How to quickly grow a nail? Useful Tips

Today, all girls dream of healthy and beautiful nails, since it is a long, conspicuous manicure that gives the woman's hands a well-groomed look, and

How to quickly grow a nail
It also helps to create a great new look every day. But back to the main question about how to quickly grow a nail. The modern beauty industry has reached a high level, allowing you to perform nail extensions in both specially equipped salons and at home. But, unfortunately, not all girls have knowledge on how to quickly grow a nail. And, most importantly - not everyone has a desire to artificially build them. Studies have shown that nails on the arms and legs of a person grow by two millimeters in one week. But it is clear that the growth rate depends on many factors. If you are wondering how to quickly grow a nail, then remember: in summer it can be done faster than in winter, since nail growth is directly related to vitamins (D, E) and climate. Scientists have proved that in women in an interesting position, the nails grow much faster. This happens in connection with hormonal changes, intake of additional vitamins and healthy proper nutrition. Also to solve the problem of how to quickly grow a nail, some simple methods will help, for example, massage of the fingers and toes (which speeds up blood circulation), paraffin therapy, baths.

How to make beautiful nails?

Beautiful nails

Modern girls give special attention to manicure. Many will probably agree that this is the most important part of the image, since nails are always striking, because the hands are always in sight. Previously, manicure was treated as the whims of rich women, but today everything has changed dramatically, and well-groomed nails are an important part of the image of any lady who respects herself and constantly monitors her appearance. Technological progress makes fingers and nails healthy and well-groomed. Beauticians offer various services for the treatment of marigolds, cosmetics manufacturers develop wellness creams. This activity is considered a kind of art, where experts create real masterpieces on the fingers.

How to grow nails at home?

Grow nails at home

Long marigolds are a relevant and fashionable trend. The easiest way to get long and beautiful nails is to build. But, of course, every lady wants to have her own, natural ones. For modern girls, this is a real problem, as the rhythm of life does not always allow you to eat on time and get enough sleep. Avoiding stress is also almost impossible. In such conditions, the nails, of course, will flake and break. To avoid this, you can make warm baths with salt at home, as well as lubricate the nails with lemon juice, which will strengthen their structure. It is useful to steam your fingers in an oil bath to accelerate nail growth. A massage in the cuticle area, which improves blood circulation, will also help. Remember, care for the nails should be correct.


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