Do-it-yourself tablet repair: what will be needed to reanimate the device

Of course, any person will be upset if one of his gadgets fails. Tablets are very convenient devices that are notable for their portability. However, like any equipment, they may have problems. And then the question arises, is it possible to repair the tablet with your own hands?

Errors in Lenovo tablets

One of the fairly common companies manufacturing and selling these devices is Lenovo. These tablets are based on Android, as well as Samsung or Asus. What unites these devices are errors that can occur during the switching process. In order to carry out a successful repair of the Lenovo tablet with your own hands, you must first find out what is the cause of the breakdown. To identify the cause of the problem, you must conduct a complete diagnosis of the device. It is important to note that all malfunctions are conditionally divided into software and hardware.

repair your tablet

Software errors occur if applications from third-party resources are often installed on the device. Such programs are quite capable of harming the Android system itself, which is why, of course, it may not turn on.

Hardware errors occur due to improper device flashing. That is, in the process of replacing the firmware from the factory to any other, a mistake was made, because of which the tablet refuses to turn on.

How to fix bugs?

There are many different ways to repair a tablet with your own hands. There is an error called software failure. It occurs if many applications are installed, and after their removal the device is not properly cleaned of unnecessary files. Of course, the Android system monitors the activity of applications, but there are those that cause significant harm and may cause an error due to which the tablet will light up when it is turned on (the backlight works), but will not turn on. In this case, Hard Reset will help as a repair. This means that you must reset all device settings to factory defaults. To reset the data, you need to find the "Reset Data" button in the "Settings" menu, and then click "Delete All".

DIY Lenovo tablet repair

Hardware malfunctions

There are hardware failures that arise as a result of careless handling of the device (dropped, broken, etc.). There may be battery problems. In this case, you need to connect the gadget to the charger and wait about 10 minutes. After that, you need to press the power button several times or hold it down and hold for 10 seconds. It may be necessary to repair the touchscreen, but it is already more difficult. Here you need to replace the matrix, and therefore it is better to give the tablet for repair. With your own hands, a tablet from such a defect can only be repaired by someone who has studied the principles of operation of this device.

If the device does not turn on due to another serious hardware problem, then nothing can be done at all. Still have to carry to the service center.

Chinese tablets

Buying an unnamed Chinese tablet is always a risk. Of course, this will save money, but when it breaks, it will be problematic to fix it. So, if such an unnamed Chinese-made tablet stopped turning on or, on the contrary, constantly turns on and off, then a software change will help. However, to repair a tablet with your own hands in this case, you will need three things: microSD at least 512 MB, another tablet on Android, a computer with the Internet.

repair of Chinese tablets

  • The first thing to do is to determine which processor the broken device is running on in order to find the appropriate firmware. The processor is located on the motherboard, which means that you need to remove the back cover and see the part number.
  • After finding all the necessary data, the repair is very simple. Flashing the tablets to Android is carried out via Wi-Fi, from a computer via a USB cable, from a bootable microSD card. In this case, a card is used.
  • Further, everything is very simple. A suitable firmware is found on the computer via the Internet, moves to the SD card. The card is inserted into the tablet, after which the device restarts.

The flashing will start on its own, then you just need to wait for the end of the process, and the tablet will be back in operation. On this repair of Chinese tablets with their own hands can be considered completed.


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