What is the most delicious chocolate?

Chocolate today remains the most favorite delicacy of people of any age. He brightens up life, so since ancient times he was called the โ€œgift of the Godsโ€. This product activates the brain, improves memory, prevents the development of cardiovascular disease. Today, many types of chocolate are known : bitter, milk, white and so on. All of them vary in their composition and method of production. Therefore, the taste of this dessert is different. But what is the most delicious chocolate? Let's get it together.

the most delicious chocolate

Dark chocolate

This product is made from cocoa butter, sugar and grated cocoa. It usually has a bitter taste and a bright aroma. It includes theobromine, which contributes to the elimination of diseases of the bronchi and lungs, as well as phenylalanine - a powerful natural aphrodisiac. But it should be remembered that dark chocolate contains a large amount of caffeine.

Milk chocolate

For many people, milk chocolate is the most delicious. It has a creamy milky delicate taste and delicate aroma of cocoa. This product is made from the same ingredients as dark chocolate, only milk powder or cream is added. It is sweet enough, as it contains a large amount of sugar, which is why we love sweet tooth so much. It is often used to make sweets, bars, cakes, pastries and cookies. In its composition, this product contains magnesium, iron, potassium and other elements.

Russian chocolate

White chocolate

This product does not contain cocoa, therefore it differs in cream color. He got his caramel taste thanks to powdered milk and vanilla, which together with cocoa butter and sugar are included in its composition. A bar of white chocolate is very high in calories, as it contains a lot of fat and sweets. However, it does not have caffeine, which is capable of exerting an exciting effect on the human body.

Dessert chocolate

This product has a bitter-sweet taste, it melts in your mouth, as all the ingredients in it are very finely chopped. A bar of dessert chocolate is very loved by people of different ages. This is most likely due to the fact that during its manufacture cocoa is ground very hard, and the product itself takes a long time to cook, therefore it acquires a special taste and aroma, delicate texture.

chocolate bar

This product is able to cheer up, activate brain activity. Maybe that's why many people think that dessert chocolate is the most delicious.

Pastry Tiles

This product has a sweet taste. It is distinguished from chocolate by the absence of cocoa products. Instead, they put various substitutes and nutritional supplements, sugar and fats. The confectionery mass is formed in the form of a tile, and it goes on sale.

What is the most delicious chocolate?

Real chocolate should contain at least twenty percent cocoa products. It should be made from cocoa butter, without the use of other fats. Then the finished product will have a solid structure, it can be easily broken at room temperature, it will quickly melt in the mouth.

Russian chocolate is made only from cocoa butter, but in many countries the law allows the use of up to five percent of fat substitutes. Accordingly, the price of such a product will be slightly lower. So that the taste is no different, various flavor fillings can be put in it. Chocolate made from cocoa butter can be stored for up to two years. Therefore, before buying, you need to study the composition of the product.

The most delicious chocolate (Moscow annually holds an exhibition of this delicacy) is made from cocoa beans, respectively, its taste will be special and its aroma will be refined. It is packaged in foil and a beautifully designed wrapper. This all protects it from environmental influences and increases its shelf life. If it is white chocolate, its shelf life will be one month, since dairy products are contained in such a treat.

chocolate Price

The most popular and delicious Russian chocolate is Korkunov. It contains seventy-five percent cocoa liquor. But, for example, the โ€œTravelโ€ dessert consists of additives: castor oil, castor oil seeds and polyglycerin.

Swiss chocolate

All over the world, Swiss chocolate is considered the most delicious. This is due to the fact that in this country, chocolatiers have a special secret to making such a dessert. This product is paid a lot of attention, it turns out to be unusually soft, delicate and especially delicious. Therefore, Swiss milk chocolate - sometimes its price reaches six hundred dollars - is today considered to be the most delicious in the world. He has no analogues. No wonder the inhabitants of this country not only produce, but they themselves use this product in large quantities. Here you can find many shops and pastry shops that offer customers to purchase a variety of chocolates in any design and quantity.

chocolate moscow

The most delicious but expensive chocolate

Such a product, if it is real, is very useful for the human body, since it helps to increase tone and raise mood. Nowadays, chocolate is made with petals of different colors, absinthe, sea salt and other unique additives. Real connoisseurs of this sweetness know that itโ€™s not a pity to spend several thousand conventional units for the most delicious delicacy. So, the most expensive chocolate in the whole world costs two and a half thousand dollars, it is made by an American company, the recipe is kept secret. It is only known that the product includes a very expensive cocoa variety. Such chocolate is served in the White House for dessert, and Queen Elizabeth loves it.

Many tourists say that there is nothing tastier than chocolate based on camel milk with the addition of honey, nuts and various spices. A tile of such a dessert costs eight hundred and fifty dollars. Another interesting product is chocolate with absinthe. It is recommended to put a piece of it in your mouth and wait until it melts. With the appearance of bitterness of wormwood, you can fully feel the charm of a combination of alcohol and chocolate.

A tile of sweets with petals of violets, roses, jasmine or lavender is also considered very tasty. Flowers are able to give the dessert a unique unique taste and a pleasant light aroma.

Be that as it may, and today chocolate is the most common delicacy in the whole world, everyone loves it.

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