Alexander Schukin (bodybuilder) - an example for others

Alexander Schukin - a famous athlete from St. Petersburg, is distinguished by charisma, a cheerful disposition, moderately eloquent and pleasant. At his training sessions shot on a video camera, he explains in detail and clearly the rules of bodybuilding, the algorithm of classes. For any beginner in this difficult sport, it is Alexander Schukin who is a vivid example and an admirable bodybuilder, as he motivates, accelerates laziness and does a great job with a smile on his face.

Physical and athletic performance

Alexander Schukin is a bodybuilder whose height is 183 centimeters, the weight in the offseason ranges between 130 and 135 kilograms.

alexander schukin bodybuilder

Hand in girth - 55 cm, hip - 82 cm, waist - about 90 cm with a weight of 130 kg. At 26, he took second place in the Moscow Cup and third place in the St. Petersburg Cup in the 100+ category. He has been engaged in bodybuilding for eight and a half years.

Alexander Schukin, whose biography contains interesting points, prior to his professional attitude to bodybuilding, was engaged in karate, kickboxing, and performed in battles in these sports. The fact that Alexander is an official of the Geneticlab sports nutrition brand and represents Fit & Health chain of stores can also be considered a sporting achievement. Also, Alexander Schukin in the film "Urban Shit" starred in the role of a pitching villain.

Bodybuilder's culinary preferences and diet

In a sport such as bodybuilding, an athlete needs a lot of energy, which is obtained from high-calorie foods. Meat is our bodybuilder’s favorite protein product that he eats during weight gain and drying. He likes to cook meat dishes on the grill or barbecue. It takes carbohydrates from cereals such as rice and buckwheat. Any sweets are not recognized since childhood.

alexander schukin bodybuilder growth

Alexander Schukin is a bodybuilder of modern time, so he pays considerable attention to sports nutrition. From an interview with him, he managed to learn a little secret in the bodybuilder's diet: BCAAs (amino acids) - 60-120 grams per day, 2-3 protein shakes, mandatory casein intake at night and vitamins. The result is 3 grams of protein per kilogram of mass. Fat burners use sparingly.

Power indicators

In bodybuilding, the main thing is to first build muscle, and then to engage in relief. Alexander Schukin is a bodybuilder who prefers strength training and basic exercises, such as squats, bench press, deadlift , etc. Thorough warm-up, cardio exercises are an integral part of every athlete’s training. And Alexander is no exception. On average, his time in the hall takes 1.5 - 2 hours.

Alexander Schukin biography

Fans and fans of the bodybuilder will be interested in Alexander's records in classic strength exercises:

  • squat without bandages and a belt - 300 kilograms;
  • bench press - 215 kg;
  • deadlift - 330 kg (with straps).

Alexander Schukin is a bodybuilder whose ambitious plans extend into the future. For him, sports longevity is an important aspect of his career, so he is trying hard to get a professional card from the International Federation of Bodybuilders, thanks to which the athlete will rise to the highest level of skill and will be able to play in tournaments such as Night of Champions, Arnold Classic and, finally , fight for the title of "Mr. Olympia."

Tips for beginners

If you are just starting to engage in heavy sports, do not rush to set records, “tear” muscles and spend whole days in the gym. Bodybuilding is a whole science where you need to create an individual training program in accordance with your body constitution, calculate the number of calories consumed and burned, etc. Physical activity should increase evenly and smoothly for several months, and you should set records only at the end of a certain cycle. After one program has completed, a more advanced one should be developed.

Alexander Schukin in the film

There is no simple formula for success for everyone. Each person is individual, but Alexander Schukin, a successful bodybuilder, argues that you don’t need to be lazy, but squeeze the maximum out of each workout, the result comes through muscle pain. In his opinion, for mass growth it is necessary to do basic strength exercises with maximum load, but if you do not know where to start, seek the help of a good trainer or specialist in this field.

To summarize all of the above, I want to note the simplicity and effectiveness of the actions of bodybuilder Alexander Schukin. Watch his video, read articles, blogs on this topic - all this will help you come to success in bodybuilding.


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