Why do I need a current analysis of site content

The most important thing in the internal optimization of a site is its textual content, therefore the analysis of the site’s content appears to be a central event among all the actions that are necessary during the search engine optimization of each website. From the point of view of the global Internet, the value of each resource is determined by its content. An analysis of the site from the side of its content can only give a current assessment of the state of the site, since over time the content, like any other information on the Web, ceases to be relevant, i.e. getting old.

site content analysis

How is the analysis of the text of the site? In fact, the analysis procedure is quite simple, but the difficulty lies in how it needs to be changed in order to achieve the desired result. In other words, you can always determine the current point of status, rating, etc. of each site, but you can never guess what effect an optimization action will give. Thus, only by taking pictures and comparing the result with what was assumed during the previous stage of optimization, we can understand how correct the direction of optimization was chosen after the current analysis of the content of the site was carried out.

Any professional optimizer will confirm that only by a few iterations can one verify the direction that can be considered optimal from the point of view of the chosen strategy. That is why search engine optimization takes so much time (from several months to several years), and the current analysis of site content is one of its cornerstones.

site content analysis

The next feature possessed by the analysis of the content of the site is the impossibility of direct "cleaning". That is, any content can be removed from the site without problems, but often this is not worth it - it would be much more reasonable to change, rewrite, supplement, etc. One of the most common “diseases” of many sites is connected with this: when the content is edited, updated (this is especially true for news), very often transferring the page to the archive or simply losing it leads to a “broken link”. This means that previously saved links to such pages become a problem for the site and search engines “fine” sites for links to nowhere.

website text analysis

Another result of ongoing content analysis is updating existing content, i.e. content where possible. This is done in cases where, on the one hand, you cannot change the link from the outside, and on the other, the content does not meet the requirements of SEO or you just need to edit it for some other reasons. In a well-balanced content, each keyword that appears on the site page enhances the relevance and citation of the entire resource. This is affected not only by the fact that the text content remains original from the point of view of search engines and interesting for site visitors, but also the frequency of the site’s working keywords. As can be seen from all of the above, the analysis of the text part of any site can “tell” about many problems and bottlenecks. Moreover, it is recommended that such an analysis be carried out with a certain periodicity in order to be able to constantly monitor the quality of the content of the site and its consistency.

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