DIY pool ladder: drawings, materials, manufacturing instructions

The pool has not so long been an attribute of luxury. Today it is already a traditional part of the exterior of quite a few houses outside the city and within the city. The modern market offers such structures in various shapes, sizes and designs. They differ in the type of device and method of installation.

However, the pool has a unifying characteristic, which is expressed in the need for a ladder. This applies to inflatable structures, and to capital. Quite often, home craftsmen today make ladders for pools with their own hands. They are subject to special requirements. For example, the descent should be comfortable and safe, as well as the exit from the water. In addition, the staircase construction should also play a decorative role. Therefore, it is necessary to think about the shape of the stairs at the stage of choosing a pool.

In order to avoid injuries, it is important to make sure that the stairs - made of stainless steel or any other material - meet certain requirements. Among them, it is worth highlighting the strength of the material, good illumination of the descent site at any time of the day, as well as anti-slip characteristics. If you do not plan to purchase a ladder for a pool, do it yourself with your own hands. Then she will have all the necessary parameters.

What to consider before starting work

DIY pool ladder

To date, staircases for pools are presented in a variety of forms. Along with the usual options, there are steps in a circle. You can purchase both screw and rotary structures. Sometimes owners of real estate, in the territory of which there is a swimming pool, have facilities for descent with slides. This allows you to get a real attraction.

When choosing the design features of a ladder for a frame pool, it is necessary to take into account the shape of the bowl, its features and dimensions. If the pool is not buried, then the best option would be a design that allows you to climb the side and descend into the water. The most suitable material for such a system is metal. It can form the basis of pipes.

If you have a buried bowl in the territory, then you can make a ladder for the pool with your own hands according to the design principle of the Roman type. It will look like a closed system with rounded steps. To date, the famous Roman side and fixed stairs. The last variety is laid back at the time of planning the pool. The steps in this case are insulated and lined. Polypropylene usually acts as a material, since it has high thermal conductivity and almost does not slip.

The first steps usually have a large area, due to this several people can accommodate at once. With this design, you can create a real zone for children's games and recreation. You can run the stairs in the form of an attached option. This design is attached to the side and quite often located under plastic stairs.

Manufacturing process

ladder for the frame pool

If the ladder for the pool with your own hands will be performed, then for fixing the parts, you need to take care of the presence of a welding machine. The nodes can be fixed using fasteners, for example, bolts. However, the first option wins in reliability. The material for the steps can be reinforced corrugated rods. They exclude slipping.

The further process of manufacturing the structure requires compliance with some nuances. If you are thinking about how to make a ladder for a pool, you should remember that metal products should be protected from corrosion. To do this, they are treated with a polymer protective composition. For steps, metal sheets are used, but they are not able to prevent slipping. Therefore, reinforcement acts as the most suitable option.

If you still decide to use the sheets, then it is recommended to rubberize them. A channel or pipes are prepared for the frame. This material will be laid on the rib, and then you can set the steps with a certain step. It is important to pay attention to the evenness of the angles. The steps should be parallel to the floor surface.

With the help of a welding machine, a railing from a metal corner can be made. At the end of the assembly, all sharp corners are cleaned. This will help sandpaper. Once the staircase is completed, you can give it a complete look. To do this, using a grinder with an emery wheel, all welds are processed. It is important to pay particular attention to sharp corners and protruding parts.

In the manufacture of ladders for the pool, it is important to exclude the susceptibility of the structure to the negative effects of corrosion. For this product are processed with a special composition. The surface should be degreased, only after you can start applying the mixture.

After drying, the structure is treated with a primer for metal. On this, we can assume that the manufacture of the stairs is completed. The resulting structure can be decorated. Use for this should be a variety of options. Some paint the product or use elements of the original finish.

Making a wooden staircase

stainless steel swimming pool ladder

Another excellent material option for the stairs can be wood. The design in this case will be adjacent to the side. To begin with, the length of the boards is measured. For strength, it is necessary to fasten the elements with the help of metal plates and self-tapping screws. Then measurements of the structure are carried out, if necessary, you can adjust the material, removing the excess.

Specialist advice

plastic pipe stairs for the pool

The surface is cleaned with sandpaper. In order to improve the appearance of the product, it can be burned with a gas burner. This will make the wood texture more expressive. The boards are attached at the next stage using self-tapping screws, the final step will be the application of varnish. It is worth remembering that wooden staircases for the pool, although quite simple to manufacture, are short-lived. Under the influence of water, they quickly become worthless.

Features of the manufacture of stainless steel stairs

how to make a ladder for a pool

If you still do not know what material to choose for the manufacture of stairs, you can consider stainless steel. Among its advantages can be identified:

  • durability;
  • simplicity in leaving;
  • attractive appearance;
  • resistance to water and reagents;
  • ease of installation.

If you are going to make a ladder for a swimming pool from stainless steel, then it is necessary to lay anchors at the construction stage. The staircase will be mounted on the sides. Fixing can be done not only with anchors, but also with special glasses, which are mounted after the construction of the structure and finishing work. Inside the pool, the system should abut against rubber gaskets, which will keep the walls from damage, and the material from corrosion.


pool ladder drawing

To work with stainless steel, you will need the following materials and tools:

  • drill;
  • drill;
  • Bulgarian;
  • cutting discs;
  • felt circle;
  • nozzle;
  • screwdriver;
  • marker;
  • Allen key
  • level.

Burrs and end-face errors can be eliminated with the nozzle, while a felt wheel will help sand the surface. Additionally, you should purchase grinding paste. You can make a stainless steel swimming pool ladder from pipes, the diameter of which varies from 16 to 50 mm. They will be needed for the manufacture of handrails, racks and strings. According to the number of racks, the desired number of tips should be prepared. You will need 6 x 40 mm screws, as well as anchor bolts with nuts.


manufacture of stairs for pools

It is necessary to begin work with the manufacture of upper and lower racks. As soon as the necessary pieces are prepared, their ends should be cleaned. From a set of accessories, tips are taken, which consist of a lodgement and a leg. The tip should be put on a rack. The rack slice will be hidden by the cap. Once the racks are ready, they can be installed in place.

Fastening is carried out by mortgages with an internal diameter of 25 mm. Before starting to make a ladder for the pool, the drawing should be prepared. It will help you understand how to avoid mistakes.

Features of manufacturing stairs from plastic pipes

If you decide to make a ladder from polypropylene pipes, then as side elements you should use 32-mm products in which holes are made in 20 mm. Pipes with appropriate parameters are inserted there. When performing a ladder from a plastic pipe for a pool, it will be necessary to connect the side elements to the main lower supporting part. Its diameter should also be 32 mm.

An adapter is used for the connection, which has a right angle. This structure can be strengthened to the pool wall using brackets. This approach allows you to make the lifting system removable.


The main condition for the operation of the pool is the presence of a ladder. The manufacturing process is characterized by accessibility, since it is not necessary to have special qualifications and skills to achieve the goal. The ladder for the frame pool can be made of different materials, among others wood, metal, and also stainless steel should be highlighted. Some home craftsmen even use plastic pipes.


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