Hunting for animals. Calling, hobbies or work?

Every man experienced excitement in his life, at least playing football, even snowballs, even doing arm wrestling. There are times when the desire to be the first, to be the winner prevails over everyone else. Hunting for animals is directly related to this feeling.

hunting animals

To walk a couple of tens of kilometers through a windbreak or snowdrifts in search of traces of wild animals, physical training alone is not enough. If you use a smoothbore gun as an weapon, the hunt turns into a real competition with nature. The effective battle range does not exceed eighty meters, and you need to use all your strength, cunning and dexterity to get to the distance of the shot to the beast or bird, which are initially faster, hear and smell better.

Types of hunting

This activity involves the search for, tracking the beast, the pursuit with the subsequent capture or killing. The following types of hunting are distinguished:

  • fishing
  • sports
  • amateur.

winter hunting

Commercial hunting for animals involves the destruction of animals in order to obtain feathers, fur, meat, bones, horns, fat, etc. In the Soviet Union there was a network of stores "Gifts of Nature", where you could buy capercaillie or wild boar meat, animal skins, etc. .

In sports, the goal is to show and train your hunting skills. To give this business greater visibility and effectiveness, a beacon is caught on a pre-captured animal. Sometimes an animal simply receives a dose of sleeping pills, rather than lead. There are engravings on which dogs are trained, and on sports hunts there is such an opportunity for people.

Matter for the soul

Amateur hunting for animals is an activity for singles and small groups of people who have purchased a license. In this case, hunters have as their primary goal to have a good time in nature, the extraction of an animal is not a determining factor. They regularly buy licenses, measure kilometers through the forest, swamps and steppes and enjoy nature, taking a break from their urban everyday life. After all, the hunter is a poetic nature, very loving wildlife. Even winter hunting with its snowdrifts, cold and blizzards will not scare a person, because such an activity is a passion!

Like fishing

Professional hunting was very developed in the Soviet Union. Now on such a scale she is no longer involved. In addition to hunting hides, meat, and others, hunting has other purposes. It happens that as a result of small natural disasters or the harmful influence of man, predatory animals begin to prevail in the territory , they exterminate others. To regulate the population requires the efforts of professional hunters.

hunting license

Professionals have remarkable patience, besides a gun, they use snares, traps and other traps. This method is not so exciting, but in terms of effectiveness it is not inferior to the others, and sometimes even superior.

Also, hunting skills are required for catching the beast alive for zoos, circuses, and species relocation.

Seasonal hunting

Depending on the season, fishing for various animals and birds is open. The timing of hunting depends on the breeding periods of the beast and the time it takes to raise young animals. Also , hunting for excessively prolific species is sometimes opened . Such an activity is a way of regulating the population.

Spring is a season that is always debated. This period is mating for most animals and birds, and their number per square kilometer increases dramatically. Many advocate a complete ban on shooting game during this period, but open a hunt for at least 10 days.

Summer is the time to tidy up a hunting tool, to bring the dog to the grab. During these months, hunting for fur animals, as a rule, is closed, moles and ground squirrels are hunted, raids on wolves are carried out, and roe and elk are selected for shooting. In August, hunting for pine forest is opened and bears are kept watch.

In the fall, fishing for pine forest continues , the trap hunt for a water rat, a muskrat begins. Toward the end of the season, other species of fur-bearing animals begin to be caught.

Winter hunting is no less interesting than spring hunting. The extinct, as it seemed, snow-covered forests are full of life and surprises. The hunt for fur animals begins: sables, squirrels, martens, foxes. Wild boars and moose have already bred their young, you can do their full fishing. The shooting of grouse, capercaillie, black grouse also begins.

Men's business

Nowadays, a man with a weapon causes apprehension; he is perceived as an aggressor and a lawbreaker. But weapons and masculine nature have always stood by. Children play "war games", adults play paintball and more. But real knife and gun cannot be replaced with this. Those who served in the army, with admiration and a bit of fear, recall how machine guns and artillery guns sound .

The main value in the modern world is life, therefore, to keep a weapon with you, you must either work in law enforcement or be a military man, bodyguard or hunter. A hunting license will cost some money, depending on the animal they are about to catch. But it's worth it!

hunting dates

Even if you didn’t shoot anyone, a walk through the woods with a gun on your shoulder, a faithful barking friend, fresh air, birdsong in the early morning, the rustling of a hare in the bushes - all this will give an unforgettable experience, awaken the primitive male spirit, the spirit of a hunter!


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