Most popular Volga cruises from Volgograd

With the onset of hot days, everyone wants to spend them so that then there is something to remember until next summer. Someone likes to climb mountains, someone prefers to relax on tropical islands, someone likes to retire to a summer house on the shore of a quiet lake. And some love sea and river cruises on the boat. It doesn’t matter where and how to spend a vacation, the main thing is to feel rested towards its end. We choose river cruises that contribute to complete relaxation, restoration of strength and spiritual enrichment.

Volga cruises from Volgograd

Features of travels on the rivers of Russia

River cruises, unlike sea, have some advantages. Firstly, tourists on river boats feel more confident, because they always see the coast; secondly, the slow speed of the ship allows passengers to get acquainted with the cities, villages, interesting structures and monuments located along the coast, even staying on board the ship; thirdly, even a small pitching, which can cause motion sickness, is excluded; fourthly, the presence of "green parking" - beautiful natural places far from cities, where you can relax, sunbathe on the beach, swim in the river or go into the forest and organize a picnic under a spreading oak. In addition, a river cruise is a lot of interesting and informative excursions in each of the cities included in the route, fun show programs, interesting acquaintances, etc. For example, cruises along the Volga from Volgograd, depending on the direction of the route, allow you to get acquainted with many Volga cities. Unlike land trips, you do not need to pack your bags every time, change hotels, shake on the bus or train, etc. This kind of travel can be justly called the most carefree and comfortable. That's why every year the interest of Russian tourists in traveling along their native Russian rivers is growing.

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Volga Cruises

One of the most famous Russian rivers is the Volga Mother. Along its banks are many large cities - industrial and cultural centers - Yaroslavl, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, Samara, Cheboksary, Ulyanovsk, Astrakhan, Tolyatti, Saratov, Volgograd. Thanks to artificial channels, the Volga is connected to the Moskva River, the Don and other rivers, so it is possible to get from the Volga cities to Moscow, Rostov-on-Don or St. Petersburg. For example, tourists who choose to cruise the Volga from Volgograd to the capital can only in a couple of weeks see the sights of Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, Samara, Uglich, Moscow and other cities. If the route is “Volgograd-St. Petersburg”, then Volgograd residents will be able to get to the northern capital by water, spend two unforgettable days there, and return home again, visiting more than a dozen ancient and new cities along the way. Of course, this is a rather long journey, which also costs a lot of money. However, there are always tourists who are not a month away from the bustle of the city, improve their nerves and have fun.

river cruises from volgograd

Which route to choose?

The most popular are 3-4-day cruises from Volgograd by boat to Samara or Astrakhan, that is, to nearby cities. The popularity of these routes is due, first of all, to cheapness, as well as the ability to have a great extended weekend, for example, on holidays. River cruises from Volgograd to these cities are in special demand among high school students or school graduates who wish to spend their graduation evening on the ship. Occasionally weddings are celebrated on riverboats. Such an original idea of ​​a wedding celebration is gaining popularity among residents of cities located near major river ports every day.

Cruises on the Volga from Volgograd. Top Routes

One of the popular tours is “Volgograd-Moscow-Volgograd”. It can be done on comfortable motor ships "Athanasius Nikitin" and "Ivan Kulibin". The duration of the trip is 17 days, and, believe me, they will become the most unforgettable in your life. After all, in just two weeks, tourists will have time to visit several ancient Russian Kremlin, ancient temples, get enormous pleasure from unusually beautiful landscapes, relax in comfortable rooms, taste dishes prepared by skilled chefs, etc.

Other popular routes are Volga cruises from Volgograd to Rostov-on-Don or Yaroslavl. They can be completed on comfortable motor ships Anatoly Papanov, Dmitry Pozharsky and Alexander Nevsky. The cruise to Rostov is especially interesting, because the route starts on the Volga, then smoothly passes to the Don. Tourists in one trip get acquainted with the pool of two mighty Russian rivers, as well as with the culture of the Cossacks.

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Anyone who has taken part in a river cruise at least once keeps for a long time pleasant memories of this amazing journey, of the special atmosphere that reigns on the ship, of those moments when the ship is sailing or mooring to the shore, etc.


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