Soft manicure: original designs that will attract the views of others

One of the duties of a business person working in an office is to follow a specific dress code. Often, this concept refers to the classic style of clothing and discreet colors. And if the dress code is quite simple for men, then for the fair sex it is somewhat more difficult. The reason for this is the inability to make a bright make-up and manicure. But what if you want to look really stylish and beautiful? Today we will tell you what options for a soft manicure can decorate your pens.

French with design

The most popular type of manicure is a jacket. The pale pink base of the nail with a white tip has become firmly in fashion in the last century and has remained on the wave to this day. Many women consider French manicure something akin to natural nails and prefer to wear only it.

However, today the usual jacket is diluted with various types of decor. One of them is the design of one finger. In this case, one of the nails is performed in a different technique than the rest. If you are looking for the idea of ​​a soft, but original manicure, we recommend that you pay attention to the delicate jacket with sand.

sand jacket

To create it, the master uses a special powder of fine grinding and draws with it an unsweetened layer of top coat. With further drying, particles of sand adhere tightly to the nail and remain on it. Such a manicure is just a godsend for those women who need to adhere to a strict style, but I want to add a little originality to the image.

Rubbed manicure

Another novelty in the beauty market, which is very fond of women. Rubbing is a mother-of-pearl soft powder, which, when rubbed into a fingernail, gives a sparkle and a slight glow. It can be used on any color of varnish, depending on the preferences of the woman. The rubbing looks especially beautiful on delicate shades, for example, blue or pink.

gentle manicure

The master collects a small amount of powder on the applicator and transfers it to the already made up nail with rubbing movements. Then it covers it with a layer of finish gel polish.

Geometric motifs

This season, nail design with geometric print is no less popular. Geometry means everything that is at least somewhat similar to the exact graphics and drawings from school notebooks. It can be figures, straight lines. Thus, a geometric print often borders on minimalism. If you like such laconic drawings on the nails, we recommend that you take a closer look at the next option. This design is suitable as a soft manicure to school or office. He still looks lively and not boring. Which confirms the following photo of a soft manicure "geometry".

geometric nails

Please note that this version of nail art uses silver shiny varnish. But due to the fact that most of the nails are made in soft pastel colors, you will avoid excessive vulgarity.

So, in order to make a soft manicure as in the photo, the master uses a thin brush and three colors of gel polish. First, a small shiny triangle is drawn at the base of the nail, dried under a lamp. Further, along its edge, with the white varnish is the next part. However, if the gel polish is quite dense and is able to overlap the color of another varnish, then you can start drawing from larger to smaller, that is, from pink to silver. The second method is much simpler and faster in execution.

Second geometry option

Today, few women choose a plain coating for their nails. Indeed, the variety of decor and types of design just rolls over. Therefore, it makes no sense to deny yourself this. If you think that a plain nude coating looks boring, try choosing an unobtrusive picture. For example, as in the photo below.

soft manicure

This is a great option for a soft manicure for short nails. It is suitable for women of all ages. The combination of light gel polish and black patterns in the style of geometry looks expensive and stylish. In this case, the pattern is applied with a brush and a dense varnish. But you can use ready-made sliders, i.e. stickers.

Cut a nail-sized pattern and moisten it slightly with water. When the translucent upper film begins to recede, use tweezers to transfer it to the already painted nail and straighten it. To make the drawing better, the master makes cuts in a circle of the cut slider before wetting it with water.

Pea manicure

A print that many girls and women like. Peas tightly came into fashion in the middle of the last century. This truly girlish pattern can be very diverse. As for manicure, here it is used to the full. You can make bright nails in contrasting peas, or you can use neat and delicate colors. For example, as in the following embodiment.

soft manicure photo

The advantage of this type of design is that it looks great on both long and short nails. If you want to create a gentle, almost invisible coating, then use a translucent cream gel polish. He will transform the nail plate and make her look more well-groomed.

To create a pea, a special stick with metal tips is used - dots. Due to the round endings, which are dipped in white gel polish, you can make a beautiful stylish pea pattern.

Ombre and exotic leaves

Another manicure in pastel shades of blue and beige can be done thanks to the new-fangled technique - a gradient or in another way, ombre. This technique involves a smooth transition from one color of gel polish to another. Usually, two or three shades are chosen for the ombre, which give a beautiful combination with each other.

blue nails

To complete the ombre design, foam rubber or another sponge made of soft absorbent material is most often used. The master applies two gel polishes, joint to joint, on cardboard or other smooth surface. Then, using a toothpick, slightly mixes the two colors at the border, it is important not to overdo it. Then the sponge is applied to the cardboard and transferred to the nail. In order not to stain the roller near the nails, a special tool is used before the procedure begins. The leaves of the plant are drawn already on top of the ombre with a thin brush with white dense varnish.


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