How to create a dialogue in "Contact" in a couple of seconds?

Probably every Internet user is already registered in the social network "VKontakte". Every month she pleases us with her updates and positive news. In this article we will figure out how to create a dialogue in "Contact" and what to do if it does not open. How to invite all friends to a conversation and remove individual users from it? How to erase the history of dialogue messages?

general information

In order to understand the principle of the dialogue we’ll move to the VKontakte social network. To do this, enter the username and password, and then click on the "Messages" item.

As we can see, we are presented with a list of dialogs from different users. Our task is to create our own dialogue with several participants. To do this, click on the link "Write a message."

After that, a menu appears in which we can choose the right people to talk to. This list contains all your friends, but you can invite other users to the dialogue. You can enter into dialogue with people who are in the same group with you or who are friends of your friends.

how to create a dialogue in contact

On the right in the menu “Recipient” we select the required interlocutors. After you add the first person you are talking to, the Add icon will appear. Now you know how to make a dialogue in "Contact" for the required number of participants.

After you add all the participants, you need to fill in two fields - “Subject” and “Message”. The theme of your dialogue can be anything from leisure to discussion of new products. It is desirable that it reflects the essence of the dialogue and be interesting to all participants. You can send an invitation to the participants in the conversation or just say hello to them.

how to make a dialogue in contact

As soon as you complete these actions, click on the "Submit" button.

We have successfully created the “Hello” dialogue, but so far no one is writing to us.

dialogs in contact do not open

Now we know how to create a dialogue in "Contact" for a large number of participants. This is very convenient if you need to discuss a topic or just have fun. It is worthwhile to understand that not all your friends will accept the application and begin to actively communicate.

Create one-on-one dialogs

The formation of dialogs for one-on-one communication occurs in a similar way. You select one participant from the list and send him a message.

When creating dialogs for two users, you cannot select a conversation avatar, but you always have the right to add new users and forward messages.

Unlike conversations with a large number of users, dialogs have fewer opportunities. In the conversation mode, you can change the name, update photos and search for messages in the body of the dialogue.

how to remove dialogue in contact

Conversations "VKontakte". Options

  1. Add an interlocutor. At any time, you can add the participants you need.
  2. The name of the conversation. It can also be changed in the process.
  3. The photo. You can insert any picture you like.
  4. Materials Here you can view all the photos, audio, music and documents that were mentioned in the conversation.
  5. History. If you want to find a specific message, you can specify a date or simply scroll through the entire correspondence.
  6. Leave the conversation. As soon as you decide to leave the conversation, click on the cross, which is located on the right above the dialogue.

How to remove the dialogue in "Contact"?

So, we figured out how to create a dialogue in "Contact". Now you will learn how to leave the conversation. Surely you were often invited to conversations, and you did not know how to remove the dialogue in "Contact". When you enter the dialogue, on the top right click on the tab "Actions", and then "Leave the conversation." In addition, you can simply click on the cross located to the right above the dialog.

If you do not leave the conversation, you will receive all messages, and you will remain among the participants. Even after a few weeks, you can begin to actively communicate and receive all the material of the correspondence, without making any special efforts.

Why don't the dialogs in "Contact" open?

Recently, many users of VK do not open dialogs. Before you start to panic, check whether this option is enabled in your settings ("My Page" - "Settings" - "General"). Perhaps you just forgot to make the necessary changes or did not save them. To fix the problem, it is enough to correctly adjust the settings. After that, you will become a full-fledged participant in the dialogue.

If the dialogs are enabled in the settings, refresh the page. Typically, conversations do not open due to internal malfunctions of the social network. In just a couple of minutes, developers solve the problems that arise. But if the dialogs do not work for you for a long time, it is worth checking your computer for viruses. The best option is an updated antivirus program that will protect you from the invasion of malicious and dangerous codes.

Now you know how to create a dialogue in "Contact" and delete it. At any time convenient for you, you can discuss interesting topics, invite friends and create small conferences that will be interesting to you and your interlocutors.


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