How to register on YouTube? A detailed guide to action - start making money!

We all love (at least occasionally) to watch videos on YouTube. But only a user authorized in the system can comment and rate the clip. Sign up for YouTube right now is for those who want to not only participate in the life of a social network, but also start earning money (video bloggers). On your own channel, you can start releasing a show that has every chance of becoming famous. And this means that a decent fee is provided to you!

sign up for YouTube right now

Create a Google Account

Before you register with YouTube, create your own Google account. Follow the link and at the very top click on the create profile button. On the page that appears, enter your personal data, password, mobile phone number, primary and spare e-mail. Do not forget to enter the code from the image, check the box "I accept the terms of use and agree to the Google privacy policy." Now click on "Next." On the next page you will need to confirm your account - enter the code that you will receive on your mobile phone. The same operation can be done using a voice call (the computer will dictate the code). The resulting code should be entered in a special window, then you will be prompted to add a photo (it is not necessary to do this). Well, a Google account has been created, now we’ll figure out how to register on YouTube.

We go to

At the very top of the page you will see the "Login" button. Enter your e-mail and password. Voila! Sign up for YouTube in Russian was not so difficult! Now you can subscribe to the channels of the people you like, comment on clips, and rate.

register on YouTube in Russian

Own broadcasting

Once you’ve figured out how to register with YouTube, create your own channel. Next to your avatar (photo) there is a downward arrow. Click on it and select "My Channel" from the drop-down list. On the page that appears, click "Continue" - the channel has been created! Now you can add video clips and share them with your friends. To start earning money on this, read separately about how to promote your channel on YouTube.

How to register on YouTube without creating a Google account?

Many are interested in this question. Immediately make a reservation: this is impossible! You will have the opportunity to search and view video clips, share them with friends, but download them, give ratings, comment and subscribe to channels - these options will not be available. features

This site can be an excellent tool in building your business. The possibilities of YouTube are endless:

how to register on YouTube

  1. You can set a ready-made video clip or make it yourself in a matter of minutes - record yourself, your friends, relatives or partners on a Youtube camera.
  2. Make a slide show. You can choose the musical accompaniment for the clip from those proposed by the site or use your own. It will take a little time, even if you are a beginner in this business.
  3. Record your meeting on Google+ directly from YouTube. At the same time, you can put the saved video for general viewing.

Good luck in business!


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