Mortgage terms: documents, down payment, interest rates, terms

Many people today are interested in mortgage lending conditions. Everyone needs housing, but not everyone gets it right away. Due to the lack of the required amount of money and the high cost of the desired "square meters". Well, many resort to the mortgage, but the conditions under which it is issued can be described in more detail.

mortgage terms

general information

To begin with, it is worth noting that this type of loan differs from a regular loan. The first caveat is the deadline. A mortgage is issued for 5-50 years. But most often it is taken at 15-25 (on average). Which is also a lot. A mortgage is issued only for housing purposes. That is, to purchase a house, apartment, or to carry out construction work. And the third nuance lies in the pledge. In his role is the acquired property. The bank should have what it will manage to sell and gain profit in case the client is unable to pay its debts.

These are the general conditions for mortgage lending. If you believe the statistics, it is for him that the percentage overpayments are the highest. But they are not very noticeable, as their person gives back over a long period of time. In addition, some simply have no other choice. However, with a good example, understanding this topic is much easier.

mortgage terms in a savings bank

Sberbank Services

In this financial organization, loans are taken most often. And a mortgage is no exception, which is not surprising, because Sberbank is the best, reliable and successful in the country. And it offers good services.

What are the conditions for mortgage lending in Sberbank? Pretty profitable. But the requirements for customers are appropriate.

Suppose a person looked after an apartment for five million rubles. He does not have enough money, because he became interested in a mortgage, for example, for 5 years at a rate of 11.5%. He will need to make a contribution in the form of 1,000,000 rubles. This is 20% of the amount. Total bank, in theory, will borrow him four million. He will be approved of the application, but if he is the recipient of a salary at Sberbank and a month he is paid at least 115,000 rubles as a salary. Each month he will give about 88,000 rubles. And as a result, the amount of overpayment will be approximately 1,280,000 rubles. Profitable or not - it is up to everyone to decide for themselves.

Longer Payments

And if you take into account other conditions? The same loan amount and down payment, but the loan will be issued not for 5, but for 30 years - what happens in this case? Nothing good, because every month with a salary of 60 thousand rubles. a person will have to give 40 thousand rubles. as payments, and as a result, the amount of the overpayment will amount to 10,900,000 rubles, taking into account the fact that the person "borrowed" from the state 2.5 times less. These are the conditions for mortgage lending at Sberbank. This is not fiction - everything can be checked, because for this there are now special online calculators.

mortgage loan terms

What is needed from the client?

So, the conditions for mortgage lending at Sberbank were briefly discussed above. Now you can delve into the topic and talk about what a credit institution needs from their potential client in order to give the go-ahead for issuing a loan.

The first is age. A mortgage can be issued starting at age 21. The maximum age is usually limited to 65 years, but this is so much at the time of repayment of the debt should be a person. True, the notorious Sberbank has an expanded framework. They have a maximum age of 75 years.

The most important criterion is seniority. In general, it should be at least a year. And 6 months - at the last place of work. It is advisable not to “jump” from one enterprise to another - the bank does not trust such people.

But the most important conditions for mortgage lending lie in the level of income. A person must earn enough. Because every month he will be obliged to give the bank 40-50% of his income. By the way, the priority for the bank is always those people who have profitable investments (for example, stocks). If the client has investments in gold, securities and futures (options), you will need to confirm this. These are the conditions of mortgage lending.

conditions of state mortgage lending

What else is taken into account?

The above is not all the conditions of state mortgage lending. The bank may also take into account the income of the closest relatives of the client (in the event that they are guarantors) and additional confirmed sources of profit. For example, from rental property.

Also, a person should not have any outstanding debts. An ideal credit history is a direct chance to get a loan.

By the way, the presence of a co-borrower is still important. Paired clients (husband and wife) are issued a mortgage more often than single. Because when two people vouch for the payment at once, you can not worry about their responsibility. In addition, a total greater income is obtained. And co-borrowers with children (two or more) have the right to use maternity capital - to repay their down payment or part of the loan. This is preferential mortgage lending. The conditions are otherwise the same as for customers of other categories.

mortgage conditions in Moscow

Dates, interest and fees

Mortgage terms are simple but numerous. As mentioned earlier, a loan of this type can be issued for a different period. But it is determined by the bank itself. It depends on the age of the client, his income and the size of the loan. It is clear that if a person wants to borrow 2,000,000 rubles, then they will not be given him for a year. Unless, of course, his salary is 250,000 rubles / month. But people with such income do not take loans of two million, so this can not even be considered an example.

Contributions are also different. For example, the notorious Sberbank offers the participants of the Young Family project to contribute only 10% of the total cost of housing. And if there is a child, its size will decrease to 5%. Also an advantage, demonstrating good conditions for mortgage lending in Moscow.

The interest rate in banks is almost the same. It varies on average from 12 to 14%.

preferential mortgage terms


Well, the conditions that a mortgage loan provides are briefly understood. And now about the necessary documents.

In order for a person to receive “good” from a bank for a loan, he will have to collect a whole package of documents. The most important thing is a mortgage application and application form. You also need a copy of your passport, insurance certificate, TIN, military card (for men), a document on education, marriage / divorce, birth of children, and also a work book. A photocopied version certified by the employer is also provided. And of course, those documents that are proof of income.

As a supplement, you may need a certificate of registration (registration), copies of the passports of all who live with the potential borrower, as well as papers confirming that the person owns certain valuable property. However, if something is required with the exception of the standard set of documents, the person will be notified. The most important thing is not to forget the originals.

general conditions of mortgage lending

Offers for the military

They should be noted with special attention. Military mortgage loan terms provide other, more favorable. To begin with, each contracted employee must register with NIS. This is a funded mortgage system. Each year, a certain amount of money will be transferred to the military account, which is the same for everyone. In 2015, for example, it amounted to 245,880 rubles per year. After three years of participation in the system, the military may file a report if he wants to receive a certificate that will give him the right to receive a targeted housing loan from the bank. What kind of real estate is already determined later.

Next, the military turns to a mortgage bank, which cooperates with NIS, opens an account there, into which all the accumulated money is transferred. They pay the first mortgage payment. Then follows the conclusion of a loan agreement. What is most pleasant - Federal State Institution Rosvoenipoteka pays the mortgage from the federal budget. And the amount that is repaid monthly is equal to 1/12 of the NIS funded contribution. True, there is one caveat - at the time of repayment of the loan to the military should be at most 45 years.

The mortgage theme seems simple. But in fact, it contains a lot of important nuances. The main one is the conditions of mortgage lending (in Moscow and other cities of the Russian Federation). And they must be taken into account, if there is already a need to arrange a loan. We must try to do everything to get it on the most favorable conditions.


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