What foods contain fiber?

Fiber does not provide the body with energy, but, nevertheless, it is considered a very important nutrient necessary for the normal functioning of the whole organism, especially the digestive system.

Fiber is a fiber found in plant foods. Fiber in foods is very common. Eating such food can cleanse the body well, lose weight and normalize intestinal motility. Fiber is found in leaves, stems, plant tubers, and fruits. It is known that a person needs to eat about 25 grams of fiber daily. Exactly so much is in one kilogram of oatmeal, half a kilogram of beans or two and a half kilograms of cabbage. Of course, such an amount is rarely able to eat. Modern food technologies that have released bread come to the rescue. The maximum amount of fiber is stored in the bread. It is enough to eat only 100 grams of bread per day in order for the body to get the necessary fiber intake.

What foods are rich in fiber, in addition to already known? There is a lot of fiber in fresh vegetables and fruits, greens. A particularly large amount of it is found in all varieties of cabbage, carrots, asparagus, radishes, mushrooms, apples, peaches, grapes, bananas, pineapples. You should know that during heat treatment, the amount of fiber decreases sharply. Therefore, it is important not only to know which foods contain fiber, but also to use them correctly. For example, it is very important not to peel vegetables and fruits, because it is there that its quantity is the largest. Continuing the list of foods that contain fiber, you should remember about beans, beans, soy and peas. Untreated cereals and cereals also contain enough fiber. Oat, buckwheat, and brown rice should be included in your daily diet . In order to replenish the body with these dietary fibers, you can eat dried fruits (raisins, dried apricots and prunes). There is fiber in nuts. It is very useful to add walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts to a plate with morning porridge. Instead of white bread, it is better to use bran, including with various cereals and seeds. Such baked goods are a good source of essential fiber. Also, remembering what foods contain fiber, you need to remember about rice, rye and wheat bran. They are best used half an hour before meals twice a day, one teaspoon each, then gradually increasing to one tablespoon. Such bran is sold in any pharmacy. You can add flax seeds or pumpkin seeds to vegetable salads, as they also contain a lot of fiber.

The daily consumption of fiber is practiced by many modern diets. It prevents the excessive accumulation of fats and slows down their absorption. In addition, fiber can reduce the level of dangerous cholesterol in the blood, thereby preventing the risk of heart disease. For diabetics, it is also very important to know which foods contain fiber, because it lowers blood sugar. By consuming such foods, diabetics can regulate the diabetic balance in the body. With daily fiber intake, you can reduce the chance of getting bowel cancer. For example, in Japan, where soybeans, rice and other cereals are the basis of the daily diet, this kind of cancer is extremely rare, which can not be said, unfortunately, about Europe and the USA. In addition, there are many more antioxidants, vitamins and various minerals in fiber. Whatever useful fiber, you need to understand that it should be introduced into your diet gradually. Otherwise, flatulence, bloating and abdominal pain may occur.

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