Thermal resorts in Austria: the best places for relaxation and treatment, photos, reviews

The thermal spas in Austria are famous for their natural springs. In all parts of the country you can find a resort to your liking. The main thing is to stock up with knowledge and a desire to visit new places. After all, reviews about them are such that, after reading them, I immediately want to plunge into this atmosphere.

Thermal Spa Resorts in Austria


The basis of the best thermal resorts in Austria, the federal states of Burgenland, are such thermal complexes as Bad Tatzmannsdorf, Bad Sauerbrunn, St. Martins, Stegersbach.

Bad Tatzmannsdorf offers its visitors a treatment program that uses thermal springs, carbon dioxide and peat.

Thermal Spa Resorts in Austria

Bad Sauerbrunn is a quiet place where you can get both traditional and non-traditional methods of treatment. The waters in this place are extremely rich in minerals and rise from the depths with a temperature of 40 degrees at the exit.

Since thermal waters have been discovered in St. Martins recently, this complex is the youngest among the others in Burgenland. Its terms were opened only in 2010 and supply sodium bicarbonate water, which brings irreplaceable benefits to the skin, joints and the whole body.

Stegersbach's peculiarity lies in the fact that the complex is located in the center of the southern part of the lands of Burgenland. In its waters there is a lot of divalent sulfur and sodium bicarbonate.

Thermal resorts in Austria near Vienna


The thermal resort is in contact with Italy and Slovenia at the same time and is distinguished by its developed tourist infrastructure, which combines with a good climate and rich nature. The main season here is from December to April, but in the more northern outskirts it can last year-round. However, you can not only enjoy skiing here, Carinthia is also rich in its attractions. A tourist should definitely visit castles and palaces, enjoy lakes and visit incredible valleys.

More than 60 thermal springs are also located in Carinthia, the first of which began its work 550 years ago. They are open for visits not only for treatment, but also for relaxation at any time of the year. Carinthia is rich in a considerable number of small tourist towns that have their own beaches and even hotels. They have the most developed tourist infrastructure, and therefore it is also recommended to look there at least for a few hours.

The best thermal spas in Austria

Lower austria

The ideal place for treatment and healthy relaxation are Austria's thermal spas. In this country, resorts of this kind are located throughout the territory. It is worth paying attention to those located in the south (Lower Austria). The most famous are the following 2 resorts:

  1. Warmbad-Villach - considered one of the oldest places for treatment. For more than five centuries, people have been sent there to improve their health. It is the southernmost resort in Austria. The thermal springs of this region will help people who suffer from heart diseases, joint pathologies, ODS diseases, diseases associated with high blood pressure. You can also enjoy skiing in Villach in the area.
  2. Bad-Kleinkirchheim is a thermal resort in the south of Austria, which is located in a park (Nockberge) in the highlands. The resort is represented by two thermal complexes, where immunity disorders and circulatory disorders can be cured. The place is great for recovering from complex operations and infectious diseases.
Austria Ski Thermal Resorts

Upper austria

Upper Austria is a region rich in thermal springs. Bad Hall, Bad Ischl resorts are still traditional for visiting . They have established themselves as healing places since the 19th century.

In Bad Halle, 11 iodine-containing springs, which form the basis for the treatment of gynecological diseases, rheumatism, help with improper metabolism, and also tidy up blood pressure and nerves.

The waters in Bad Ischle, in turn, are rich in sulfates, sulfides, sodium, which also helps in the best way for problems with the cardiovascular and nervous systems, digestive disorders and gynecology, strengthen the musculoskeletal system.

Relatively new recreational areas in Upper Austria are the Heinberg and Bad Schallerbach baths. In 1995 Bad Schallerbach was completely reconstructed, and Heinberg officially opened only in 1998. Resorts have diagnostic and aesthetic medicine centers and carry out therapeutic activities.

Thermal Resorts in Austria


There are a large number of therapeutic thermal spas in Austria near Vienna. These places are in great demand among people from all over the world. Being in the heart of Europe, everyone can enjoy a wonderful vacation and recover from many diseases. Austria provides many resorts for an unforgettable pastime. Extremely attractive and useful thermal springs are located near Salzburg.

The most famous resort in these places is Bad Gastein. It offers its visitors two baths that are the best in the Alps to date. These thermal facilities can offer many types of entertainment. The visitor will have a great time at the bar and enjoy various sports. The architects provided excellent decoration in the form of a sky bar, a private lake, an open-air sauna, as well as many other amenities. These places attract many tourists and those who want to recover and have a good time. Rest in these places will leave a pleasant impression of yourself.

The best thermal spas in Austria


Tyrol is Austria's thermal ski resort, which is famous not only for the beauty of the Alps, but also for the thermal waters. Visitors can choose to visit the thermal springs Aqua House (center of the ร–tztal Alps) and Aigner Bad (East Tyrol).

The waters in the Aqua House contain sulfur, sulfate, sodium and chloride and maintain a temperature of about 40 degrees. Such a composition is best suited for those who wear out joints or have rheumatic diseases. In addition, the Aqua House has many combinations of spa and water treatments.

As for Aigner Bad, it is small in size and is protected over it, since the resort is recognized as a historical monument. Its sources are rich in minerals of calcium and sulfate, which have healing properties for gout, rheumatism, sciatica.

There are also wellness centers in Tyrol - Lanserhof, Bad Haring, Mineralhaylbad Mern. In their treatment programs, they also rely on mineral waters, rehabilitation procedures, therapies aimed at stress relief and recovery after orthopedic operations.


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