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Very often there are difficulties associated with setting up navigators. In addition, this contributes to a wide variety of models on sale. This article will discuss how to configure the navigator. The Prestigio model will be considered as an example. Basically, modern navigators of this model are based on the WindowsCE4,2 operating system. In addition to the main functions, the navigator has the ability to play video in MPEG4 format, as well as view images and listen to music. For this, the device has a slot for a memory card.

how to configure the navigator

The design of the navigator is not spectacular. It is a black box, which is made of matte plastic. In addition to slots for a memory card, the navigator has a power socket , a mini-USB connector and for connecting an external GPS antenna device. The display reaches three and a half inches.

In connection with unsuccessful attempts by users to update the device software, and the question arises of how to configure the navigator? It is worth knowing that no matter what old program is installed, changing it to another will fail. A navigator is a device that is not subject to change regarding software. The Prestigio device uses the iGo 2006 system. And users are usually not happy with the factor that this program is very old. Erasing it from the navigator’s memory in order to install a more advanced utility, they cannot subsequently return everything back, since the device simply stops responding to human actions.

how to configure prestigio navigator
Or maybe you want to learn how to configure the Prestigio navigator? If you do not know in advance how to configure, then you can spend a lot of energy before this process is completed. Due to the fact that the device is not very popular among users, it is quite difficult to find information about it. But in fact, problems should not arise. Quite often, when uninstalling the navigator software, users manage to erase some very important files, including Autorun.inf.

To configure the navigator, you need to drop on it those files that were previously deleted. As an example, you can take from someone the same navigator or find a list of what should be on the device, and already download the necessary documents from it. These files can also be taken from the owner of the same navigator model.

how to configure explay navigator

But that is not all. In order to finally configure the navigator, you should put the port of the GPS receiver in the options. To perform this procedure, start the automatic search. After that, the navigator will detect the necessary satellite, and the device will begin to work. It should be understood that the program may differ from the previous version only. In other words, if iGo2006 was previously installed on the navigator, you can install the iGo2008 version after uninstalling it.

From all of the above, it follows that you can configure the navigator by simply downloading all the necessary files to the device. If you have a question about how to configure the Explay navigator, you can also use this method.


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