The most sought-after occupations in the labor market, or whom to go to study

The phrase “demanded profession” has become very popular in Russian society today. At the same time, everyone understands its meaning in different ways. A huge number of people believe that demanded is one that has a high popularity rating. In reality, the professions in demand on the labor market can be described as specialties in which there is a shortage of qualified personnel. At the same time, this trend is observed: the less applicants are interested in the profession, the more it is in demand.

Demanded occupations in the labor market

It should be emphasized that today the most sought-after professions in the labor market are not of great interest to university applicants. It is for this reason that the problem of increasing imbalance between supply and demand every day has arisen. In particular, economists make up a significant share in the general labor market, only there are much more applicants for this job than there are available jobs.

It's no secret that young people who have just received a diploma, it is extremely difficult to get a job now due to lack of experience.

So, what are the currently sought-after professions in the labor market?

a) Sales Manager

Commerce today is the main consumer of personnel. In this regard, the most sought-after professions of 2013, as before, are headed by a sales representative. As a rule, one applicant applies for one workplace . However, according to analysts, the vacancy "sales manager" and in the future will not lose its leading position in the ranking of the most sought after.

b) Skilled worker and engineer

The most sought after professions 2013

Technical professions in the field of production are currently of great interest to employers, and they need high-level specialists. These specialties as the most popular professions in the labor market can be “open” for several months. The situation is complicated by the fact that employers often show intractability in terms of raising wages for such workers. As a result, there are even fewer people who want to become engineers.

c) Insurance agent

In this sphere of activity, there is also a "personnel shortage." Insurance companies today are expanding their business by opening new branches in Russian cities. At the same time, employers do not risk anything by offering piece-rate wages, which not every applicant agrees to.

d) Business consultant

Finding an experienced specialist in this field of activity is currently quite difficult. The salary of a business coach in the Russian capital varies, on average, from 50 to 60 thousand rubles.

Market for professions in demand

e) The market for popular professions has also replenished with IT - direction. Despite the fact that the niche of qualified programmers and system administrators is filling up at an accelerated pace, IT specialists are still in high demand among employers.

According to experts, the situation with the imbalance of supply and demand in the labor market must be urgently changed, because today from 30 to 50% of newly graduated specialists do not work in their specialty.


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