How to dry gel polish without a lamp at home? Useful tips and reviews

How to dry gel polish without a lamp at home? We will talk about this in detail in our article. Not all girls and women can now take the opportunity to apply gel polish in beauty salons. In this case, it becomes necessary to care for your nails on your own.

Gel polish, another name is shellac, is the most famous and recognizable coating for today. This varnish dries with a special ultraviolet lamp. However, not everyone has it, or it is possible that it has broken, so what to do in this case? Can gel polish be dried without a lamp? Yes, it can be done. How to dry gel polish without a lamp? Now let's figure it out.

Gel polishes

how to dry gel polish without a lamp at home

But first, consider the types of varnishes. There are a large number of them. Popular types of gel polishes:

  1. Non-photosensitive - dries out perfectly by the natural method, but with one condition. For it, the composition of the fast polymerization is necessary. Monomer cyanoacrylate is a liquid gel. If there is a desire to cover the nails of the house with shellac, in this case it is better to use a creamy monomer. Because it is easier to apply and lasts for a long time. First you need to make sure that it is not dependent on light. This will give an understanding of the appropriateness of its use.
  2. Photosensitive - it is difficult to dry at home, but still it is possible. And if nevertheless it was bought, then how much to dry gel polish without a lamp? From 25 to 40 minutes, while the nails should be put under direct ultraviolet rays.
  3. Water - it will dry out perfectly if, after application, dip your fingers in cold or ice water for 20 minutes.
  4. Brigitte Bottier - perfectly applied, you can dry the gel polish without a lamp.
  5. Biogel is a medicinal varnish that accelerates the growth of nails. It also prevents delamination and thickens the nail plate. You can dry gel polish without a lamp at home. It has healing properties due to the fact that it contains natural oils and vegetable acids.

Drying the light-sensitive coating

Is it possible to dry gel polish without a lamp

How to dry gel polish without a lamp? If you purchased an insensitive gel polish, you must definitely buy a monomer, activator or catalyst. When an aqueous coating is applied, cold filtered water is required. Prepare oil in advance for softness of the cuticle, nail clippers or thin scissors, a glass nail file. For this application, there are three types of catalysts, which are available in the form of an ointment, gel or spray. To dry this composition, you must add a catalyst. Just one drop is enough. Most importantly, the catalyst should be equally applied on the plane of the nail plate, otherwise the gel polish strengthening will be uneven. It is necessary to use the catalyst 1-2 minutes after application.

Before applying gel polish, you must first prepare the nail plate. To do this, steam the fingers, push and cut the cuticle. Give the nails a shape, file, then sand the surface of the nail with a buff. Next, start applying shellac. It is applied easily due to the wide brush. Carry out the procedure in the same way as during the application of ordinary varnish. When applied once - look at the result. If there are no spots and cracks, then a second time to apply another layer is not necessary.

If non-photosensitive varnish is applied, in this case it is necessary to take and drip on each nail a drop of monomer or activator. It is also allowed to rub creamy catalysts into the nails.

Water and ice

how much to dry gel polish without a lamp

How can I still dry gel polish without a lamp? After applying it, you need to dip your fingers in ice water for a quarter of an hour. This is enough to completely gel polish. This coating method is recognized as harmless due to its unique composition. However, you can use ice. For a quick drying effect, add ice cubes to the water and the gel polish will dry in 10 minutes.

Photosensitive varnish. How to dry using the sun?

gel polish can be dried without a lamp at home

When working with gel polish having a photosensitive composition, you need to hold your fingers to dry in the sun, so that the sun warms up the nail plate with the rays. In time it will be much longer.

Hair dryer and fridge

It is allowed to dry the non-photosensitive gel polish with a regular hair dryer. However, it must have high power and allowability for drying cold airflow. Gel polish is applied with only one thin layer. This coating method is not very effective and needs a lot of drying time.

Before you start applying gel polish, you need to put it in the refrigerator for 20 minutes. Then quickly start covering your nails. In this case, the drying time will be reduced much.

Manicure fan

There is a manicure fan - this professional device can be bought in special stores, and it costs very little. The manicure fan has a special hole where you put your fingers to dry. There is a device for one hand and for two hands. Using this device is allowed to dry non-photosensitive coatings.

Blue lamp

The medical blue lamp, which is sometimes used when warming up, can be used to dry photosensitive gel polish. Only the only thing that will take a lot more time than when drying with a special method. When drying the applied first coating, you need to think about its thickness. Sometimes it may seem that the varnish shines through. In this case, it is worth applying it again. At the same time, it must be dried in the same way as the coating of the first gel varnish. Then it should be allowed to dry the coating for 20-30 minutes. Next, lubricate the cuticle with specific oil and slightly rub around the nail roller. Rubbing will help the natural components soak into the skin, while softening it.


Now you know how to dry gel polish without a lamp. Remember that the drying time depends on the specific varnish. Before coating, carefully read the instructions and read the recommendations. After all, when a lamp is used, gel polish dries faster, and without this device it takes more time than usual.

You can dry gel polish without a lamp

When using aqueous gel polishes, use purified drinking water. However, it is absolutely necessary to add ice cubes for a quick reaction. To dry the gel polish using a monomer, it takes about two minutes. To simplify the process, it is allowed to apply top-coat varnish on top, but with this action, cracks will appear and dullness will appear. It is worth buying gel polishes in specialized stores and those companies that have good recommendations, do not buy them on the market or in the underpasses.

Do not use gel polishes indefinitely, you must provide your nails with a rest period. Do this at least once every 2 months. At this time, absolutely do not cover, while using biogel or another restoring method.

how to dry gel polish without lamp reviews

It is recommended to wear gloves during homework - this is important when washing floors or dishes, so that gel polish does not crack.

Biogel dries without any activators, monomers, ice water and ultraviolet lamps. Therefore, it is easily used at home. If you want to have a matte finish after drying, you need to buy a matte additional non-photosensitive topcoat. It is applied after some time, when the base dries, then it must be dried directly.

How to do manicure without a lamp?

Drying gel polish without a lamp is very easy. You need to wash your hands, nails thoroughly and first make a base firming coating that dries in 30 seconds. Then the nails should be covered with a thin layer of gel polish. This is done in a couple of seconds, since the brush of these gel varnishes is wide, so the coating is applied evenly. It dries in just three minutes, for durability it is allowed to apply one more time. The top layer - fixative (protective coating) dries for 3 minutes. An excellent manicure is ready, and it will last about 10 days.

The applied coating is erased with nail polish remover. There is no need to have special foil, additional mixtures and solutions to properly remove gel polish from nails.


Before applying and drying the gel polish without a lamp, shake its tube thoroughly. This allows you to evenly distribute the gel throughout the nail plate.


how to dry gel polish without a lamp

How to dry gel polish without a lamp? We have already found out. And what do the ladies think about these methods? Girls who have tried the methods described in our article say that they really work. But still, many ladies advise using a lamp for drying gel polish. But in extreme cases, you can choose for yourself one of the methods described. The easiest and most economical way, as the ladies say, is to use cold water and ice.

Little conclusion

Now you know how to dry gel polish without a lamp. As you can see, this is done very easily and requires virtually no effort. Find a light-insensitive coating. We examined different drying methods. There are many ways not to use the lamp. One has only to show resourcefulness. You need to choose the most suitable method and create a beautiful manicure.


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