A souvenir with a surprise: nuts with predictions and wishes

It is not known for certain when people first began to predict the future, but it can be assumed that this was in prehistoric times. At first, only a select few could engage in such rituals, and later people realized that one could rely on chance. So a kind of predictions appeared, which is done by extracting a leaflet with a variant of the development of events from an armful of the same, but with different inscriptions. The Chinese went even further, deciding to combine business with pleasure. As a result, local tavernas began to offer fortune cookies. At the end of the 19th century, they came to Europe, where the idea found a new, “Christmas” embodiment. Since there was no talk of Christmas tree toys then, they were made from improvised means, including by gilding cones and nuts. The latter became a case for notes. If you want to please your loved ones, then making DIY predictive nuts is quite simple, especially if you use the tips below.

fortune nuts

What is required

To make New Year's predictive nuts, you will need:

  • medium, and even better large walnuts, since small ones do not crack well, and it is difficult to put a note in their shell;
  • glue (transparent “Moment”, for carpentry or from a “gun”);
  • gold or silver spray paint or regular, which is applied with a brush;
  • predictions printed on a printer are better on gold-colored paper;
  • small sweets;
  • thin satin ribbons;
  • tools (teaspoon, knife and scissors).

DIY predictions

How to make nuts with predictions: a master class

A New Year’s surprise is made in the following order:

  • walnuts are placed on the board;
  • the pointed blade of the knife is inserted into the slot located at the top of the fetus;
  • press and gently knock on the handle until the nut breaks into 2 halves (note that during this procedure part of the shell will inevitably become worthless);
  • with a teaspoon (not a knife!) scrape out the contents;
  • repeat the same procedures with other nuts;
  • lay out all the shells on a piece of cardboard so as not to confuse the halves;
  • they are brought out to the balcony and painted with an aerosol spray twice, with an interval of 15-20 minutes;
  • if there is a desire, turn over the shells with well-dried paint and “gilt” inside (instead, you can glue a piece of beautiful fabric, for example, velvet);
  • wrapped in a dense tube prediction printed on the printer;
  • bandaged with a thin ribbon;
  • if the nut is large enough, you can put a candy in it, for example, a chocolate dragee with colored glaze.

Now it remains to glue the nuts with the predictions. Moreover, if they are going to hang on a Christmas tree, then you need to put a loop of satin ribbon between the shells. It is also worth experimenting with the decor of nuts, for example, sticking on them bows, sparkles, stars, rhinestones, etc.

There is another way: you can put the nuts inside the bags of organza and tie a beautiful braid.

"Peanut" option in the traditional Chinese style

Want to be original in everything? Then try making fortune-telling peanut nuts. To do this, you need:

  • open the shell and extract the contents;
  • paint both halves on both sides with gold acrylic paint;
  • put inside a piece of paper with predictions and wishes;
  • string multi-colored beads onto a thin but rigid wire;
  • fold the end to get the head of a snake (you can stick two beads of dark color, as an eye);
  • connect the shells;
  • wrap with wire.

For beauty, you can fix a small brush made of red silk threads on her snake tail.

predictions text for nuts

Predictable Edible Nuts: Recipe

Making such a delicious surprise is quite simple. The main thing is to have at hand a special hazel pan, without which nothing will work.

To make cookies, you will need:

  • half a can of condensed milk;
  • 3.5 cups flour;
  • 2 large chicken eggs;
  • 1 teaspoon of baking powder or soda, slaked with vinegar;
  • a pinch of salt;
  • 250 g butter;
  • 0.5 tbsp sugar;
  • some sunflower oil to grease the pan.

New Year Predictions


Sweet nuts with predictions are prepared like this:

  • beat eggs with sugar;
  • add pre-melted butter;
  • all mix well;
  • pour salt and put slaked soda;
  • in small portions, stirring constantly, add flour;
  • knead the dough with your hands;
  • form a ball out of it;
  • put in the refrigerator for half an hour;
  • until the dough reaches, the hazel pan is smeared with sunflower oil;
  • they put it on the stove so that it warms up well;
  • small pieces are cut from the dough and the balls are molded;
  • put into the cells of the pan;
  • close the hazel nut and press its handles tightly for 40 seconds so that the "shells" get the desired shape;
  • finish the first batch of cookies;
  • cut excess dough from ready-made halves while they are still hot;
  • also come with the rest of the test.

How to make nuts nuts a surprise

When all the halves of the nuts are ready, we proceed to the manufacture of the “lubricant”. To do this, condensed milk is boiled for 3 hours by lowering a metal can in boiling water.

Next, the predictions are printed in frames on the printer, cut them and rolled into tight tubes. Small foil squares are cut out of foil, preferably golden. Wrap them in wishes, like candy in candy wrappers.

Now you have everything you need to make predictive nuts.

Next, put a note enclosed in foil in one shell, coat the edges with boiled condensed milk, with which a few crumbs obtained from scraps of dough were preliminarily mixed. Connect the halves of the nut. Do the same with everyone else.

nut prediction wishes

If you wish, you can also wrap the nuts in foil and, tying the ribbons, hang on a Christmas tree.

Wedding Nuts

Such souvenirs with a surprise can be used to organize a contest during a banquet on the occasion of their marriage.

As you know, at weddings, guests are usually the authors of wishes, and the newlyweds are the recipients. So, the bride and groom can make a nice gift for friends and relatives by putting nuts in a beautiful box or bag on the table next to the appliance. At the end of the evening, at the request of the host, guests can take turns opening them and reading aloud what the heroes of the occasion wished for them.

New Year's predictive nuts

Prediction text for nuts

The content of the notes that are hidden inside the shells should correspond to the theme of the holiday, on the occasion of which a surprise is prepared. Of course, all predictions should be comic, and if possible with humor.

For example, in the "New Year" nuts you can enter the following predictions:

  • Your wallet will not be empty: it will know the crunch of money every day!
  • You will live fun all year, drink, eat, walk, not know the worries!
  • Ahead of you is waiting for the New Year fireworks and constant home comfort!

It is not necessary that the wishes-predictions in nuts were in verse, so even those who do not know how to invent rhymes can compose them. So, your loved ones may be pleased to read such predictions:

  • You will soon meet a goldfish. True, it will be fried and stuffed rice ...
  • You are waiting for a huge win in the lottery, which you will give to charity.
  • From today, your kindness guarantees you success.
  • It’s time for you to rest so that life turns to face you, etc.

Predictions for nuts for the New Year, for a wedding or for another reason are not difficult to come up with. The main thing is to try not to offend anyone and to cheer everyone up.

how to make predictive nuts

Now you know how to make nuts with surprises in various ways, and you can surprise and please your loved ones. By the way, nothing prevents you from putting a wedding ring in one of them before the New Year's feast, and then in the presence of all your loved ones to make an offer to your girlfriend.

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