Feng shui for money

Money is matter with tremendous energy. And to manage it, you need to know several principles that underlie Feng Shui. How to attract money using this system, which came from China, in recent years, an increasing number of people. Including famous.

The use of Feng Shui for money can be successful and productive only if the rearrangements in the space of the house will be combined with a change in consciousness, clearing it of old locks.

So where to start in the house? Feng Shui for money advises, first of all, to look around and clear the space from blockages. This applies to absolutely all rooms, including the kitchen, corridors, toilet, pantries. Indeed, in a house overflowing with various trash, stagnant energy does not allow something new to appear (it does not matter if it is money, love, health or success). Without regret throwing away old things stored on a "rainy day" and not used for years, a person makes room for new useful and pleasant events.

The next step that Feng Shui recommends for money is to put a Bagua grid on the house plan so that the north coincides with the North indicated by the compass and determine which part of the house falls to the southeast. The fact is that it is in this direction that the Wealth zone is located. It is very important to determine it correctly in order to successfully activate it in the future. After this, you must once again carefully look at this section of the apartment or house. There should be nothing superfluous in it.

Each zone has both elements that contribute to its strengthening, and weakening, damaging it.

Feng Shui for money defines the following activators of the Wealth sector: water, moving objects, plants, specific colors, shapes and symbols. How to use them? It should not be taken literally. Enough characters.

For example, it is not necessary to put a basin with water or a tub with a plant in the desired sector. Symbols supported by positive thinking work just fine too. So the element of water in the southeast zone can be represented by an aquarium with fish, a fountain and even a picture of water. It’s good to place a healthy, beautiful plant in this sector (especially the “money tree”), but by no means a cactus.

Moving symbols are all kinds of mobiles, weathercocks, flags, “wind music”. You can use the figures of Hattay - the Chinese god of wealth, a frog on three legs holding a coin in his mouth, a turtle that holds two more on his back. Chinese coins will give results if you tie them with a red ribbon side with the hieroglyphs up and arrange them in places related to finances.

The colors that work effectively in this zone are purple, violet, green, and red. Therefore, in the Wealth sector, objects in this gamut should prevail (within reason, of course).

In addition to transforming space, it is important to comply with the three energy laws of Feng Shui to attract money.

  1. Set aside 20% of each cash receipt. And the "rainy day" has nothing to do with it. This money needs to be spent on something significant and good, but preferably not to the penny, as it serves as a bait for the next finance flow.
  2. Charity. It should take 10% of the profit. Need to give secretly and really needy people (relatives do not belong to this category).
  3. The energy of money must constantly circulate. This means that they need to be shared, and shared generously. Moreover, this has nothing to do with charity. If there is no money yet, then you need to share positive thoughts about abundance, a state of happiness and joy.

The transformation of the space of the house and the spread around the atmosphere of joy, abundance and happiness will be a prerequisite for attracting everything listed in your own life.

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