Large construction companies in Sochi: reviews

Civil engineering is considered one of the common forms of cooperation, which deals exclusively with the concept of building structures and towers for private use. Erected buildings should be well planned. Without this discipline, most infrastructure facilities would be a figment of the imagination. So, here is a list of nine top-level construction companies in Sochi with a great reputation.


The first in the rating of construction companies in Sochi is Yuskm-M. She positions herself not just as a building company, but also as a complex with the technologies of the future. According to the promises of management, employees of the organization are able to solve any industrial problem posed by the customer at the construction site. Over the years since the opening, the company's employees have accumulated a lot of commissioned projects, housing and social facilities.

"Yuskm-M" - offers a wide range of construction and installation services. Such as:

  • construction of facilities;
  • the construction of metal structures;
  • drilling operations;
  • author's forging of metal works;
  • rental of construction equipment;
  • installation of plastic windows of the best quality.
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The company "StroyDom" is a group of companies that sells services in several cities of Russia. The organization regulates itself not as an intermediary in the construction services market, but as a manufacturer. Professionals offer customers the construction of a dream house, guaranteeing the use of high quality materials and cutting edge technology. According to statistics, the company has 1300 satisfied customers who received objects for operation strictly on time. 120 highly organized specialists create the image of the office. The construction company in Sochi, the reviews about which are only positive, has worked well. You can safely refer to them.

construction companies sochi reviews


Construction company Sochi "Fartstroy" is developing not only construction, but also investment. It has been offering services in the Sochi market for 7 years, taking pride of place among offices of this profile, thanks to the good reviews of satisfied customers and, of course, the strength of the completed buildings. Engaged in design, construction of any degree of complexity. They offer a wide range of business services in this spectrum.

More than 20 people working in the company’s team are pleased to offer customers the provision of quality services with the proper level of service. Fartstroy has a wide range of construction equipment: drilling rigs, excavators, concrete mixing and pumping machines, loaders, etc.

The company's employees are ready to offer customers a comprehensive solution to their tasks, the widest range of services offered, the signing of the necessary securities and a guarantee, a loyal pricing policy.

Dinastia Designs

Dinastia Designs is a large construction company in Sochi, the main direction of which is the construction of villas, mansions, boutiques and office buildings. A team of engineers and architects thinks through the smallest details in terms of building construction step by step. After that, the team of builders of this company implements projects in the best traditions of the Western world. The company offers a wide range of services, namely:

  • creating a project from scratch by experienced architects;
  • creation of interior design;
  • work of construction;
  • full support for projects.

The portfolio of experienced employees produces a stunning effect - luxury and grace are felt in every stroke of paint. The main customers are owners of fashion houses and just people who have the material ability to build a house in Sochi.

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LCD "Onyx"

LCD "Onyx" is a large construction company in Sochi. Its main direction is the development of houses for the economy and premium class. Onyx RC has been operating since 2006 and has already established itself as a reliable developer of apartments and houses in the city of Sochi. Continuous improvement of the professional qualities of the people working there leads to an increase in the quality of construction. The use of technologies and equipment gives the company an honestly earned right to take a place among the 9 best construction organizations in Sochi. The portfolio of this company contains 17 objects in the city, the quality and comfort of which have already been appreciated by several dozen families. The organization sells services in cash and bank transfer, installment payments and mortgage lending are also available.

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Construction company SochiStroy works for investors and future consumers. Employees participated in the development of Olympic facilities and earned trust among the citizens of Sochi. Nearly 20 years of work have given the organization the right to be called the best housing developer in the region. The construction company in Sochi is engaged in the development and construction of several complexes in the city. Another of SochiStroy's industries is investing in partners' construction projects. Being engaged in the construction of houses of both premium and economical segments, employees know what buyers expect from housing. For details about the work of the proposed company, you can call them or visit the central office.

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Alpika Group

Alpika Group is a construction company in Sochi, working in the construction industry since 2007. Firam managed to establish herself as one of the best representatives of this direction. The organization offers a wide range of services:

  • design and construction of structures;
  • reconstruction, repair of all difficulties;
  • overhaul of buildings;
  • laying engineering networks;
  • improvement of adjacent territories.

The company also takes an active part in charity work and provides social buildings for operation to various non-budget organizations. The high professionalism of the company’s employees can significantly improve the quality of the services provided, quickly solve problems arising in the process and perform tasks of increased complexity. By calling or visiting them, you can ask consultants any question of interest.

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The construction company Sochi "Rosprom" has high-speed development dynamics. It has been on the market for at least 10 years. A long period of unsurpassed work has ensured the company a place among the leaders in the field of construction. Leading architects and designers of the company are engaged in the development of buildings, giving them a unique style and perfection of forms.

In addition to construction, the company provides copyright repair services. Design is selected for each client individually. Realtors sell both economy class apartments and luxury apartments in the city center. Like previous firms of this type, Rosprom uses modern technology. The main advantages are an innovative approach to project development and an incredibly fast system for solving and eliminating problems. The reviews about them left by satisfied customers are only positive. The rating of the company in the construction market in Sochi is one of the highest. The consultants working there will inform any client who has contacted them.

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And finally, the construction company Medved in Sochi, reviews of which inspire a sense of trust. The company is an unusual concept and approach to order fulfillment. This definitely makes her the leader of the list. Frame, fast-built houses in the city of Sochi will complement the landscape of a sunny day and meet the expectations of customers. A team of highly organized specialists will build a house of varying complexity in a quality and timely manner using environmentally friendly materials.

Organization for 8 years in the market. During this period, she has hundreds of satisfied customers who live in environmentally friendly homes. This is a clear guarantee of the quality of the services offered. After the assembly, the house will be installed no later than 15 days on the customer’s site. From the moment of construction, the family can immediately move into new housing. The construction is permissible on any terrain, for example, on the slopes of mountains or in other hard-to-reach places. Those interested can contact the office, where professionals explain the benefits of frame houses. When ordering, customers receive a bonus in the form of a BTI passport.

When choosing a company, you should pay attention to what interests you the most. But first of all, it is recommended to find out all about the building materials used for building a house. The qualification of the team that will implement the project is also important. Separately, it is worth getting to know the person supervising her (foreman, foreman). Then find out everything about payment: cash or non-cash, the cost of all services. And finally, to clarify what kind of home warranty is provided, how old it is and what is included in it. And only after that it is possible to determine the company-builder.


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