In search of security: how to delete a mailbox on Mail.Ru

Mail.Ru is a Russian-language Internet portal owned by Mail.Ru Group, the founders of which are Dmitry Sergeyevich Grishin and Yuri Borisovich Milner. combines the main page of the website and the following projects: Auto, Kino, Children, Health, Lady, News, “Sport mail ru”, “Cars mail ru”, “High tech mail ru” and “Real estate mail ru”. He owns various Internet services, among them: VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, My World social networks, cloud, search, Agent and Aisikyu messengers, as well as mail.

Briefly about mail Mail.Ru

Mail "" is the most used postal service in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and one of the most popular in the CIS countries. And in 2013, she was in sixth place among the most popular postal services around the world. This mail has many positive aspects.

Why is it good: the advantages of Mail.Ru mail

Mail is good because it has a convenient, intuitive interface. The size of the mailbox is not limited to a certain number of letters that can be accommodated, and also, according to the information from the Mile Ru website, it is well protected from viruses and spam, although in fact there is plenty of spam in the mail.

It should also be noted, among the other advantages of the service, a convenient mobile application for smartphones and a mobile version of the site. In addition to all of the above, it’s worth adding that you can always change the language to the one that you own, and change the interface theme at your discretion if you suddenly get bored.

Safety comes first: are we protected?

No matter how many advantages this mail has, many of its users are wondering: how to delete a mailbox on Mail.Ru. Why is this happening? The answer is quite simple: users care about their security. And they are very afraid of the invasion of their personal space. That is why many of them are sitting on social networks under other people's (fake) names, and some decide to completely remove their pages from sin away.

But before you burn all the bridges, it is worth remembering that if the mailbox is Mail. ru is deleted, when it is restored, all folders will be empty - letters can no longer be restored.

According to the developers, the mail "" has excellent protection and is on guard of each person’s personal correspondence. But is it really so? In the modern world, the state is trying to keep every person under control. For the time being, the Internet was the only free platform on which people could express their opinions openly, communicate their thoughts without fear of consequences. Now everything has changed dramatically.

The World Information Network has long been insecure: the movements of each of its users can, if desired, be traced. This is confirmed by numerous legal proceedings, arrests of citizens who uploaded the wrong photo, the wrong music or wrote something that the law enforcement agencies did not like.

Recently, the number of such cases has increased - and usually the victims are users of the VKontakte social network, which belongs to the same company as the mail. Therefore, it is not surprising that users decide to permanently delete the Mail.Ru mailbox. No one wants someone else's to read his personal correspondence. No one wants to be in prison because of a written comment, perhaps without thinking. Everyone wants to feel protected.

How to delete a mailbox on Mail.Ru

First of all, you need to go to the "" site and enter your data in the "Mailbox Name" and "Password" columns.

Next, in the window that opens, in the upper line painted in blue, select the "More" section, click on it and go to the "Help" tab.

more help

Among the popular questions asked by users of, the penultimate one is the following: how to delete a mailbox on Mail.Ru. This is what we need.

popular questions

By clicking on it, we are transferred to the tab where we are intelligibly given the answer to the asked question. We go to the delete page and, if you have not changed your mind, select the "Delete" option.

delete mailbox

But this does not end there, although we are already at the finish line. As you can see in the image, you will have to specify the reason why you want to leave the site, then enter your password and enter the specified code so that the system makes sure that they are not dealing with a robot.

reason for removal

In conclusion, you need to click "Delete" again, and you're done - Mail.Ru mailbox is deleted.

Now perhaps it’s worth finding another email service. But how to find her? How not to miscalculate with a choice?

Which mailbox to choose

Now there are many similar services, including foreign ones, among which you can make a choice. And you need to approach this matter consciously and try to make it right so as not to regret it in the future and not to ask a question that has already worried you - how to delete a mailbox on Mail.Ru or any other site.

To do this, you should first familiarize yourself in detail with the work of various services, with their advantages: are they safe, protected, convenient to use, and so on. It will not be superfluous to read detailed reviews and reviews from real users. And, in the end, you are sure to find a suitable postal service. Good luck


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