Black beaches of Iceland: myth or reality?

Iceland is a multifaceted and very beautiful country, which is located in Europe. It is washed by the Atlantic Ocean. The capital of Iceland is the city of Reykjavik. Today we have to learn more about the black beach in Iceland, a photo of which you can also see in the article.

What is Iceland famous for?

The territory of the country is an island of volcanic origin. The climate here is not very favorable for relaxing on the coast. But the nature saturated with colors, many beautiful beaches and landscapes, from which are breathtaking. There are also waterfalls, bright glaciers and, of course, a beautiful ocean.

But, probably, the black coast can be considered the most beautiful and fascinating place in Iceland. These beaches are called Reinisfjara. We usually imagine a coastline with golden or white sand. But here the beach is very different from the others, because it is completely strewn with black sand.

Reinisfjara is located near the small town of Vic in the south of Iceland. Its population is about 300 people. This is a very unusual place that is fascinating. The beach is surrounded by basalt cliffs and huge mysterious caves. But most of all, where did the black sand beach in Iceland come from?

black sand beach iceland


A black beach was formed in Iceland as a result of volcanic activity. Many years ago, an avalanche flowed into the ocean, after which it froze. When it gets into the water, it has been crushed by waves for years. Thanks to this, fine spiky sand was obtained. This is how the black miracle of nature was born.

iceland black sand beach

General characteristics

An icelandic beach with tar-black sand stretches about five kilometers along the sea. Over fifty minerals and many other elements have been discovered here. But surprisingly, despite the color, the sand is very clean. There is no garbage and various garbage in it.

The black beach in Iceland looks a little gloomy because of the cold ocean against a background of black sand. It is also very damp and humid in this part of Iceland. This is because it rains most of the year.

black beach iceland photo

What surrounds him?

In addition to the extraordinary sand, the landscape of the beach is brightened up by huge boulders and basalt columns. They appeared as a result of the influence of sea water on coastal cliffs. But there is still a legend that the boulders appeared as a result of the trolls sally to the earth's surface, which turned into stones when the sun appeared.

In the gorges of these rocks live a wide variety of birds. But among them it is worth highlighting one special, which is the pride of Iceland. This bird bears the name Dead End. They are special and very beautiful. Something a bit like a penguin, and something like a parrot. They are very friendly and funny.

The unreal and unusual view of the black beach in Iceland is in great demand in the world of cinema. His landscapes often attract world cinema. There are often shootings of horror films, as well as films about science fiction and the other world. But most importantly, for the filming of films, additional scenery is not needed - nature itself took care of this.

black beaches of iceland

The most beautiful beach

The black beach in the town of Vic was recognized as the most beautiful beach on earth 20 years ago. And to this day, he proudly bears this title.

Also in the town of Vic are several hotels, restaurants, cafes and camping. All these amenities are made for tourists. An Icelandic wool factory was established in the city, which is known worldwide for its excellent quality. There is a shop near the factory. Here you can buy wool products. Despite the high quality, they are relatively inexpensive. Such an acquisition can be a great gift for loved ones.

You can also note such a sight of Wick as Cape Dirholay. Its length reaches 120 meters, and at the end beautiful and unusual arches are formed.

Walking along the beach between the scattered boulders of fantastic and exclusive forms, you can feel perfect tranquility, complete estrangement from the world and fully connect with nature.

Icelandic moss

Also in the town you can find one interesting thing - this is Icelandic moss. It is very beautiful and soft to the touch, like fluff. Literally all the stone blocks are covered with moss. It looks fabulous, as if it had been in a land of gnomes. If anyone does not know, moss has healing properties. It helps with coughing.

It is also worth to visit the Skaftafedl National Park, because it is here that you can admire the beautiful waterfall, which is called Svartifoss. It translates as "black waterfall."

Despite the fact that this is the southernmost point of the island, it is usually quite cool here. The temperature in summer reaches only +15 Β° C. The water in the ocean is also cold, so not every tourist dares to swim here.

Staying on a black beach does not guarantee you a sunny and warm holiday, which will allow you to swim in the ocean in plenty, since it rains almost always and is very damp. But the most beautiful landscape, good emotions and wonderful warm memories are guaranteed to you.


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