Preparing Interview Questions: A Job Applicant May Also Ask!

An employer prefers to hire applicants who know how to correctly present themselves, have the skills and experience necessary to fulfill their duties, are able to create a high-quality resume and show themselves at the interview on the most favorable side. The last point is very important, because in many respects it is due to the person’s personal qualities, his ability to communicate, the ability to independently ask questions at the interview and correctly evaluate answers, his chances of getting the desired position are significantly increased.

The initiative is not always punishable

A candidate preparing for an interview with a potential employer must carefully prepare for a difficult conversation. He will be asked a lot of different questions, not always related to professional skills or previous work experience. But this does not mean at all that the applicant should only answer and talk about himself. On the contrary, the employer is most likely to welcome the initiative, especially if the person who comes in will ask the competent and necessary questions for the interview. You can not ask the management of the company in which you plan to get a job about the work schedule, future vacations and wages. All these data are finally agreed upon after the applicant has been accepted.

Be sure to prepare for the meeting in advance - think over what questions to ask at the interview, write them down and be sure to ask the person who conducts the interviews. This will not only show the candidate’s interest in getting this job, but also help evaluate how promising the work offered by the organization is.

Questions, questions

There are some questions for the interview that the applicant must ask, as this is expected of him. The first question is clarification of future responsibilities. You need to ask what tasks the employee will be assigned, what are the responsibilities and, in general, his specific place in the company. The second question should concern the rules and the procedure for registering a candidate for work: whether he needs a work book or whether a contract will be concluded with a future employee. The next few questions may relate to the organization of the work process - working hours, social security and so on, the probationary period assigned to a new employee and incentive programs - bonuses, extra days off or advanced training.

Questions for an interview should also include details like the presence of a corporate culture, the presence of a dress code and certain rules of conduct, possible corporate events. It is worth asking about the need for additional training, the acquisition of specialized literature and software. An important question is whether the employee will be compensated for the costs of all of the above.

In order not to make a mistake with the choice of work, you need to know in advance everything that is interesting to you. Do not like to be in the spotlight - ask about how many people will work directly next to you. Do not want a large level of responsibility - specify the need to participate in important meetings and meetings. If you want to make a career, be sure to ask about the opportunities for professional growth and how the process of promotion usually takes place.

If the applicant is looking for such a job that he can work for many years, then some questions for the interview should concern the company's plans, its development and prospects.

And in order to finally convince a potential employer of his interest in a particular position, the candidate should not be limited to banal gratitude for the time spent on him, but ask the last question: how quickly a decision will be made regarding his candidacy. Such interest will not remain underestimated.


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