Debunking Church Marriage: Possible or Not

Everything happens in life. And sometimes couples realize that their family boat hit the reefs and completely fell apart. Moreover, this happens both with those who lived in a civil marriage, but with those who went through the sacrament of wedding. And if the official divorce does not cause any special problems, then the debunking of church marriage is a rather complicated thing. On the one hand, vows are made in the church that cannot be violated, and on the other, no one is immune from error. If once in your life you made a mistake and your family life has become a nightmare, will God really want this situation to continue? Especially in the case when it is simply impossible to resolve conflicts in a different way. Is it possible to debunk church marriage?

Does the Orthodox religion allow divorce

debunking church marriage
First of all, you should always remember the attitude of the Lord to this issue, which is recorded in Malachi 2:16. It clearly states that God does not accept divorce. The Bible clearly states that marital bonds are for life. Matthew 19: 6 says that the Lord combined, then let man not part. At the same time, God admits that sinful people enter into a union, and therefore marriage can be debunked. To respect the rights of those who choose to divorce, especially women, some laws are established in the Old Testament (Deuteronomy 24: 1-4). The Gospel of Matthew (Chapter 19, verse 9) states that remarriage and divorce are possible because of treason. In this case, permission to re-union is given to the affected party.

Church divorce

debunking marriage
Since there is a sacrament of marriage in Orthodoxy, it can be logically assumed that there should also be a debunking of church marriage. However, such a rite in Christianity does not exist. And therefore, the term debunking from this point of view does not quite fit. The church only allows re-entry into church marriage. In order to conduct the Sacrament of Wedding again, permission must be obtained from the corresponding diocese. First, the marriage union is registered with the official state bodies, and then, after receiving a positive response to the petition, you can contact the chosen church and get married again. When re-conducting the ceremony, there is one point: if both spouses marry again, then during the ceremony the crowns are not assigned to them, but if at least one of them concludes the union for the first time, then the laying of crowns takes place as usual.

Who can get a blessing for remarriage

The debunking of church marriage is not allowed to everyone. There is a certain list of reasons why this becomes possible:

  1. Treason.
  2. The presence of sexually transmitted or incurable diseases.
  3. Addiction, alcoholism.
  4. Incurable mental illness.
  5. Creating a threat to health and life and causing harm to one of the spouses.
  6. Family abandonment.

At the same time, such reasons as lack of earnings, dissimilarity of characters, poor relations with relatives, are not recognized by the church and, most likely, a link to them will be refused. Therefore, the wedding should be treated thoroughly, only if you are completely confident in your chosen one or chosen one. And if problems arise, still try to find a compromise, while showing love and mercy, as the Lord teaches us in the eternal book of life.


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