coating, which is printed on the canvas using a roller press. To reduce the degree of translucency, a white fabric is used located between the outer sides of the structure. The main advantages are the ability to use vivid photographs and long-term use.

production of advertising banners


An advertising banner is characterized by a small space for posting information and a limited location, therefore, to improve perception, the most important data should be present in the form of one or two lines. Large font is used to highlight the main part of the message, which should be visible from a long distance in any weather conditions and have a legible font. As practice shows, bright letters in combination with a contrasting, but uniform background are the best combination.

It is not always rational to place small logos of companies and sponsors, as they can merge with each other. To improve the perception, lighting devices and attachments are also used, which also increases visibility at night. The use of such elements is permitted at the legislative level.

Who uses

The manufacture of advertising banners is in greatest demand among the owners of shopping centers and large stores, organizers of various events. Also on such designs you can find information about services and discounts in the field of finance, insurance and real estate.

In other words, this type of advertising is the best option for notifying about various promotions and for promoting the services of companies.

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For the installation of extensions, you must have a special license to carry out these works, so it is performed only by authorized companies. Advertising banners are fixed, stretch marks on independent supports using rope elements. Mounting to nearby buildings is also possible. The number of pylons varies depending on the width of the road.


Despite the many advantages, there were some disadvantages, among which it should be noted the inconvenient format, which has an advertising banner. This type of advertising is limited in the possibility of implementing design ideas. Another disadvantage is the lack of backlighting, although this problem is solved with the help of overhead lighting elements. Careful development of stretch marks and proper layout allow you to achieve a high level of efficiency.

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Advertising banner: increase in efficiency

Getting the most out of it is possible in several ways, the location of the advertisement is of particular importance. The cost of placing the banner and the effectiveness of advertising depend on it. Do not forget about the number of other elements in the leased area and the speed of passenger traffic. As for the location efficiency without taking into account the target consumer, the most relevant today are highways. This is facilitated by the constant increase in the number of cars, and accordingly, the congestion of tracks.


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