How to fold a package into a triangle: a simple and effective technique from an expert

As far as the girl or woman the hostess can be understood by the state of the kitchen. A good housewife has everything in its place, laid out on shelves. When a woman is seriously dealing with the issue of order, not only in the kitchen, but throughout the apartment or house, one has to ask atypical questions related to cleaning. For example, how to fold a packet into a triangle. Believe me, it is convenient, easy and saves a lot of useful space for other jars, bottles or trays.

You can actually fold packages in different ways: a triangle, a roll, in a box, a plastic bottle, etc. There are a lot of options, it remains only to choose the method that is preferable for yourself and, using simple and rational advice, practice.

How to fold a bag in a triangle

How to fold a bag in a triangle

This method is preferable when folding the so-called "T-shirts" regardless of their size. To cope with such a task, you will need:

  1. Shake everything out of the bag, making sure that it remains clean and intact.
  2. Lay it out on a horizontal surface of the table.
  3. To straighten the crumpled handles, aligning them and smoothing them.
  4. Pry off the corners of the sides of the lower part and the handle with your fingers, aligning the product.
  5. Repeat only on the other side.
  6. Smooth the bag over the entire plane, expelling the remaining air inside.
  7. Fold the product in length twice, resulting in a strip of width equal to the width of the package handles.
    How to fold a bag in a triangle
  8. Wrap the bottom of the triangle and continue to fold the "shirt", directing movement from side to side until you reach the middle of the length of the handles.
  9. Fill the loose ends into the formed pocket.
Triangle folded bags

Look at folding the T-shirt at the final stage described in steps 9-10, see below. From the pictures it’s easier to understand how it is necessary to wrap the “envelope” to make a triangle.

How to fold a package with a triangle photo

Why is it profitable to pack bags

Now you know how to fold a bag-shirt with a triangle, if you follow the above technique, the process does not take more than one minute. The result is a compactly folded small bundle that takes up much less space, freeing up space for other kitchen utensils.

Having figured out how to fold the package into a triangle, it remains to decide on the storage option. It can be a box, box, linen bag or other container in which it will be more convenient to hold packages.

Interesting tube folding technique

In addition, how to fold the package into a triangle, you can use the no less practical option of winding into a tube.

To do this, repeat the option of folding the bag with tape, then pick up the product in your hands and, wrapping the bag on two fingers starting from the bottom and leaving 8-10 cm free, thread the fingers of the other hand into the handles to get a loop through the rotation movement wrapping a rolled bag. As a result of this action, you will get a miniature flat rectangle.

Drive ideas for packages

Having figured out how to fold the bag in a triangle, you can take care of making a kind of container for storing plastic products.

How to fold a package of a T-shirt in a triangle

Proceed according to the algorithm described below:

  1. Wash and dry the plastic bottle of the selected volume.
  2. Cut off the upper part by making an incision 10-12 cm below the neck.
  3. Rub the cut with fine sandpaper so that you do not accidentally cut yourself while removing the bags.
  4. Flatten the bags and fold each one with tape, as in the case of the triangle folding procedure.
  5. Having reached the middle of one product, immediately grasp the second, folding them into a kind of “roll”. There is no need to turn the packet handles to the side.
  6. So, tape by tape, wrap all the packages that could be collected.
  7. Insert the resulting roll inside the bottle.
  8. Cover the bundle on top of the previously cut part of the bottle.
  9. Pull the t-shirt handles up so that they peek out of the neck.
  10. Decorate the bottle interestingly so that no one would guess that it is just an organizer for storing used plastic bags.

See below on the photo how to fold the package into a triangle for storage in a special drive, which, as you have already seen, is not difficult to do with your own hands.

Surprisingly, putting things in order in the kitchen is easier than it might seem. It is not strange that housewives are interested in useful life hacks for the kitchen, because storing packages folded in a triangle or in a special drive is more convenient than simply scattered around the box.


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