Yellowed plastic - how to bleach? Effective Ways, Tips, and Feedback

Plastic products are not afraid of moisture, they withstand the effects of acid and alkaline substances. The material pleases with a long service life and is widely used in a wide variety of industries. Caring for plastic products is simple and straightforward. But what to do if plastic turns yellow, how to bleach it to its original color?

Preparing to remove yellow plaque

Yellowed plastic how to bleach
The untidy yellowness of housewives usually upsets products made of white plastic. These are housings of household appliances, window frames and window sills, children's toys and various household trifles. What to do if plastic turns yellow, how to bleach? If you have to clean a structure consisting of several parts, disassemble it into parts. For example, a refrigerator is much more convenient to wash by pulling out all the shelves and drawers. Start by removing the top layer of dirt. Wash the product or part with soapy water. A dishwashing detergent is also suitable. Try to visually assess how much the surface is afraid of mechanical damage. The general rule is that it is better to wash glossy plastic with a soft sponge, and rough one can be rubbed with a brush. Sometimes the yellow tint disappears after just washing. If this does not happen, you should try special tools.

How to clean plastic from a layer of soot and fat?

How to whiten yellowed plastic on the refrigerator
Very often, plastic products, constantly located in the kitchen, are covered with a layer of fat and soot. Such a coating looks like a solid yellow film and does not add neatness to the interior. Do not succumb to panic, ordinary household soap will help to cope with the problem. Take half a bar and grate on a coarse grater. Pour soap shavings with hot water and stir. The resulting solution treat the contaminated surface and leave for 30 minutes, and then rinse with water. The secret to this recipe is very simple. The soap contains alkali. This substance is completely safe for plastic, but it can also remove grease and some other persistent dirt.

Alcohol will restore plastic to its original whiteness

How to whiten yellowed plastic in the sun
Very often, plastic products change color after many years of use. What to do if plastic has turned yellow from old age, how to bleach it? Try one of the simplest and most reliable folk remedies. You will need alcohol, it is best to take medical. In its absence, substitution with isopropanol or methanol is acceptable. We recommend working in a well-ventilated area. Alcohol must be applied to a piece of cloth and thoroughly wipe the yellowed areas of plastic. It is advisable to use a cloth with a smooth texture, fleecy and terry fabrics will not work.

Secrets of whitening plastic windows

Plastic products can fade with constant exposure to ultraviolet radiation. In this case, the shades of colored plastic will fade, and white objects may turn yellow. Plastic windows, which are so popular today, are not immune from such changes. Window sills and frames may turn yellow over time. How to whiten yellowed plastic in the sun, which home remedy is the best? Try to mix in equal parts any laundry detergent and soda. At 0.5 water should take a tablespoon of the finished mixture. The solution is intended for soaking. When using this recipe to clean the windows, apply the copiously obtained composition to the frames and window sills. Rinse off after a couple of hours.

Universal folk recipes

White plastic turned yellow how to whiten tips

How to whiten yellowed plastic on an air conditioner if the methods described above did not help? Try to remove plaque with vinegar. Attention: you will need vinegar essence (70-80%), not a food solution (9%). This substance is concentrated acid. Use it should be in rooms with good ventilation, be sure to protect your hands with tight gloves. In vinegar essence, it is necessary to moisten a cotton swab or sponge and wipe the problem area.

Another radical way to whiten plastic is to soak it in chlorine. This option is suitable for small items. Take any household product that contains chlorine: bleach, plumbing solution, or stain remover. Powders must be diluted according to the instructions, liquids can be used without adding water. Yellowed plastic products must be immersed in the solution and left for 5-10 hours. It is convenient to soak in the evening and all night. Chlorine is a potent substance, usually with it you can bleach even very yellowed surfaces.

What to do if white plastic turns yellow, how to bleach? Tips for the lazy

How to whiten yellowed plastic on an air conditioner

You can return the original color to yellowed plastic products using special cleaning products. Try to buy wet wipes for office equipment or a car interior. These accessories will help to effectively remove unstable dirt and lighten the surface of the equipment by 1-2 tones. The most effective special stain removers for plastic. They can be purchased at household appliance stores or in auto-cosmetic departments. Before use, be sure to read the instructions. Some formulations must be left on the surface for several minutes, while using others, cleaning should begin immediately after application.

How can a yellowed plastic be whitened on a refrigerator if a significant surface area has turned yellow? Often, only a special spray can cope with such a problem. Household chemicals in industrial production has another indisputable advantage. Many plastic cleaners cover the surface of the product with a protective film that helps keep it clean longer.

What to do if the plastic is very yellow, how to bleach it? If not a single plastic product cleaner helps, you can decide on an extreme method. Get spray paint and just paint over yellowness. Often, this option helps to save the yellowed facades of household appliances and other large plastic interior items.

Reviews about home bleaching plastic

Many housewives use chlorine or laundry soap to clean almost any white surface. If you believe the reviews, the optimal cost and effectiveness way to clean the plastic from yellow plaque is to soak it in "White". This is an inexpensive bleach, which was used by our grandmothers. Some housewives claim that it is equally good to clean the plastic with alcohol or vinegar. As for specialized tools, opinions differ. Some plastic cleaning compounds do remove any dirt instantly. Others are almost useless, despite the high cost.


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