Vladimir Taneyev Park - a luxury residential complex

LCD "Taneeva Park" of Vladimir is a modern residential quarter of high comfort. It is located in the very center of the city at the intersection of Officer Street and Bykovsky passage. Nearby is the Taneyev Concert Hall. Historic sights, excellent infrastructure, good transport accessibility, good ecology - all this speaks in favor of buying a home in Taneyeva Park residential complex. Below we will talk about all the advantages of this construction project.

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LCD structure

LCD "Taneyev Park" Vladimir ("Ascona Invest") will consist of three buildings. The height of new buildings is 15 floors. House number 1 will be built brick. Building number 3 will be monolithic. Building number 4 will be erected using brick-monolithic technology.

The first phase is scheduled for completion at the end of 2018. Housing of different classes is being implemented - comfort, elites, economy and business. The apartments will be transferred to the owners with a final finish.

Reliable builder

As the developer of the residential complex Taneyeva Park, Vladimir Ascona Invest acts in Vladimir. She has a huge number of successfully sold real estate. About 3,000 happy families have the opportunity to live in new apartments. The construction company has earned the trust of consumers for many years and conscientious work. She collaborates with the largest banks in the country, such as Sberbank and VTB24.

Taneyeva Park in Vladimir is another project from Ascona Invest. It is being built in compliance with all obligations undertaken by the developer:

  • all work is carried out on time;
  • buyers receive personalized service and full legal support;
  • the most attractive mortgage products are used;
  • personal discounts and unique bonus programs are practiced.

LCD Taneyev Park Vladimir

Transport accessibility

New buildings of Vladimir Taneyev Park are located in the very center of the city. The local administration is literally 350 meters away. Nearby is a large transport artery - Lenin Avenue. On it you can quickly get to anywhere in the city. The nearest public transport stop is a three-minute walk from the complex. Buses and trolleybuses go through it to Vokzalnaya Square, Globus hypermarket, Razgulyay theater and other significant infrastructure of the metropolis. The local train station can be reached in 13 minutes by car. The distance to the airport can be overcome by personal transport in 17 minutes.

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Developed infrastructure

LCD "Taneeva Park" in Vladimir has a favorable location. Next to it there are secondary schools No. 6 and No. 41, kindergarten No. 58, boarding school No. 2.

Medical assistance can be obtained at the Vladimir Garrison Hospital and Children's Clinic No. 1. Maternity hospital No. 2 is located across the street from the block under construction. Nearby are many pharmacies - Medilon Pharmimex, Mitrea, etc.

You can stock up on products and household items in the Bochka, Ariel, Produkty, Ruslan and Lyudmila stores. For a bite to eat, guests can enjoy at the Chayna-i and Kurazh catering points. Large supermarkets are located 15 minutes from new buildings. The ubiquitous Dixie and Magnet offer a wide selection of goods and services.

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Various layouts

As part of the Taneyev Park project, one-room, two-, three- and four-room apartments are being implemented in Vladimir. The options for their layouts are different:

  • The value of "odnushki" is approximately 45.0 square meters. m. From the spacious entrance hall you can get into the combined bathroom and a spacious wardrobe. There is also an entrance to the living room and a cozy kitchen. A glazed loggia complements the overall picture of impeccable and functional comfort. Such housing can be bought at a price of 2 587 000 - 2 612 880 rubles.
  • The area of ​​residential premises with two rooms varies between 67.0 - 75.0 square meters. There are swing and linear layouts. There are separate and combined bathrooms. The long loggia has two exits - from the kitchen and living room. This is a great offer for small families. The cost of such housing is 3 836 670 - 4 320 030 rubles.
  • Three-room apartments have an impressive size - up to 100.0 square meters. m. Windows overlook both sides of the house. There are two bathrooms. There is a place for a dressing room. Living rooms of the right rectangular shape. The kitchen area reaches 15.0 m². It is easy to place a dining room in them. For the purchase of such real estate, the buyer will have to pay 5,709,120 rubles.
  • Fours are even more impressive. They look like three-room apartments, but they have another large room with access to the second loggia. Beautiful and comfortable housing is equipped with everything necessary for living. Area - approximately 123.0 square meters. m. Price - 7 017 840 rubles.

In the main building, starting from the fifth floor, panoramic windows will be installed in Vladimir’s Taneyev Park apartments. This will allow newcomers to experiment with design, as well as fill the living quarters with light and air.

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Internal infrastructure

In addition to the above, in the LCD Taneyeva Park in Vladimir there will be a well-maintained house territory. Here they organize places for active and passive recreation. There will be children's playgrounds. One of the buildings of the residential complex will house a kindergarten.

The first floors of residential buildings will be given over to commercial structures - shops, offices, and consumer services. An underground parking will be built in house No. 3. It will be designed for 90 cars. Ground parking areas will be located in the courtyards.

New buildings will be provided with their own gas boiler houses. This will allow residents to save significantly on utility bills. At each entrance, two high-speed elevators will be installed. Cargo lifts will run between residential floors and underground parking.

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