Simple and effective homemade wrap recipes

In the fight against extra pounds, women use many means, among which the wraps are one of the most pleasant and easy. They are very easy to use and can be easily repeated at home, and the result after this procedure is often immediately visible. Almost all homemade wrap recipes do not require the purchase of expensive ingredients, which is why they are very popular among ordinary women. For body shaping procedures, coffee, honey, chocolate, seaweed, essential oils, etc. are used.

The most popular wrap recipes at home contain algae, or rather kelp, which can be bought at a pharmacy or in a regular supermarket. To prepare such a composition, algae proper will be needed: two tablespoons of kelp and fucus in dry form and hot water. After mixing, they must be allowed to infuse for half an hour the resulting mixture. After that, evenly distribute on the problem areas of the skin, wrap it with a film and a warm blanket. With this composition, you need to lie about an hour. Repeat the procedure after 1-2 days.

Some home-wrap recipes contain ready-made ingredients that you just need to dilute with water and use immediately. Clay belongs to them. There are several varieties: blue, black, white, green, yellow. In this regard, when buying clay, you must carefully familiarize yourself with the scope of its application. Such homemade wrap recipes are extremely simple and it takes just a couple of minutes to make them. It is only necessary to fill the clay with warm water, and it is completely ready for application. After this, as in the previous case, leave on the body for about an hour, then rinse. During the procedure, the entire treated surface of the body should be tightly wrapped in a warm blanket or blanket.

Also, for wrapping, honey is used, in which several drops of rosemary or orange essential oil are added, then the resulting mixture is heated in a water bath to a temperature of 37 Β° C. Homemade wrap recipes with freshly ground coffee, which must be diluted with milk to a mushy state, are very popular. Coffee perfectly breaks down fats and removes fluid from the body, and due to the content of milk in the recipe, the skin becomes silk to the touch.

For home use, you can buy ready-made compositions in banks, which you just need to apply to the skin and leave it for the time indicated in the annotation thereto. The main thing is to carefully read the composition on the package, which must be indicated exactly which active substances are used in this wrap. Some manufacturers produce mixtures with an ineffective composition that will not be able to compete with those that were prepared at home.

Before choosing homemade wrap recipes, you need to familiarize yourself with all the contraindications to them. Such procedures can not be performed during pregnancy, varicose veins , heart and vascular diseases , as well as with poor kidney function. Do not take this lightly, as wraps can aggravate the condition of the body with an existing disease.

Before applying the mixture, you need to prepare the skin. To do this, it must be cleaned and exfoliated with a scrub. Instead, you can use ground coffee, which has long been used in many beauty salons. After wrapping, the skin must be cleaned with ordinary water, and then apply either an anti-cellulite cream or some other moisturizer to it. The course of wraps usually consists of 15 procedures at intervals of 2 days. After that, it can be repeated after 3 months.


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