Where can I rent an apartment: advice on choosing a property and area, rental conditions

The question of where to rent an apartment is often asked by those who are faced with a similar need. In fact, there are many ways to rent housing. You can search for an apartment or other object yourself or through intermediaries. Each of these methods has advantages and disadvantages.

where you can rent an apartment inexpensively

Where can I rent an apartment?

The real estate market offers the potential tenant some of the most popular options, of which everyone chooses the most suitable.

  • At the agency.
  • In the Internet.
  • Through friends.


This is perhaps the fastest and easiest way. However, you will have to pay for the services of a realtor related to the selection of real estate objects that meet the needs of customers.

In addition, even contacting the agency, you can run into scammers. For example, some organizations do not charge a commission for the actual selection of an apartment, but for providing contact numbers of potential owners, taken from open sources and available to anyone.

However, as a rule, when trying to agree on viewing an apartment, it turns out that the announcement is no longer relevant. At the same time, it is difficult to make a claim to the agency, since they conclude an information support agreement with potential tenants, which involves providing contacts, rather than selecting housing that meets the requirements.

That is why potential tenants need to be careful when choosing a real estate agency, and not transfer the fee until the signing of an agreement confirming the rental of housing.

where can I rent an apartment

the Internet

This is another answer to the question of where to rent an apartment. A potential tenant, acting independently, will have to review dozens of advertisements, call the owners or their representatives and face a host of additional nuances. For example, it often turns out that the photos on the site do not correspond to the real state of the apartment.

However, the Internet is a great option for those who are interested in where you can rent an apartment for rent. Contacting a similar question with a realtor or acquaintances is long and not always convenient. Thanks to the announcement, you can quickly contact the owner and settle.

where can I rent an apartment without


For those who are looking for where to rent an apartment, there is always an option related to interviewing your friends. It is possible that in this way it will be possible to find a bona fide owner who is ready to provide housing at an affordable price. However, this option is not suitable for everyone, but only for sociable people who have a fairly wide circle of acquaintances. This method is unlikely for introverts to quickly find an apartment.

Should I contact the agency?

This option is still controversial. Representatives of the profession "realtor" have long discredited themselves, significantly reducing the level of trust from potential customers.

However, if we are talking about a real estate agency whose employees work efficiently, this fundamentally changes the situation and gives the potential tenant great advantages.

Starting a housing search, it is difficult to quickly understand where you can rent an apartment cheaper. This is where the experience of a realtor who comes across such clients almost daily comes in handy. A specialist knows the real estate market from the inside, respectively, can recommend the most attractive options, for which independent search would have to spend much more time.

where you can rent an apartment without intermediaries

Thus, contacting a specialized real estate agency is the shortest way to find out where to rent a one-room apartment.

If you come across a conscientious realtor who performs his own work efficiently, it is highly likely that you will be satisfied with such cooperation.

However, there are also such real estate players on the market for whom the most important goal is to quickly get a commission from the client. At the same time, they are not at all interested in the conditions in which the potential tenant will live.

If you are not ready to pay a commission to a real estate agency, you will have to look for housing on your own. Be prepared for the fact that it will take more time and effort, and the result is completely up to you.

Tips for choosing a property and area

Being interested in where you can rent an apartment without intermediaries, it is important to pay special attention to the ads that you are viewing.

For example, a phrase stating that housing is in good condition may actually be far from the truth. Some owners believe that ragged wallpapers, leaking plumbing and other “little things” will not interfere with the comfortable living of residents.

It is advisable to identify such options at the stage of telephone conversations. This will save a lot of time, effort and, most importantly, nerves. After all, to be disappointed and understand that you were deceived is very unpleasant.

The choice of area is especially relevant for those potential tenants who are interested in where you can rent an apartment in Moscow.

where you can rent an apartment for a day

The capital is very diverse. Each resident has their own preferences regarding the place of residence, but visitors are not easy. The price can greatly depend on the location of the apartment. However, if you have to go to work every day, it is preferable to choose an area that will be nearby. This will allow less time to travel.

