Manicure on short nails: ideas, step by step instructions, photos

Nowadays, the fashion for short nails has come. This is not surprising, because not everyone can afford long nails. But even small, neat nails can make the image complete. Many turn to specialists in the matter of design, while others prefer to cope with this on their own. How to make a manicure on short nails? We suggest you familiarize yourself with simple solutions, as well as more complex salon design options.

gray pink design

How to achieve a beautiful manicure on short nails with varnish?

In order for the short nail plates to look perfect, they need to be given the right shape. Experts advise in this matter to focus on the shape of the fingers. Almond-shaped nails or a slightly rounded square will be ideal.

The most suitable design for small records is a plain manicure. If you paint them with bright varnish, then it will not look as defiant as on long ones. So a delicate bright tone will do.

French lovers need to remember that short plates require a very thin line of a white smile. Thin lines give your fingers harmony and well-groomed.

Drawings, stickers, stencils are best used for long nails. For short ones, it’s better to decorate only the ring finger.

What is the best way to apply nail polish on small claws? First, a strip is drawn in the center of the plate from the root, then two more strokes are made on the sides.

How to visually lengthen the nails?

Sometimes, beauties want their nails to look longer. How to achieve this? First, it’s important to keep an eye on the cuticle. Move it back more often, and the nail plate will visually lengthen. The cuticle has protective functions, so it is better not to trim it. First, soften the cuticle with a special tool, and then move it away with an orange stick. Unedged manicure has its advantages.

The easiest way to visually lengthen the nails is to draw vertical stripes. Paint the strips with a varnish of contrasting color to the base coat. Shades should not mix.

Diagonal strips will help to slightly extend the nail plates. Experiment with juicy shades here. Take for strips red, dark green, golden varnish.

dark design

Choosing the right varnish

Many girls prefer to use dark varnishes. You can watch such a stylish manicure for short nails in the photo above. There is one trick in staining the nail plate with dark varnish. To make the nails seem longer, leave an unpainted space of 1 mm on each side of the plate. Thus, the fingers will look thin and elongated.

The texture of the varnish also has an important role. Loyal friends of short plates are considered matte and glossy surfaces. Avoid glitter and mother of pearl in this case, they shorten the claws.

Highlight the beauty of small nails with pink, blue, violet, pale green shades. Owners of fair skin are suitable plum or dark red tone. You will create a kind of contrast and thereby draw attention to your hands. Dark-skinned and tanned girls can resort to orange, scarlet, coral palettes.

delicate ombre

Short Nail Ideas for Beginners

Short marigolds have a small surface area, nevertheless they can be seen well. Therefore, boldly introduce the most daring and fashionable trends into such a manicure. Here are some ideas on how to diversify the short design:

  • Make an ombre. The gradient on the nails is a fairly fashionable course in recent seasons. It is often represented by fashion shows, popular beauty blogs. Perform it with the help of two or three varnishes from the same color scheme or contrast. Also use at home special sponge for shading shades. If this option is difficult for you, select the simplified option. To do this, paint each nail with different tones of varnish of one palette. For example: the thumb is wine, the index finger is red, the middle finger is raspberry, the ring finger is pink, and the little finger is pale pink. For this, it is not necessary to buy 5 varnishes. You just need to buy dark red and white and each time mix them in different proportions.
  • The metallic effect is also a simple manicure on short nails at home. Metallic manicure on short plates holds better than on long ones. Today, steel design is considered fashionable, mirror, chrome. Decorate the plates with silver stripes, glue the foil.
  • Strict geometric manicure pretty attractive. It can be done even by yourself, without the involvement of a nail art master. It is enough to purchase a special adhesive tape in the store and show imagination. You can draw triangles, squares, zigzags, chaotic stripes. Decorating marigolds with clear arrows is very fashionable. To do this, draw thin lines from the root of the plate to the tip with a brush. They can be carried out at an angle. Also gaining popularity is the neutral space on the nails, made with adhesive tape.
  • The dot design is quite simple and does not require special skills. Enough dots or hairpin skillfully put dots on the plate. You can arrange the dots in a chaotic order or in strict sequence, you can make large ones at the base of the nail, and small ones at the tips.
  • Space design also deserves your attention. Bright manicure for short nails with various stains occupies a leading position on Instagram. Here you can use black, dark blue stains, monograms with a small shimmer.
blue manicure

Do it yourself manicure

We suggest that you familiarize yourself with how to make a gentle and spring manicure for short nails (step by step). Delicate design first:

  • Perform a romantic manicure with a basic coating. This will not allow the color pigment to penetrate.
  • Cover each nail with two layers of nude varnish. Give each layer time to dry.
  • Use an artistic synthetic brush (the so-called null). On the ring finger, display the image of a red heart. On the remaining plates, make smaller hearts with dark varnish, you can black.
  • Fix all art with top-coat varnish.

