What kind of coffee beans is good? Coffee beans: price, reviews

Most people in the morning prefer to wake up with a cup of coffee. The only question is why they are pouring this drink on themselves. If only in order to quickly wake up and run to work, soluble would be quite suitable, if only he would be stronger. But if a person also wants to have fun at the same time, he will at least buy good ground coffee for the morning ceremony . A true lover and connoisseur will opt for grain and get up a little earlier to grind it and fully enjoy the aroma and taste.

what coffee beans are good

If you decide to join the ranks of gourmets, it is worthwhile to determine first what kind of coffee beans is good and suits you by strength, smell and taste. We set forth the basic principles in this article.

Factor One: Roast Degree

Perhaps this is the main thing that you should pay attention to beginners in the art of coffee making. Before deciding which coffee beans are good, determine how you are going to consume it. The fact is that beans are fried at different times. The shortest treatment results in a roast called light. Such a grain coffee is best suited for lovers of a drink with cream or milk. Beans aged “in a pan” a little longer are considered medium fried. They have a pronounced smell and a bitter taste. By the way, most coffee lovers like average roasting. And finally, heavily roasted coffee - it is the strongest, but also the most bitter. There are few lovers of such a drink, but in Italy and France it is the most popular.

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Factor Two: Bean Origin

In principle, the question of which coffee beans are good is very subjective. Someone enjoys the bitterness, someone prefers a sour taste, and someone likes something neutral. If you have already decided what is good for you, focus on the country of origin (namely, beans, not packaged grains). So, Caribbean coffee has neither acidity nor pronounced bitterness, but it has a bright and rich aroma. Brazilian is somewhat sweet and smells great. It is especially suitable for blends in espresso. Yemeni grains in the aroma carry a fruity note, which sometimes confuses lovers of the pure coffee smell. But his taste is so peculiar that connoisseurs forgive him even the “wrong” flavor. Indian coffee has a very mild flavor, which is amazingly combined with unobtrusive astringency. Colombian varieties, as well as imported from Central America, are very light, so they always combine with stronger, but less aromatic species. By the way, in espresso they are not too good. Hawaiian and Guinean beans are famous for their persistent aftertaste, but it is extremely difficult to find them (perhaps somewhere "beyond the hill"), so they cost more than everyone else and few people can try such coffee.

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Quality definition

When you have determined which coffee beans are good for you, it's time to be vigilant. Even the best variety can be damaged by improper storage or transportation. Therefore, drink connoisseurs advise buying grain by weight - so you can accurately determine how high-quality they are, visually and smelling. However, even for packaged coffee there are signs.

  1. Appearance. Grains should shine matte - fresh, they retain oiliness for a long time. Gray or dull beans signal you that they have been lying with the seller for a long time, or the integrity of the bag was violated along the way.
  2. Smell. It must be even and inherent in this particular variety. If you feel a rancid or moldy note - leave. So before buying good coffee it is better not to use perfumes, deodorants and colognes, and also to refrain from smoking for at least an hour so as not to dull the sense of smell. Of course, you should not go for coffee with a runny nose.
  3. The integrity of the grains. They should be even, of the same size, not chopped and without cracks. Of course, you won’t be able to review all the beans in the purchased batch, but if you noticed half of them in the mass, then they are not so few. Accordingly, the taste and aromatic qualities of coffee grains (the photos of which are presented in the article) have largely lost.
  4. High-quality grain coffee is packaged in packages where there is always a valve with a filter through which it can be sniffed. We have already described the rules of smell. The second sign of the packaged coffee being stale is bloating.
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Top five

If you still doubt which coffee beans are good for you, you can first focus on the name of the company. Well-known brands do not fail.

  1. Jardin. The most popular in Russia, especially since it offers a different degree of roasting, several options for the fortress and countries for growing beans.
  2. Paulig. It uses only arabica, which is important for many connoisseurs - they do not like mixtures (although for many they have their own charm).
  3. Kimbo Italian coffee , without bitterness and sourness - it may well be what you need at first for self-determination in the art of making coffee.
  4. Gut! from Guttenberg. A mixture of robusta and arabica, very high quality. The choice of varieties, degree of roasting and strength.
  5. Malongo. Already a French supplier. The best choice for espresso lovers. A little expensive, but worth it.

However, over time, you will discover your own, maybe less well-known coffee beans. Its price, most likely, will be comparable to the “untwisted” brands (which is at least 900 rubles per kilogram, moreover, for the promotion), but good coffee cannot be cheap .

The main thing is to brew correctly

No matter what delicious coffee beans you buy, the main task is not to spoil it when cooking. Rule one: Turk and only Turk, and correctly chosen. Rule two: filtered or purified water. Rule three: fine grinding (but not dust!) Rule four (desirable): buy a special machine with sand for making coffee. It will be tastier, but you can do with a regular stove. The process itself is simple: in a small Turk put a teaspoon with a slide of coffee and sugar to taste. Sweet lovers do without it, connoisseurs of the fortress put more coffee. The water is poured cold, and the coffee chef patiently waits until the foam rises. The Turk is removed, the foam settles, the Turk returns. And so on up to 4 times. The main condition is not to break the structure of the foam. When transfusion, you can strain the thickener with a strainer, but according to experts, this is already pampering.

green coffee beans

Green Coffee Beans: Myths and Misconceptions

Recently, an unprecedented excitement has risen around this product: they say, losing weight from it is rapid, health is becoming perfect, and vivacity and working capacity are rising to unprecedented heights. However, a sober person should be aware: green coffee beans are a semi-finished product, the raw material from which a favorite drink is made. He doesn’t have any special qualities, and even properly fry in order to prepare the morning “awakener”, at home it is unrealistic. So it's better to think about what kind of coffee beans are good than to believe in unscrupulous advertising.

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