If you live with children, the area should be convenient for them. Take an interest in the availability of schools and kindergartens, developing and sports sections, etc.

What will the price tell?

Choosing where to rent an apartment without intermediaries, and looking at prices, professionals recommend a closer look at this indicator. If the rental price is too low, a catch may be hidden behind such an offer. When inspecting an apartment, be careful not to let realtors and property owners rush you, make you nervous and try to get money soon.

Also, the low price can be justified by the fact that the apartment is rented out for a short period, the owner requires a deposit for several months, etc. Also, the poor location of the property may affect the reduction in rent. If in the future you do not want to be disappointed, all this needs to be paid attention to at the stage of selecting an object. It is advisable to find out as much information as possible in a conversation so that you do not have to spend your own time and effort on traveling.

If you are interested in where you can rent an apartment inexpensively, be careful and do not let yourself be deceived. It is advisable to check the owner's documents before signing the contract and make sure that the housing really belongs to him. This will save you from an unpleasant situation when, after the transfer of payment, the real owner of the apartment appears and legally asks you to move out. In this case, a refund can only be requested from a fraudster, and for this he will still need to be found.

where you can rent a one-room apartment

Rent terms

It is important not to rush to agree on the first object that comes up, which more or less suits you. Feel free to persevere, finding out even seemingly insignificant details. A bona fide owner should patiently talk about the terms of the lease, and not rush you to pay for the transaction as soon as possible.

You must agree in advance who will pay for utilities. If they are not included in the rental price, then the total may be much higher than you expected. Try to find out from the owner how much utilities are, if you have to pay them.

It is also important to discuss the duration of the lease. Otherwise, it may turn out that your plans do not coincide with the plans of the owner. For example, you plan to rent a house for a year, and you are ready to rent it for only a few months. If you don’t find out right away, then it may turn out that you have to urgently look for a new apartment, wasting time and effort on an unplanned move.

Do I need to draw up a contract?

It is advisable not only to agree on all conditions in words, but to sign the corresponding agreement. This will not allow either the owner or the tenant to claim that any condition was not discussed.

Of course, this option practically does not work for those who are interested in where you can rent an apartment for a day. In this case, the owner is unlikely to waste time on the execution of the contract.

In other cases, it is better for the owner to have agreements fixed on paper. In addition, in this way you can filter out scammers. Anyone who is trying to trick you is unlikely to agree to present their own documents. While the real owner of such a request should not scare.

where can I rent an apartment

How to draw up a contract?

Drawing up a document confirming the rental of an apartment is not difficult. You can compose it yourself or take a standard template, and if necessary, redo some conditions for yourself or add new ones. It does not need to be certified, just put the signatures of both parties.

The greatest difficulty is to agree with the owner. Not everyone wants to sign an agreement, as they rent an apartment informally. If the contract is concluded for a period of more than twelve months, it must be registered with the Rosreestr. That is why the owners fear that the information on the rented apartment will be transferred to the tax and, therefore, will have to pay taxes.

Terms of an agreement

Remember that you cannot just sign a sample form. In it, you definitely need to specify important characteristics.

  • The address of the apartment for rent, as well as its characteristics. If you do not write in the contract for a broken bed, an unscrupulous owner may require you to pay for the elimination of the breakdown.
  • Passport data of both parties, as well as those who will live together with the tenant. At the same time it will be possible to check the documents.
  • A document confirming the ownership of a residential property.
  • The amount of rent, as well as the timing of payment. The contract may include a clause prohibiting the lessor from raising the established amount of payment. This is very convenient for the tenant, as it allows you not to depend on the mood of the owner of the living space.
  • Validity. It is equal to the lease term. By default, such contracts are valid for five years.
  • If the rent is to be paid to the lessee, the meter must be recorded in the contract at the time of arrival.

Before signing the contract, it is recommended to carefully double-check all the information in order to avoid errors.

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