Jealousy how to deal with it?

Often we have to face jealousy in relationships. Sometimes it’s even pretty sweet when a guy was jealous and did something unusual for him, for example, before everyone's eyes he confessed his love to you. Jealousy is sometimes a whipping moment for strengthening relations; people suddenly realize that they really cannot live without each other. Such episodes of jealousy should not be too frequent, and certainly not go beyond respect for the partner.

However, it often happens that jealousy goes beyond all bounds, becomes the cause of daily quarrels and quarrels, sometimes jealousy of the past appears, especially if there is something to remember, and jealousy of everyone around, including friends, colleagues, etc.

Jealousy how to deal with it?

There are no specific recipes for overcoming jealousy, since all people are different and it cannot be said which method will be more effective in this pair.

In this difficult matter, an individual approach to each of the partners is needed. Both male and female jealousy give little pleasure in relationships and destroys everything that was built on love and harmony.

If excessive jealousy has appeared in your relationship, you can learn how to deal with it from this article.

So what is jealousy?

Jealousy is a negative reaction in response to a lack (or imaginary lack) of attention from a partner to whom there is emotional attachment.

When jealousy is often manifested in a relationship, the partner is considered a jealous person, some psychologists and psychiatrists regard this as the line between healthy and painful emotions. Excessive jealousy refers to the manifestations of neurosis in neurotic personalities.

It also happens when this line intersects, and the feeling of jealousy passes into the category of clinical symptoms. In such cases, there is a great danger of the occurrence of affect (emotional outburst) against a background of jealousy, which is often accompanied by violent actions on oneself or in relation to a partner.

You can understand jealousy how to deal with it only by analyzing the behavior of your partner. You must understand in which cases he (she) has a flash of jealousy, with what people or events it is connected, how jealousy is manifested, etc. Be sure to keep an eye on yourself, perhaps you really give reason for your soul mate to be jealous of yourself, or maybe there is simply no reciprocity between you, and you are together only out of habit.

After you notice all this for yourself, analyze it, you will already get some conclusions. You will learn at least the reasons on your part. And, perhaps, having eliminated them, relations will improve, and β€œpeace and love” will reign in your pair.

But, if this did not happen, then you need to look for the cause in it (in it). The first thing you just need to call a partner for an open conversation, and talk directly about what is bothering you, tell us what you are worried about this and together find some solution to this problem. And you do not have to wonder: jealousy how to deal with it? Be sure that your half wanted to do this, but did not dare. It is not as easy as it sounds.

If your partner does not want to discuss this, and does not make direct contact, and the quarrels and negative from his (her) side continue, then you should think about whether you need a person who does not even want to listen and hear you. Or maybe he is just a psychological vampire, and receives energy from you during quarrels and discords. It gives a kind of pleasure to such people, and at the same time, they themselves may not even know about it. But, if you still love this person and want to be with him, then you just need to seek the advice of an experienced psychotherapist. In such cases, only a qualified professional will be able to solve your problem.


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