White glasse coffee: recipe with photo

Many years have passed since the inconspicuous fruits of the coffee tree gave people a drink, which for many is not just a great start, but a sure guarantee of a good day. For all this time they learned how to cook it in different ways. One of the most popular options is considered to be a white glass, the recipe of which is interesting at the same time for its simplicity and originality. As practice shows, in recent years he has appeared more and more fans.

Important details

Glasse is essentially a dessert, the name of which can be translated from French as β€œfrozen” or β€œicy”. The main reason for this is ice cream, which is added to the main drink, turning it into a completely new product. According to many historians, Austria is considered his homeland. True, in this country he did not gain much popularity. But the French were able to come up with an original drink, which was called "white glass". Its recipe differs from the classic version by the presence of only one component. The result was a magical infusion, which allows not only to cheer up, but also to escape in the warm season from unbearable heat.

white glasse recipe

Some skeptics have doubts about the unique properties of such a drink. At the same time, his fans consider white glaze the best of all known options for making coffee. They are sure that their favorite product is intended for real gourmets and people who value quality in everything.

Unique drink

What is a white glasse? The recipe for this amazing infusion is extremely simple. It combines ingredients familiar to everyone: coffee, sugar, milk and ice cream, which do not require any special preliminary preparation. The combination of products occurs gradually, in that sequence as indicated in this list. Complementing each other, the components create a drink, which, according to experts, has many useful properties. Its distinctive feature is a fairly high calorie content. This must be taken into account by those who monitor their weight and try to control the nutritional value of all consumed products. The rest can safely enjoy the most delicate taste and unique aroma of a multicomponent infusion. In fact, coffee itself is not dangerous in this sense. Prepared from ground grains, it contains only 2 kilocalories. After the introduction of additional ingredients, the situation is fundamentally measured. Ice cream alone adds at least 160 kilocalories to each serving. In sugar, this figure is even higher. The end result is a drink that gives a lot of strength and energy, which is enough for the whole day.

Tools and equipment

What, in addition to products, must one have in order to prepare and properly serve coffee with white glass? The recipe in each case provides for the presence of certain dishes and equipment. It can be selected by considering separately each stage of the process. First you need to make the coffee itself. It will be the basis of the future drink. To prepare it, you will need a coffee maker or an ordinary Turk. Here, everyone chooses what he should use. In the case when the product is prepared in large volumes, you can use a special coffee machine.

Then the prepared drink must be mixed with milk. For this, both products must have the same temperature. It is better to cool coffee in a natural way, pouring it for a while into any clean container.

Next comes the final stage. Here you will need special dishes. As a rule, the glasse is served in wine glasses or irish glasses with a handle, on a short leg. First, a measured amount of coffee and milk is poured there, and then using a special spoon on top you need to place a neat ball of ice cream. The wine glass with the finished product must be put on a plate. And next to it should be a straw or dessert spoon. Having all the tools listed, making and serving such coffee is not a big deal.

Main products

It is difficult to unequivocally answer the question of what the white glass is made of. It all depends on the selected recipe. For the simplest option, based on two servings of the drink, you will need: 200 milliliters of strong coffee, preferably strong roasting, the same amount of whole milk, a little sugar (to taste) and 90-100 grams of ice cream ice cream.

what white glasse is made of

Preparing such a drink is not difficult at all. To do this, you must:

  1. Make coffee. Again, it must be very strong, so it is better to choose the grains of the corresponding roasting.
  2. After this, the hot drink must be cooled. You can add sugar in advance, since then it will be difficult to dissolve it.
  3. Next, the chilled infusion should be mixed with whole milk in a ratio of 1: 1. This can be done in a separate bowl or pour products directly into a glass.
  4. Using a rounded spoon, form a ball of ice cream and lay it on top.

It is better to drink such a product through a tube in order to be able to have fun periodically alternating different layers of the drink.

Cooking technology

For those who first decided to cook a white glass, a recipe with a photo will help to do everything right and not make unnecessary mistakes.

white glasse recipe with photo

All actions should be carried out gradually, clearly following the instructions:

  1. Before starting work on the table, you need to collect all the necessary products.
  2. After that, you need to make strong black coffee. You can do this in any convenient way. The classic version involves the use of the Turks.
  3. The finished product must be sweetened immediately. It is better to do this right away so that granules of granulated sugar do not spoil the taste of the drink.
  4. Set the product aside for a while for final cooling.
  5. Combine it with milk, observing the established proportions.
  6. Pour the mixture into a glass.
  7. Using a special device, form a ball of ice cream.
  8. Put it in a glass with a drink.
  9. Some recipes include additional ingredients. For example, sometimes the finished product is sprinkled with chocolate.

Now the drink can be safely served to the table. It is better to put a tube or spoon separately on a plate so that a person can choose for himself which way to use the product.

Useful Tips

To a novice hostess, in order to figure out how to make a white glass really tasty, you need to learn a few tips from experienced professionals:

  1. Particular attention should be paid to the preparation of basic raw materials. Coffee beans should be grinded immediately before starting work. So they can better maintain a characteristic aroma.
  2. Some experts advise to brew first pour the ground product with a small amount of cold (ice) water, and then add boiling water. In this case, you get a nice thick foam.
  3. In hot coffee, in addition to sugar, you can add a little cocoa powder. This will make the taste of the drink more delicate and refined.
  4. It is best to choose ice cream as a cold component from all types of ice cream. With sufficient fat content and the desired consistency, it will allow you to get a drink of the desired quality. Milk or cream ice cream is undesirable. The structure of these products is not as delicate as that of ice cream. This fact can have a further negative effect not only on the appearance, but also on the taste of the drink.

how to make white glaze

Otherwise, only strict adherence to process technology is required.

The composition of the product

There are several different options for how you can make white glaze. The composition of such a drink may vary depending on the selected ingredients. Everyone has the right to choose the recipe that he likes best. For example, milk can be replaced with whipped cream. The result will look a little different. In this case, the technology for making the drink will also change. Chilled coffee can be immediately poured into a glass. On top, as usual, you need to put a couple of balls of ice cream. A lush foam of whipped cream will finish the composition. If desired, it can be decorated with chocolate chips.

white glasse composition

Thrill-seekers sometimes rule out the cooling stage. It turns out the original combination of hot coffee and cold ice cream. True, this is not entirely beneficial for teeth. And ice cream melts very quickly with this method. At the same time, the product loses its appearance in a matter of minutes. On hot days, the composition of the drink can be supplemented with ice cubes. This will turn it into a real refreshing infusion, which will help to maintain strength and maintain a good mood on a hot summer day.

Original version

Each person decides for himself how to cook a white glass. Anyone who follows his figure should try to exclude high-calorie components from the composition as much as possible. As a diet drink, you can prepare a product that consists of the following ingredients: 1 cup (100 milliliters) espresso, the same amount of cream (10%), 2 ice cubes, 25 grams of chocolate (bitter) and 50 grams of ice cream.

how to cook white glasse

To make such a drink is very simple:

  1. First you need to make coffee. It will take some time.
  2. Then the chocolate must be dissolved in a water bath.
  3. Without waiting for cooling, add cream, coffee to it and bring the mixture to a boil.
  4. Within a few minutes, the mass must be cooled naturally.
  5. Put ice on the bottom of a glass or glass.
  6. Place ice cream on top.
  7. Pour in chilled chocolate mixture.

It turns out a very delicious diet drink with a pronounced aroma of cocoa. And the lack of sugar makes it almost safe for the figure.

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