Modern pearl manicure: application methods and design options

Pearl manicure is an undoubted hit of recent seasons. He delights and excites the consciousness of masters and lovers. The pearl color of manicure is combined with many designs, it looks sophisticated, stylish and expensive. The coating acquires a luxurious pearl overflow. Any technology requires special application rules. We will tell you about the methods of applying pearl manicure, how to make it with gel polish and decorate.

pearl manicure

Pearl splendor on the nails

Original manicure in the color of exquisite pearls transforms a woman, makes her a princess, emphasizes the grace of her hands. Nails that look like luxurious pearl beads are suitable for many pleasant moments of life. Often, pearl nails can be seen at brides or graduates. What could be more romantic than a white pearl manicure!

A simple design of manicure in a shimmering style allows you to wear it every day. It is more suitable for strict ladies. Pearl color is not necessarily white, these are delicate shades with unusual tints, otherwise called nacre. Modern nail art allows you to create shimmering nails for different moments of life.

Lacquer mixing technology

White pearl nails are easy to make, because there are mother-of-pearl varnishes, especially for the color of pearls. And how to make pearls with a pink, blue, purple tint?

For this procedure, you will need at least three varnishes: pastel of the desired shade, white pearl and matte. On special stickers or pieces of paper, all three varnishes are mixed in the same proportion so that visible stains remain. This mixture is set aside to dry. The base is applied to the nails and dried. When the blank with mixed varnishes dries, stencils similar to nail plates are cut from it. These plates are applied to the nails with the pattern down and well pressed. The paper is removed, and the pearl manicure is covered with a fixative.

pearl manicure gel polish

Pearl Rub

The modern nail industry has released a new sparkling material for irresistible marigolds. It is called pearl rub. With this tool, nails really resemble precious pearls. This novelty has already won the hearts of many fashionistas. This nano-tool is used to decorate both regular and gel polish. It is especially popular for wedding manicure. The specificity of rubbing in the softness, tenderness, nobleness that are characteristic of real pearls.

This micro-dispersed dust is very easy to apply, does not form lumps and evenly reflects. Why is it better than regular mother of pearl? Nails visually look refined and feminine, without vulgarity. This design is preferred by modest girls who prefer elegant nails. Residents of St. Petersburg can do a similar manicure at Pearl Plaza, a shopping center where the May salon works.

white pearl manicure

Pearl pigment on gel polish

There are a lot of pearl gel polishes with which it is very easy to perform such a manicure. Flickering gel polish is applied to the entire nail plate in several layers and dried in a lamp. Such a classic mother-of-pearl design looks unusual and in a new way. The main thing is that the shades are gentle, light, and pearl manicure with gel polish will be magnificent.

Very fine airy powder under the pearls is applied very easily and not at all capricious. Apply it with a brush, a sponge or put on a latex glove and dunk with your finger. The effect is still magical! To get the effect of natural pearls, a rub is applied to a white base. There are other delicate undertones of pearl powder, which are applied to colored gel polishes.

manicure pearl color

Application of pearl rub on gel polish

What is the procedure for performing pearl-colored manicure on gel polish? We offer you the procedure:

  • first perform a neat manicure, carefully processing each plate of nails, fix;
  • apply a thin layer of base coat, which is dried under the lamp;
  • cover the plates with gel polish of the desired shade and dry;
  • rub the pearl rub with a brush over the entire nail, dry in a lamp and repeat again.

With the help of the Pearl pigment, neutral and calm images are created for every day.

pearl manicure

Variety of designs

Additional decorating elements in pearl manicure add romance to the image, tenderness and sensuality to the style. Today, a manicure with a pearl rub is more popular than a classic jacket. Mother of pearl pollen is acceptable with a strict dress code.

The simplest pearl coating design is shading on nude varnishes. Here are the most common types of pearl design of marigolds:

  • Manicure in exactly the same tone. Very simple execution, but it looks spectacular and elegant.
  • Design with an accent. One or two nails are decorated with special beads, rhinestones. It is also appropriate to apply water stickers (stencils). Experienced craftsmen make applications, voluminous drawings.
  • Pearlescent pigment is applied to thematic drawings, which simply transform. These are flowers, butterflies, ornaments.
  • In a duet with pearl nails, matte contrast looks great. This is the effect of velveteen or gloss.
  • The elegance of a luxurious manicure is given with the help of crystals, broths. Such a manicure is relevant for an evening outfit.
  • There are many different effects combined with pearl pollen. One finger can be covered with kamifubuki sequins, similar to color flashes. Looks great with pearls the effect of broken glass, foil.
  • Pearl pigment adorn the classic jacket and moon manicure.
  • Using transparent beads create the effect of morning dew or rain on pearl nails.

So, you see that if you turn on your imagination, show patience and follow the recommendations above, you can achieve a stunning result!


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