In the spring I want something unusual, light, weightless. What to offer short plates? Here is one of the spring decisions in sky blue tones:

  • Degrease the nail plates, cover them with the base base.
  • On the ring finger, apply two layers of nude varnish. Use vanilla, creamy pink or a touch of dusty rose.
  • Cover the remaining nails twice with sky blue.
  • Take a silver sticker, cut into thin stripes. Stick these strips on your ring finger in a zigzag pattern. Help yourself with an orange stick.
  • Apply two layers of fixative to this bright spring manicure on short nails to make everything look even.
geometric manicure

Colors for short nails

Nail art today is represented by hundreds of varnish shades. Girls with small nails can choose any of them. In our photos you can see options for different colors.

Let's start with the black, brown, or taupe shades of today. Do not limit yourself only to light tones. By summer, pick up a dark cherry, deep purple color or khaki. This perfectly accentuates your golden tan. To emphasize the dark tone, after the base coat, apply one coat of white varnish.

If you do not decide on a dark manicure, then feel free to choose gentle peach, pink, purple, turquoise tones. In summer, a pastel yellow or mint color is perfect.

If you are tired of a solid design, switch to a combination with rich colors. You can choose your own color for each finger or hand.

Plain white nail art is great for summer. He perfectly emphasizes the tan. You can complement it with vertical stripes or dots near the roots. It is better for owners of pale fingers not to use a white manicure.

Each girl will suit the red design, it is only important to choose the right shade for your skin type. Light-skinned beauties will suit the classic cold tone. Dark-skinned girls are guided by an orange pigment in red. Blacks choose wine, cherry tones.

Bold fashionistas like the color of a dusty rose or fuchsia. Girls with fair skin prefer a bright pink tint, medium - peach pink, dark - bright purple.

Significantly affect your entire image can blue varnish. The color of the sea wave makes the hands younger, and the neon blue reduces them.

Today there are many black varnish lovers. It has some application specifics. It is a mistake to consider it boring and of the same type. Decorate such nail art with decorative details. If such a manicure is correctly combined with clothes, then you can safely go to an important event.

moon manicure

Pastel Design

The best choice for small nails are considered pastel and nude varnishes. With their help, the line of fingers continues a little, they become thinner and more elegant. If you choose a shade a tone or two lighter than the skin, then you will achieve the maximum effect. Each season brings some innovations to manicure in pastel colors on short nails. The whitened color palette is actually quite rich. Milk whiteness in sky blue, grass-green color, shade of tea rose is in fashion today. In summer, whiteness is diluted with yellow, coral, peach varnish.

A manicure in pastel colors on short nails allows a striped or linear design. You can combine several similar in color varnishes. On one or two fingers, you can diversify the design with the effect of broken glass or use a rubbing under pearls.

turquoise design

Popular design

In addition to a glossy or matte plain coating, there are a lot of popular and interesting design options. Many girls with small nails like glitter varnishes. Although designers do not advise doing this, but do not give up on a brilliant elegant manicure. It is enough to paint with glossy varnish not the entire nail plate, but only on the tip in the form of a jacket. You can cover with glitter only an unnamed nail, and paint all the rest with monophonic varnish.

Visual lengthening of nails can be achieved using a lunar design. The holes near the roots can be of various shapes and sizes. It will be a fashionable solution to paint the holes with light varnish, and decorate the part near the tips with bright contrasting varnish.

Many fashionistas prefer a matte manicure. Matte varnishes hold a little less than gloss. It should be noted that the matte effect can be achieved using a special coating that is applied to the base. Such a matte finish is sold both for gel polishes and ordinary ones.

A fairly popular solution for nails of any length is a design with various rubs. It just looks amazing plasma effect, pearls, "cat's eye." Many people like mirror coating, "chameleon", "May bug". It is fashionable today to cover one or two nails with foil, the effect of broken glass.

It is also impossible to completely abandon drawings on short nails. After all, in the spring you really want to depict a flowering twig or bud of a tulip, and in the summer - a butterfly or daisy. You do not have to paint all the nails, select only one nail. If you do not know how to draw, use purchased stickers (stickers) or stencils, which are many on sale.

simple design

The use of rhinestones, broths, pebbles

What could be better than a gentle manicure with rhinestones on short nails? The main thing is not to overdo it with the number of pebbles. Just one modestly shining pebble on the nail is enough. But the modern beauty industry allows for a whole inlay of nail plates. Rhinestones and broths are applied very simply, and they come in many different types and shades. There are jewelry in the form of tiny pearls.

Usually such a festive manicure is done for special occasions, even on small nails. In this technique, incomparable work is often performed. Experienced nail art masters know all the secrets of the correct and long wearing of stones and rhinestones. They can be laid out on one finger any decor, pattern, pattern. Rhinestones spread outlines and lines. Often the pebbles spread the crown, mesh, honeycombs. The design with rhinestones coated in different sizes and shades looks very original. Indeed, today rhinestones made of crystal of interesting cut and color palettes are sold.

manicure with sparkles

White gold manicure

White and gold manicure on short nails is worn by real queens. You can stick gold strips of adhesive foil onto white plates. For the New Year, golden snowflakes are drawn on a white basis. The geometric design can also be golden white. Sometimes gold glitter varnish is applied only on the tips or near the root. Looks great abstract golden painting on a white background.


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