How to create a cloud to store files? Installation and configuration instructions

Storage devices have come a long way. If it all started with bulky floppy disks that could accommodate a very small part of the information, modern flash drives have tens of thousands of times more memory, while maintaining their compact dimensions. But more recently, even they were replaced (formally speaking, of course) with an even more advanced device for saving and transferring data. We will talk about him in this article.

Cloud services

how to create a cloud for file storage

Speaking of some more perfect form, we mean the so-called cloud technologies. This is a completely new and much more promising medium, if you can call it that. Its essence is that the data that we upload to the cloud is not stored anywhere in a concentrated form. They are distributed by service, which is combined by a large number of physical servers. This, firstly, allows you to save many times more information on them than a single dedicated server could accommodate; secondly, this technology has a huge number of advantages.

Yes, and how to create a cloud for storing files is also nothing complicated. Today, this type of virtual media is used by professional programmers and authors of Internet projects, as well as ordinary users who have a folder with photos.

And in this article we will discuss not only how to create a cloud for storing files, but also talk about it and its features.

Advantages and disadvantages

To begin with about the shortcomings. We will start from the end of our paragraph, since there are really fewer negative aspects of cloud solutions than positive ones. If you are looking to create a cloud for storing files, you probably agree with this statement. The main disadvantage is the need for an Internet connection.

This means that if you do not save the necessary information on portable media and get to where there will be no access to the network, you simply can not get the information and read it. That is, you can work with the cloud only with an active network connection or backing up files to your hard drive.

create a cloud to store Yandex files

The second negative point is the fee for expanding memory in the cloud. Users should use the service on a subscription basis, making certain contributions monthly. It all depends on how much data you use. In free mode, for example, you can get 2 Gb from the same Dropbox service, and if you deposit $ 10 per month, this place will increase to 1 Tb. For $ 15, your account removes restrictions on the place. So, as you know, the board is symbolic, so for many it will not be a problem.

Service providers

Other services (for example, Google Drive or Yandex Disk) also have their own tariff plans. For Drive, they allocate 15 Gb for free, for $ 2 - 100 Gb, for 10 - 1 Tb, for 200 - 20 Tb, and for $ 300 per month - 30 Tb of data. Google Drive, unlike Dropbox, has a wider functionality, allowing you to also edit files in convenient applications of your own design.

how to create a cloud for storing files for free

Yandex.Disk allocates 10 GB for 30 rubles a month, 100 GB for 80 rubles, and 1 Terabyte of memory for 200.

There is also a cloud from, whose users are allocated 25 GB of free file storage space.

Beginning of work

So how do you create a cloud to store files? First you need to decide on the service. They have some differences. As mentioned above, Dropbox and Yandex Disk are services that allow you to simply store files in your cloud disk space without worrying about their safety. Creating a cloud for storing Mile files, like other services, makes it possible only after registering an internal account.

These services (with the exception of Dropbox) create one user account on all platforms. This is convenient because a person can have both mail and cloud storage on Yandex, Google or Mail. For Dropbox, you will have to create an account in a separate order.

The second stage of how to create your own cloud for storing files is to visit the storage from a browser or install software on a PC, phone, tablet. You can choose the platform with which you work, and, as a result, your account will be synchronized between all devices.

create a cloud to store Google files

The form

In fact, using a browser or a special application is a rhetorical question. Of course, the program allows you to create a cloud for storing files "Yandex", Google, Mail or Dropbox much more convenient and faster. But, of course, this is additional software that needs to be downloaded to your device. It’s much easier to use a browser. So, you will have to go to the service website, log in - and you will see all your files.


Having described what negative aspects cloud services have, as well as which companies provide them, we will begin to list the advantages and benefits of such services.

So, for example, you can create an enterprise file storage cloud for your business. This is very convenient: your employees, using their accounts, could make edits in some files at the same time, gaining access to a single repository. Thus, for you there would be no need to synchronize all projects.

Plus, cloud storage is security. All information in it will be protected by the accounts of services that provide services. This means that, besides you, no one will be able to access this information. At the same time, you can easily share the link to view the file with other users, if you yourself want it.

create a cloud to store Mile files


The fact that each of the services provides for the possibility of expansion, we have already mentioned. In fact, if you pay some amount (equal to the cost of an option), then you really get more space. However, most often, such services are not of interest to private users to post photos. Most likely, business owners and developers are interested in such decisions.

This is especially true for entrepreneurs who fear the seizure of servers in the company or searches by special services. It is very easy to prevent these actions if you close access to your files in time. Since in fact all the information is in the cloud, even removing your computer will not help to extract it from there.

File durability

So, how to create a cloud for storing files for free, you know. All providers have free access mode, that is, they allocate some space on their services for users for free. As a rule, this amount is enough to publish some personal photos and something personal. Thus, such data placement can significantly free up space on your PC.

But there is another very important positive factor that should be remembered. If you want to create a cloud for storing files (Google, “Yandex” doesn’t make a difference), remember: this data will always be available. They will not be deleted by the system, so you do not need to be afraid, for example, of physical damage to your computer. After all, in the end, all the information can be re-downloaded from the cloud, where they will feel great.

create enterprise cloud file storage

That is why now everyone has so actively begun to upload their most important, most valuable and worthwhile information to the Internet. On the one hand, it may seem strange that the most expensive ones are uploaded to the network, but on the other, this information will be available only to one account holder. Therefore, you should not worry about them.

Cloud technology continues to evolve. Now the amount of memory that is becoming available in free mode is also growing. Therefore, perhaps very soon customers will have access to unlimited space for only a dollar ... Time will tell!


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