Nail polishes that last a long time. Rating of varnishes, prices

Healthy skin, strong nails and long hair ... The fair sex is ready to make any sacrifice for the sake of beauty. Some of us prefer folk remedies, while others spend hours in the salons, paying for expensive care procedures. But, unfortunately, not everyone understands: in order to achieve the desired result, you need to start with proper nutrition, but you can already support your achievements with the help of cosmetics.

Our review focuses on the tools needed by modern women. Nail polishes that last a long time are a dream of each of us, because it is almost impossible to maintain a fresh manicure for several days with an active lifestyle.

rating of nail polishes
Of course, manufacturers of cosmetics came up with gel for nails, but the same color for two weeks is boring. We picked up several brands that managed to gain recognition among the fair sex.


For over thirty years, IsaDora has pleased us with an incredible selection of cosmetic products. Today, the Swedish brand is experiencing a rebirth, and once popular products reappear in beauty stores.

Wonder Nail is one of the best varnishes that is appreciated primarily for its durability. In addition, the nail product is easy to apply and dries very quickly. The perfect wide brush is IsaDora's pride. Her hair is trimmed in a special way, which allows you to evenly cover the nail with just one movement. In a huge palette there are both classic colors and juicy summer shades.

Do you want to get a high-quality varnish? The price of Wonder Nail ranges from 300-400 rubles.


American manufacturers are leaders in the nail industry, and the legendary brand Orly is the best proof of this. He founded the company Jeff Pink, who in 1975 decided to launch a small production of natural nail products. Thanks to an American with Israeli roots, women all over the world learned what French manicure is.

Color varnishes, base coatings, drying from Orly are among the best in durability. In addition, the products do not harm healthy nails. Last year, the company created the unique Baked collection, enriched with vitamins.

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Orly funds, reviews of which can only be the envy of less successful competitors, have won more than twenty prestigious awards.


The Polish company Belweder specializes in caring cosmetics for lips and nails. To find these beauty-novelties in ordinary stores is quite difficult, because they are firmly established on the shelves of pharmacies.

It’s very difficult to pass charming bottles with medicines, and the price (maximum 150 rubles) seems pretty attractive. Traditional colored nail polishes that last a long time are not represented in the Belweder line. However, lovers of natural manicure will definitely not resist the Porcelain collection, which consists of six delicious porcelain shades.


The rating of nail polishes cannot be imagined without the OPI brand, whose products make up almost half of the total volume in the cosmetics industry. The company produces new palettes several times a season.

In anticipation of the summer months, OPI fans were able to appreciate the Hawaii collection, which allows you to try on all the colors of tropical islands.

Leading trendsetters this season choose the Soft Shades collection, where gentle pastel shades are combined with a trendy metallic. By the way, one bottle of OPI (15 ml) costs at least 500 rubles. An ideal option would be a set of four mini-varnishes - this female whim will cost about 800 rubles.

However, the most popular is the line of nail polishes dedicated to the picture “50 shades of gray”. As you would expect, the designers presented five delicious gray tones and one bright red.


Judging by the reviews, nail polishes that last a long time can be found at Essie beauty expert. Founder Essy Weingarten calls herself a true “color stick” who has to look for inspiration to work across the globe.

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This year’s resort collection includes four luxurious matte shades, each of which has its own unique name: “Time and Roses”, “Chocolate”, “Privacy in the Suite” and “Time for Me”. The cost of a small bottle on the official website is 365 rubles.

With a British accent

The products presented in our review occupy middle positions in the beauty industry. Long-lasting nail varnishes are also produced by premium brands. Dior and Chanel are in constant demand, but Burberry cosmetics are of more interest.

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Nail Polish nail polish is created according to a special patented formula. It contains moisturizing and firming components, vitamins and myrrh extract - this combination protects the nail plate from damage and creates a stable glossy finish.

The sophisticated Burberry palette: from a gentle skin color to a luxurious shade of wet asphalt. Two layers of varnish dry in two minutes, and after seven minutes your perfect manicure is completely ready.

Neither fish nor fowl

The peak of the popularity of gel for nails took place several years ago, so manufacturers today have to come up with new formulas. One of the latest inventions was a hybrid of gel and nail polish, combining their best qualities.

The Revlon brand promises a salon manicure using Colorstay Gel Envy. This coating contains a base and color (29 options), so it does not need other helpers. The price for the bottle is about 400 rubles.

The main competitor of Revlon is VINYLUX from CND, which is positioned as a “weekly varnish”. The company’s specialists say that the coating is not only not damaged during this time, but is also becoming stronger every day.

It will not be amiss to recall that the durability of long-term varnish depends on the nails themselves, because even the gels of some girls last three or four weeks, while others break off after three days. However, small checks (judging by the feedback from customers) by washing dishes or cleaning VINYLUX still pass.

The CND palette consists of 62 colors, some of which repeat Shellac's already beloved shades. In addition, owners of several bottles of varnish can mix them to create a new composition.

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VINYLUX manicure is carried out in two steps: the main coating and drying. The unique varnish contains a special formula that does not damage the nail. In addition, the product is removed using any acetone-containing liquid, but experts recommend using the special Nourishing Remover preparation, which additionally moisturizes the nail plate and skin.


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