Investstroy: reviews about the construction company

When contacting a particular construction company, I would like to learn more about the developer and evaluate its reliability. One of these companies is the well-known developer Investstroy. Reviews about this organization, both from users and from employees, we will consider in this article.

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Briefly about the company

LLC "Investstroy" - a developer who is part of a group of companies with the same name. In addition to him, this includes organizations such as LLC Management Company EuroDom, LLC Decoration of premises, and LLC Decoration of premises for Kaliningrad.

The construction company "Investstroy" performs construction work mainly in Kaliningrad and the region. However, there are representative offices in other regions and cities of Russia. For example, the developer is actively working in Kazan and Moscow.

LLC "Investstroy" is engaged in the construction of real estate residential and commercial type. Moreover, the company sells apartments in the houses it builds.

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What famous real estate objects did the company sell?

Currently a construction company Investstroy commissioned the following real estate objects:

  • A nine-story building with 64 apartments (in Kaliningrad).
  • Residential complex "Klyazminskaya height" (Moscow region).
  • Residential complex "Assumption quarter" (Moscow region).
  • Residential complex "Povarovo-Pervy" (Moscow region).
  • Residential complex "Aivazovsky" (Kazan).

The company has built and sold a lot of urban real estate, where people have already settled and representatives of various commercial organizations have moved their belongings.

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What are the positive aspects of cooperation with the company?

Cooperating with Investstroy LLC (TIN 1659097028), you are guaranteed to receive apartments in the central districts of cities and the region. Most of them are located in large residential complexes with good transport interchange. The apartments have a good layout.

According to the company’s representatives themselves, the organization uses exclusively high-quality materials and modern equipment in its work. Its specialists apply European professionalism and knowledge gained as a result of a regular international exchange of experience.

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Banking and mortgage loans

According to users, it’s quite possible to borrow an apartment from Investstroy on credit. And the thing is that this developer is actively cooperating with many credit organizations. For example, one of them is Rosselkhozbank.

According to users who have successfully arranged a mortgage in this bank, housing loans here can be obtained at 11.8% - 15% per annum. It all depends on the type of program chosen, the amount and terms of the loan. The same information is confirmed by numerous reviews. Investstroy has been cooperating with this bank for a long time. Therefore, the rates of “Rosselkhozbank” for the clients of the developer are the most attractive and not too high.

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Opinions of some users

If you pay attention to some reviews about the developer "Investstroy", you can learn a lot about it. For example, some users are enthusiastic about the apartments and houses of this company.

In their opinion, they are located in beautiful places where it is convenient to get by both public and private transport. The rooms themselves are spacious and bright. According to users, they are well ventilated, warm and have a pretty good layout. Such reviews can be heard about the company "Investstroy" in Kazan, Moscow, Kaliningrad and other cities.

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First impressions are misleading

When you look at the company "Investstroy", you get the impression of a good organization. The company has been operating for quite some time. During its activities, she managed to gain a good reputation, as well as put into operation many residential complexes. And, of course, it may seem that all these are the fruits of the labor of a friendly team, a close-knit team of employees and management.

That's just all this at first glance. If, as they say, digging closer, the director of Investstroy will not be as positive and good as you might think. This is evidenced by his attitude not only to business partners, but also to his employees. And they themselves do not speak flattering about him at all. Next, we will analyze the opinions of the employees of this organization.

What employees think about Investstroy: feedback from former employees

Employees of the company "Investstroy" very unflattering comments about the director. According to many of them, Sergei Fedorovich Dankov is regularly rude to his subordinates. Moreover, he does not respect their work, forcing them to work after school hours. In addition, he regularly delays wages, often “throws money” on his wards.

As his former employees write in reviews, Investstroy is a good organization in itself. But her leadership is disrespectful to employees. According to them, it is necessary for a very long time "to go and knock out your hard-earned money." For the same reason, the organization has a large turnover. Other former employees say they were paid, but half the amount promised.

In addition, some contractors complain about the unfair attitude to partners. According to them, the organization “Invesstroy” in the person of Sergei Fedorovich Dankov repeatedly avoided paying the promised fee.

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Unpleasant scandal with credit apartments

In addition to the unpleasant situation with former employees who repeatedly complained about the negligent employer, an unpleasant incident with loan apartments added fuel to the fire. The incident occurred in Novosibirsk, where there is also a representative office of this organization.

The problem arose among the residents of one of the residential complexes on Vilyuiskaya. It so happened that the residents, although they live in apartments from the aforementioned developer, are in fact not the owners of the living space. In other words, they are not entitled to sell, give, or even dispose of their square meters. At the same time, the design process itself does not budge.

Just imagine, people paid for the apartment, having signed an agreement on shared participation, made repairs there and live. But in fact, they have no documentation confirming their rights to this property. Moreover, the apartments in this house, as it turned out, are on credit, that is, they are the subject of a pledge. It is noteworthy that in a company from which tenants bought square meters, they regularly make promises to rectify the situation and solve the problem with the bank. However, "things are still there."

According to lawyers, the situation is really deplorable. It turns out that two companies are involved here at once - “Invesstroy” (figured as a developer) and “Investkom” (engaged in paperwork with shared participation of residents). Further, the company “Investcom”, having taken money from customers, did not carry out mandatory state registration. Moreover, she did not even bother to inform interest holders that their apartments at that time were already pledged by the lender.

One nuance is worth noting here: since the apartments were pledged, it was possible to sell them, give them away or exchange them only with the direct permission of the bank. But since the credit organization did not give its “go-ahead” for the implementation of this transaction, the transfer of rights to the already paid apartments to the residents did not take place.

Lawyers are sure that in order to avoid troubles, the company “Investkom” insured itself and went for a little trick. She invited her clients to the office and, under various pretexts, persuaded to sign a new document. According to preliminary information, in it future apartment owners voluntarily agreed to provide an interest-free loan to Investcom. However, these agreements were not registered and notarized.

What do equity holders do in this situation?

According to lawyers, at the moment it’s too early to sound the bells and raise the alarm. The company "Investcom" from the problems are not denied. On the contrary, they promise to settle it before the end of this year. In an extreme case, according to lawyers, disappointed residents can always go to court. After all, they have in their hands an agreement on equity participation.

In turn, the developer himself promises to help in solving this problem. According to the representatives of "Invesstroy", in the near future it is planned to renew the contract with customers. It is supposed to draw up a contract of sale. However, according to lawyers, the outcome of the problem will depend on the integrity of the developer and the intermediary company.

How to act potential buyers?

In order not to fall into a similar situation, experts recommend the following actions:

  • Pay attention to the construction site (you need to find out if construction work is going on there or not).
  • Take a look at the developer’s website and check for the presence of a project declaration on it.
  • Study the contract several times and conclude it if you agree with all the points.
  • Deposit money after your contract is registered on the official website of Rosreestr.

Other documents that involve the assignment of rights to your property must be carefully reviewed. And it is best to do this accompanied by a lawyer. Otherwise, there is always a chance to fall for the bait of deceivers and scammers. And litigation, as you know, can drag on for years and lead to nothing.


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