How to create your own game

Each person dreams of doing something in his life - for this he chooses the profession that will allow him to do his favorite job and contribute to the area that is important to him.

Create your own game
However, not everyone can just take it and become a game developer, because this profession requires a lot, and in return it can begin to give away far from immediately. But how did the gamer never dream of creating his own game? Now this opportunity has become much closer.

Main obstacle

In fact, the creation of games requires certain skills, but they can be successfully obtained independently without completing higher education institutions in a specialty and without passing special preparatory courses. Given the fact that the Internet is now a huge source of a wide variety of information, a guide to creating games can be obtained from there. Only when an ordinary gamer comes to the idea of ​​creating his own game does he begin to look for ways and is faced with the first and main obstacle. For search queries, he gets dozens and hundreds of results with tips and detailed guides, among which you can get lost, get confused and get lost very quickly. The user begins to read one thing, jumps to another, as a result, he can’t put anything together and decides to continue playing games that have already been developed by professionals, and not try to create his own creation. It follows from this that man is his own main enemy on the path to creating his own creations. And here is the question of motivation - if you want to create your own game, then you should not be stopped by the abundance of materials.

Create your game on computer
Try to systematize them, process them in small quantities, do not rush to concoct the finished project as soon as possible - it is better to understand the theory as it should, practice it, and then get down to business.

Availability of gaming

Today, there can be no question that the development of games is an advantage of the elite who possess incredible abilities, as it was ten or twenty years ago. Then the creation of the game was a complete miracle, while now it is a banal production process. And now, any person who has the proper desire and has certain ideas in his piggy bank can join this process without a specialized education. You just need to decide what you are ready to give in order to create your own game, because this process is time-consuming and requires perseverance, endurance. Therefore, first decide whether you are ready to undertake such a project, then outline all your ideas that you intend to implement, and only then can you go directly to the game development process.

The main components of the gaming process

To create your game, you need a clear understanding of what you need to be able to.

How to create your own game?

The game-building process can be divided into two large parts - technical and creative. They are quite different, but if your plans do not include the creation of a many-hour masterpiece with unique capabilities, then you will be able to cope on your own. So, the technical part of the computer game development process includes writing code, developing artificial intelligence, drawing graphics, designing three-dimensional models, and so on. This half of the process is suitable for those who have a mathematical mindset - knowledge of programming, mathematics and other exact sciences will come in handy. As for the second half of the process, it is no less needed if you want to create your own game on a computer and want it to turn out to be of high quality and unique. The creative process includes the creation of the entire content of the game, that is, the game world, characters of characters, objects, locations, battle systems, development, finances, as well as the voice acting of characters and the creation of a soundtrack.

The easiest way to create games

Create your Android game

There are various approaches to the development of games, but it is best to distinguish three main ones, among which, first of all, it is worth considering the simplest. It should be used if you are thinking about how to create your own game, but you have absolutely no programming knowledge. To resort to this method, you will need to download a special game constructor - a program that already includes the basic functions of creating games. One of the most famous designers is Game Maker, which is quite easy to learn and has a decent set of functions. As mentioned above, the main advantage of this method of creating games is its simplicity - you only need to bring your ideas to life through the opportunities provided by the program. But the main minus here lies precisely in these very possibilities, or rather, in their limitations. In fact, using the designer program, you can create a template game by selecting functions for it from the general list. If you want to bring a little personality to the game, add a twist, your own special chip, then you will not succeed.

Game development on a ready-made engine

You will be able to realize much more impressive functions if you have basic knowledge of programming languages, as well as you own graphic editors and understand what game scripts are. If you have a ready-made game engine, you can create a full-fledged game with your own personality, not just a template one, it’s just that its foundation will be someone created by someone else.

Games: create your character

But all that you blind around the base - it is up to you. Naturally, this method of creating games is much more complicated than using the designer program, but the result is much more impressive. There is a possibility that to create such a game you will have to attract other people to share responsibilities with them.

Create a unique game

But there is also a third method, which is the most difficult, but gives the most impressive result. It differs from the second only in that you do not have a ready-made engine, that is, the basics, the base of the game - you create this engine yourself. This means that in your game everything will happen and look exactly the way you programmed - to the smallest detail.

Create your own game for girls
You will have to write the game literally from scratch, and in this case you definitely need a team of specialists so that everyone is responsible for their field: graphics, physics, programming, plot and so on.

A new industry branch - mobile games

If you want to try yourself something simpler and less global, then an ideal option for you would be to try to create your own game for android, since mobile games have recently become no less popular than computer games, but at the same time require much less time and resources. You just need to know the java language and understand the principles of creating mobile applications.

Flash games

Another opportunity to create simple games is a flash. Such games have long been called "flash drives", there are a lot of them on the Internet, and their distinguishing feature is simplicity and unpretentiousness. You can create your own game for girls or for boys, you can try yourself in other genres, which are very many for such games. The main thing is desire. Do not make games "create your character and go to the unknown" - it is better to work out the whole game properly so that the gamer as a result is satisfied.


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