The best beauty salons in Rostov-on-Don

Beauty - a paradise for every woman. In the rhythm of urban life, it is sometimes necessary to relax and devote time to yourself. In order to feel like a woman, a modern lady just needs to attend self-care procedures.

beauty salons Rostov

Beauty salons in Rostov

In Rostov, beauty salons do not lag behind the latest trends in the field of beauty and care. More than 68 institutions are waiting for the residents of the city and are ready to provide them with all modern procedures to maintain youth and beauty. Reviews about the salons of Rostov, before a visit, are easy to find. Residents of the city with pleasure write their opinion about the procedures, recommend experts.

Beauty studios offer all modern services for personal care, from cosmetic procedures to hardware weight loss. They are located in each district of the city, so choosing a suitable studio for services and prices for residents of the city is not difficult.

Salon selection

beauty salons Rostov

With such a variety of beauty salons in Rostov, it is easy to get confused. Therefore, in order to choose the best studio, you need to follow a number of rules:

1. Before visiting, it will be useful to get acquainted with the reviews for the selected salon.

2. You can also compare prices for services in various salons. Prices may vary significantly, depending on the popularity of the salon, or ongoing promotions.

3. In the studio itself, you need to pay attention to the cleanliness of the room. You can ask how the processing of tools and devices is carried out.

Studio "Angelica"

beauty salon Rostov on Don
In Rostov-on-Don, the Angelika beauty salon is one of the most popular among the residents of the city. The staff at the beauty center offers a variety of personal care services. Particularly noteworthy is the fact that children's craftsmen work in the salon, which allows you to “clean the feathers” for both mother and child. Prices in the cabin are quite low, compared to other Rostov studios. Beauty salons "Angelica" are located at the addresses:

1. Socialist street, house 49.

2. 1st May Street, 9, floor 1

Both salons are waiting for visitors from Monday to Saturday from 9:00 to 20:00, and on Sunday from 10:00 to 17:00.

Salon "Lily"

beauty salon reviews
The masters of the salon will give visitors a new image, as if descended from the cover of a fashion magazine. The studio specializes in hairdressing services, experts will turn even the most neglected hair into a stylish and fashionable hairstyle. In addition to a new haircut, here you can go through procedures for body shaping, get a healthy tan in the solarium, and also visit the beauty parlor. A big plus is the ability to pay for all services with a credit card.

Beauty Salon Address: Rostov, Chkalovsky Village., Dneprovsky Lane., 105/98

Studio "YES" by Demidova Alina

administrator of a beauty salon on the Don
This beauty salon in Rostov is rightfully considered one of the most visited studios in the city. The number of services offered here is huge. Competent specialists, a cozy atmosphere - all this contributes to the growing popularity of the salon.

Body correction services are especially in demand in “Yes”: cavitation, lifting, pressure therapy, various wraps and much more. All sessions are selected strictly after the examination and are appointed by a specialist individually for each client, depending on the state of his figure and personal characteristics of the body. The number of procedures and their duration will also be selected by a specialist. Thanks to this approach, body shaping sessions will be most successful and will lead to the desired result.

The beauty salon is located at Cosmonauts Avenue, 1/26. The salon is open every day, from 09:00 -20: 00.

Beauty salon Severnaya Venetsiya

Severnaya Venetsiya is a famous beauty salon in Rostov. The northern district of the city where it is located is replete with beauty studios, but most fashionistas choose this salon for the professionalism of the masters working there. All salon specialists are real professionals in their field, only positive reviews can be found about their work.

The studio offers almost all types of body, face and hair care services. Men can please their ladies by giving them a certificate for the services offered by the salon.

The studio is located on Korolev Avenue, house 4 \ 4. Masters are ready to accept everyone from Tuesday to Saturday from 10:00 to 20:00, and on Sunday from 10:00 to 19:00.

Bio-salon "Valencia"

beauty salon northern rostov
Valencia is another well-known salon in North Rostov. Regular customers appreciate the salon for using exclusively environmental materials in their work. Each procedure is a real gift for skin and hair, because during its implementation several means are used for the best effect.

In order to preserve the result, all products that are used by masters can be purchased on-site for home use.

The studio is located on Evdokimova street, d.37G.

"Moulin rouge"

beauty salon northern rostov
The studio, which is popular with those who wish to adjust their appearance to the residents of Rostov. A beauty salon in the western area of ​​the city specializes in cosmetic services. Here you can make a tattoo, peeling, as well as injection procedures. In addition, the studio provides standard hairdressing services, as well as manicures and pedicures.

The salon is open daily, from 09:00 to 20:00, at the address: Zapadny microdistrict, Zhmaylova street, 27A.

Image Studio "Alexandra"

beauty salon western rostov
A modern salon located on Stachki Avenue, building 193. Highly qualified specialists will find an approach to each client. The most tired visitor can relax with a cozy atmosphere and pleasant music in the beauty salon. In Rostov, this studio is rightfully considered one of the most popular, because in addition to various procedures, the salon is equipped with a children's room, which makes it convenient for mothers with small children to visit.

Massage, spa treatments, body shaping, a solarium, and many other services are provided by this beauty salon in Rostov-on-Don to its clients. The administrator will offer a cup of coffee or tea to a client who is waiting for the procedure. What else is needed in order to relax and enjoy the upcoming care in the hands of real professionals?

Salon "Apricot"

administrator of a beauty salon on the Don
This salon is notable for the fact that employees with medical education work in it. Due to this, all prescribed procedures, in addition to the cosmetic effect, also have a therapeutic one.

The main focus of the salon is to solve skin problems. All procedures are supervised by specialists using quality drugs.

Procedures aimed at combating overweight are appointed only after consultation with a specialist, therefore they have no harm and guarantee a good result.


The sphere of self-care today is developing very quickly, and Rostov's beauty salons are trying to keep up with global trends. Most of the studio masters constantly take advanced training courses, attend Moscow trainings and monitor changes in the world of fashion and beauty. Studios are equipped with the latest technology, and craftsmen use modern high-quality tools in their work. Thanks to this, a visit to a beauty salon becomes a real holiday for any woman taking care of herself.


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